Cody #13 Black Labrador Retriever Mix Male 3 Months Old ID #2915

March 18, 2021

Foster pup Cody is getting closer to finding his forever home! Tonight, we had our last visit to the vet, which apparently didn’t start off too great because someone had a little car sickness after the ride. But Cody bounced back quickly, as these young boys tend to do, got his last vaccinations, and came flying out of the office ready to get home.

In other news, a couple videos of Cody’s progress…the food dispenser was mastered quickly, and we are getting the hang of “Leave it”! Now…if he could just learn to apply it in real life situations….

March 11, 2021

It’s funny to see how routine even a young puppy can become. This is certainly not to say that Cody is all that predictable all the time, but you can see where a scheduled life would benefit Labrador Retriever Mix

Cody is a morning dog. And I mean early morning. He settles down and seems to sleep through the night, but once the feet hit the floor, even if it is just for a very early morning trip to the bathroom, Cody is ready to go! “Get me out of this crate and play with me!” he seems to say while frantically beating his paws against the door, to produce a horrendous rattling sound before there is even a hint of daylight. (We are hoping making him calm down before being let out will help out with this wake-up habit).

Thankfully, Foster Dad is an early-early morning person, but Foster Mom…not so much. However, by 6 or 6:30 am we are both watching in amazement the energy of this young boy running back and forth, back and forth, while trying to protect our coffee mugs, until about 8 or 8:30 when he suddenly crashes for a nice long Labrador Retriever Mix When he’s a little older, I bet he makes a good morning run partner, if that is your cup of tea.

Around 10 am he is rattling around his food dispenser awaiting a refill. And then in the middle of trying to empty it, he will notice that the sun is beaming through the skylight onto the floor, and he will suddenly stop throwing the dispenser around, finished or not, and quietly lay down to enjoy the warmth. For the next half hour, all you hear from him is some low grumbles and jangles as he opens his eyes from time to time, realizing his sun spot has moved and he needs to drag himself a few inches to the Labrador Retriever Mix

On the training front we have pretty much mastered sit and lay down. We are working on “Leave It” and “Drop It” but not a whole lot of concentration there yet. Our Leave It trick worked a couple of times, but mostly he becomes so impatient he completely loses interest in the treat and moves on to other things. Drop usually works if you have a goodie in your hand, but does NOT work if you do not have something better than what he already has in his chompers. So, does he REALLY understand the word, or is it just a coincidence that the item falls out of his mouth once he gets a whiff of the bacon flavored treat? Potty training is still not 100%, even with hourly trips to the yard.

We have, however, had success with some training tips where Cody has learned to sit instead of jump for toys when playing fetch. He has also learned the proper spot to lay in the kitchen and observe…which is a rug placed out of the way of the oven, sink, and fridge to prevent any accidents. Cody is so smart; he will continue to learn as he grows with consistency and Labrador Retriever Mix

March 7, 2021

Young Foster pup Cody is having a blast and really keeps us on our toes. He is full of puppy energy and loves chasing all his toys around at full speed. He also can’t get enough of squeaky toys…the louder the better! Cody is an avid chewer, so it is important to keep an eye out for any destruction of toys that may become dangerous. He has only completely destroyed one so far, and has not yet chewed through any of his squeakies…. how lucky for us!! In addition, Cody has not yet learned what is ok to chew on and what is definitely not ok, and he is consistently seeking out new ways to satisfy his chew cravings. So, additional items to keep an eye on…. sneakers, boots, socks, pillows, boxes, rugs, blankets, and furniture. We are working on removing and distracting with appropriate toys in these instances. But boy did he look proud laying on his quilt with a mud boot almost as big as him.



