Cindy, 7 year old yellow

March 6, 2018

yellow labrador retreiver faceI just wanted to let everyone know that Cindy has finished her course of doxycycline for Lyme positive status.  She has been spayed and is now healed.  She has done well with her diet and is now down to 95lbs (from 106lbs).  She could probably stand to loose 5 more pounds to be an ideal weight, but she’s at a pretty good weight now, but now that all of her medical needs have been handled and she has truly adjusted to living inside of a home, I will be working on getting her available for adoption.

Here are my thoughts on Cindy…
She’s very loyal to her people.  She likes men.  She was bonded to her Amish farmer and she really likes her foster dad. She has no problem with women though and gives me lots of chin kisses.  If she can’t lick my chin, she will lick the air next to my chin!  She loves to cuddle on the couch, but doesn’t feel the need to climb on you.  She’s content with her head or her paw resting on you.

I have not had Cindy around young children, although I think she would be fine.  She’s a sweet, but big girl. yellow labrador retriever head on person's legShe can be pushy, literally, she pushes with her head and body if she wants to go somewhere.  She does not jump up on people though, which is great.

She is crate trained and house trained. She never had an accident in the house! She can be a little grabby when taking treats.  She loves treats!  She is still a puller on leash and can be stubborn.  I highly recommend a front clip harness and I double click it to her collar.  She will slip the harness if given the opportunity.  I would not trust Cindy off leash.  She’s a curious girl and wants to go where she wants to go.  The Amish farmer surrendered her in part because he had a piece of fencing come down and Cindy would not stay on property.  She would do best with a fenced yard for this reason.

three labrador retrievers walkingShe’s great with other dogs, but I don’t think she necessarily needs another dog.  We’ve been to the vet’s office, pet stores and walks and she’s always been friendly with other dogs.  She’s currently living well with two other labs.  She and Pepper have become good friends and playmates.  Now that Cindy is off spay recovery restrictions, they get to romp and wrestle together.  Its very cute!.  Cindy is twice the size of petite Pepper, but they play well together.

Cindy has become an alert barker here.  I think she learned it from foster Colin!  She also seems a little too interested in the bunny in the backyard.  She goes running out chasing it and sniffing after it.  I’m not sure that bodes well for her with cats.

yellow labrador retriever looking out window snowThese are my thoughts on Cindy.  If you have any specific questions, please let me know and I will do my best to answer them.  I will work on getting her posted as available for adoption.  Thanks!

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February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine’s day! ❤

Cindy was spayed today. I told Cindy her Valentine’s Day present from Brookline is no more babies, ever.  She also yellow labrador retriever sleepinghad some dental work done including a few extractions. All went well and she is back in her foster home recovering now.

yellow labrador retriever sleeping on sofaThe poor girl is doped up and out of it. It’s probably for the best. She drank some water and if she keeps that down, we’ll try a small meal later. She is snoozing away right now. We’ll leave her to that for now.

She was the perfect patient at the vet’s office today. They commented about how she just wanted to check everything out. I call her curious. She’s always checking out what’s going on, who is coming in, what’s over here or over there. That’s Cindy!

The good news is that her diet is working. She has lost 6 pounds already.  yellow labrador retriever in coneIt’s only been 2 1/2 weeks. Yay, for Cindy!  She is now down to a slightly slimmer 100 pounds. She’ll be ready for bikini season in no time!😂

Cindy will be wearing the cone here for the next two weeks when she can’t be directly supervised. Pepper and Colin have told her it’s not so bad. They both have had their fair share of cone time.

yellow labrador retriever heart bandaged legThe vet tech gave Cindy a very pretty heart bandage today. A pretty heart for a pretty girl!  Cindy sends her love and wishes everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!💕🐾

February 1, 2018

yellow labrador retriever fleece toy


Cindy, the former Amish breeder dog, has been here 5 days now.  We’ve gotten rid of the fleas and the worms.  She tested Lyme positive and we were seeing some stiffness in her hind end, so she’s on a course of doxy for that.  She already seems to be moving better.

Cindy is scheduled to be spayed and have some dental work done on February 14th.  That’s right, her Valentine’s Day present is no more babies ever!  I’m sure she’ll appreciate the dental work too.  She has 2 or 3 bad teeth that need to be removed.  It’s definitely causing her discomfort, so I’ve been soaking her kibble to soften it for her, and she now readily eats it all.

Cindy met the resident 3 legged lab Pepper and they both really enjoy each other. two labrador retrievers belly up Pepper seems to bring out the playful side of Cindy. Cindy got to meet Colin, our other foster dog on a little walk yesterday.  Colin is recovering from knee surgery, so no playing for him. 🙁  They sniffed and were fine walking with each other.

Cindy is a large girl and not quite aware of her size.  She can be a little pushy, so we’re working on teaching her not to be so pushy with her nose and body with other dogs and people.  She really just doesn’t quite get it yet.  Slowly, but surely!


yellow labrador retriever stuffed bone black, yellow labrador retriever sniffing groundCindy continues to do all of her pottying outside.  She enjoys carrying around soft toys.  Although she did pull out the squeaker in the stuffed bone.  Typical lab!  She really enjoys snoozing on the couch, but has no problem being crated.


yellow labrador retriever dog bedShe is a quiet girl. The only little woof we’ve heard from her is the one night her foster dad turned the tv on in the room with her. She gave it a “WOOF” and backed up. Then she tried to sniff the voices. She wasn’t so sure about the light and the color and the noise at first. Within a few minutes though she accepted the tv and happily snoozed on the couch next to foster dad. Good girl Cindy!

Cindy sends her love and chin kisses!

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January 28, 2018

yellow labrador retriever faceCindy got off the Amish farm and came into foster care yesterday. She’s very friendly with both men and women and loves affection and petting. We are thrilled to say she has had ZERO potty accidents in the house. All of her pottying has been in the backyard. Yay for Cindy!!!

Cindy is large girl, weighing in at 106lbs. She needs to loose 10-20lbs, but she will always be a larger dog. Cindy wants me to let everyone know that just means there is more of her love!

yellow labrador retriever standing outsideShe has no problem going in and out of the house. She pulls a lot on leash, but she’s only ever had to walk on one for less than 24 hours now. We tried the easy walk harness on her, but she managed to wiggle her way out of it. We’re going to try a freedom harness next. Right now we’re using a martingale and that’s doing the job temporarily.

She has met resident lab Pepper and foster lab Colin through the gate. They’ve sniffed and wagged tails. She has growled a little at Colin when he was sticking his nose through the gate at her with some excited force. Colin backed up and Cindy walked away from the gate to retreat to her new favorite spot. Speaking of her new favorite spot, aka the couch, she loves it!  I’ve never had a farm dog so quickly get up on the furniture. She just made herself at home here, which was nice to see.yellow labrador retriever sleeping on couch

Last night she went into her crate for a treat and slept the whole night quietly. She had a big day so we were glad she was able to rest so peacefully. She’s been eating pretty well, and drinking very well. All of which is to be expected. She started the green bean diet here and surprisingly, she seems to enjoy the green beans. She ate all of the green beans and most of the kibble. She’s all in with this diet!

yellow labrador retriever standing on couchCindy sends her love and thanks to Brookline for getting her off the farm and onto a couch. Her new life started yesterday and she is all in for it!!!

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