Claire Black Labrador Retriever Mix Female 4-5 Years Old ID #2937

Black lab mix
Claire is a petite black lab mix who was found with her puppies as a stray on 6/8/21 in a vacant wooded lot in her neighborhood in Mississippi. She’s estimated to be 4-5 years old. She stayed with a local foster family with children until she arrived in PA on 7/2/21, into another family with children. Please read Claire’s blog from the bottom up

July 11, 2021

Claire has been with us for a full week now. Every single person that she has met uses the word “sweet” to describe her. My 3 young daughters adore her. She’s generally a very calm labrador retriever mixHer personality is starting to show more. She enjoys the occasional zoomies around the backyard a few times a day. She is a great pal on walks and it does seem to help get some of her mild energy out. We go for a walk every morning and she’s always excited to see the labrador retriever mixShe has finally met some dog friends and she has done great each time! She went on an hour long walk with two male Rhodesian ridgeback pals and they both adored her. She had a corgi mix as an overnight guest and they enjoyed playing labrador retriever mixWe are still working I’m correcting her when she jumps up, using the command “off”.  During this week,  she’s gotten more playful and she has started doing a little bit of gentle and playful mouthing, mostly in the mornings when she wants to get us up to go for a walk. We correct her by gently holding her mouth closed briefly and saying the word no. She seems to be understanding and learning.

She will absolutely make a great companion and family pet to any home.

July 4, 2021

Black Lab Mix
Claire went on an hour long trail hike with her foster family this morning! We tried out a harness and she still walked great. She loves sniffing her new surroundings. She gets excited when other humans or dogs pass by and her tail wags.

Black lab mix
She loves laying on her dog beds as well as on the couch next to us. She is on her 3rd day with us. She is still very laid back, and doesn’t seem to mind life with 3 littles girls ages 5-7 being loud and crazy!

Black lab mix
She will likely she will easily adapt with any family. She seems to be fully house trained. We haven’t hand any accidents, nor has she made any attempts to chew on anything not hers.

July 3, 2021

Claire has been settling in nicely after her first night in her foster home!

Black lab mix
Claire is both quiet and curious. She’s been wonderful with children as young as 5 (she just hasn’t been exposed to children younger). She went on her first leash walk this morning and did great with no pulling as she took in the new sights and smells.

Black lab mix
She listens when called. We are working on commands to keep her from jumping up on people to greet them. She loves to sleep, but has also given us a few fast races around the backyard! Today’s favorite activity has definitely been naps.

This sweet girl is adapting very nicely.

July 2, 2021

We picked Claire up from transport this afternoon. She is incredibly sweet, as everyone said.

Black lab mix
Her favorite activities of the day are checking out every spot in the fenced in yard and she particularly loves laying in the shaded grass right off the patio. She’s very timid and great with my 3 girls. So far she seems to know some basic commands. She does try to jump up on humans some. We will be working on that behavior.

Black lab mix
She takes treats very gently. She hasn’t barked yet. She was great in the car. She seems to be taking in her new surroundings very well! She will definitely be a perfect addition to someone’s family!

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