Kongs and food dispensers full of kibble are a great way to distract this little guy. They also extend mealtimes for longer than a 15 second gobble from a bowl, and, as an added bonus, allow Foster parents to eat their own meals peacefully. Here is a video of Cody’s first attempt…. but he has since really gotten the hang of it



After he has burned off enough energy, Cody will all of a sudden crash. He loves to snuggle while he Labrador Retriever Mix But apparently, he keeps the fun going in his dreams, with lots of running and low barking, and other cute noises, sometimes even with the tongue hanging out. He also is learning that sunspots feel quite nice in the Labrador Retriever Mix

In medical news, Cody was successfully microchipped yesterday. The vet was very impressed by his energy and also said how sweet he was. Unfortunately, due to continued Covid issues, he had to go it alone while Foster parents waited curbside. We did purchase some vitamins to help Cody with his dry itchy fur, and he has another appointment coming soon for vaccine boosters. Stay tuned for more updates and pictures of this fun little dude!

March 1, 2021

Today was the first day of Foster Parents working from home with a young pup. Cody had other plans. While yesterday he was easily tired out after a while of playtime, today he was full of endless energy and lots of Zoomies. People are just going to have to get used to hearing squeaky toys in the background on our phone calls! A funny new discovery is after Cody runs around and gets all worked up, he often ends up with a good case of the hiccups which are adorable.  Potty training is still a work in progress, and the wind and cold made it extra fun today! Including some video of Cody’s play…he enjoys a nice long game of fetch at his young age. We can already tell he is going to be a very active boy who would love to be part of his humans’ fun adventures

February 28, 2021

Day Two with Foster pup Cody went fairly well. Yesterday we left his crate open so he could get familiar with it, and he happily enjoy a mini-Kong in there, so he was not opposed to entering when it came close to bedtime…but he was less than thrilled when he found out the door was closing. Poor little guy was probably missing his brother and snuggle partner Oakley. When he carried on too long with crying and jumping around, we took turns laying by the crate and talking to him, and eventually he gave into the exhaustion and he slept for about 5 straight hours…as did we. Actually, better than expected! Although, Cody quickly recognized that 4:45 AM is not an ideal time to wake up on a Sunday morning, so after a quick trip outside, extended his sleepy time with a peaceful nap while Foster parents drank coffee in the dark. But on the plus side, no accidents in the crate!

Day Two came with some progress in housetraining. Day is not over yet, but as it stands at the moment, I am writing this, we have had one accident all day, as opposed to yesterday when we had…well let’s just say we lost count. But such long trip and brand-new surroundings are a lot for an 11-week-old puppy so we figured we would just start fresh today. Cody spent the rest of the day playing with all his new toys and also catching up on some much-needed naps in between. Foster parents got a kick out of watching this little guy who is a very active dreamer. We are looking forward to watching Cody’s personality grow over the next couple Labrador Retriever Mix

February 27, 2021

Hi! This is Foster pup Cody! Yesterday I started a long trip from my home state of Mississippi and ended up in this new place called Pennsylvania! When the ride finally ended, I got into another car and I thought here we go again…but that ride was MUCH shorter. I ended up at this house with these nice people who told me they are my Foster parents and they would take care of me until I find my furever home! It’s a little different here though. They took off my collar and put it back on with a bunch of jangly things attached to it. That’s so weird…I hope they don’t expect me to sleep like Labrador Retriever Mix

But here’s how I decided these peeps are ok…. I got food, and water, and toys and treats, and …. how did they know how much I love tennis balls? I had so much fun chasing them around my new space! black Labrador Retriever MixAnd the kind people that drove me all the way here let me take home a baseball, too! And there’s so many toys! They told me my new Brookline family sent some too and I wanted to say thank you cause I’m having fun here! I’m only 11 weeks old though and still trying to figure it all out because sometimes I am finding things that I’m told are NOT toys. Also, I’m told I need potty training… I don’t know what that means yet…. but there are sure an awful lot of good places to pee around here! They say they think I’ll be a quick learner though. I showed off how I can sit today and they think I’m a genius! That’s all for now, but my Foster parents look forward to sharing our adventures over the next couple weeks! And lots of cute pics too!

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