Cole #5 Black Labrador Retriever Male 9 Years Old ID #1961

June 11, 2021

Cole having tug of war with little Conan who usually Labrador Retriever

May 18, 2021

Cole continues to do well. Limited exercise for another week. He is the sweetest kindest companion.

May 1, 2021

Cole was a very good boy during his hospital stay at Pennridge Animal Hospital. Everyone who meets him says how sweet and gentle he is! So back to short walks for the next Labrador Retriever

April 29, 2021

Cole is so sweet and accepting of other dogs. Enjoys being in the big yard with our resident dog Summer. This morning he left for Pennridge animal hospital where he will receive the 2nd and 3 rd injections.  So far so good. Update again tomorrow.

April 14, 2021

Cole continues to do well almost 2 weeks after first heartworm treatment. Still on limited exercise and supportive medications. Still a very sweet boy. black Labrador Retriever

April 7, 2021

Cole loves to play in the big yard with friends at camp.

black Labrador Retriever

March 24, 2021

Coles’ morning chewblack Labrador Retriever

March 20, 2021

Cole was at the vet on Thursday to recheck for heartworm. The in-house test looked slightly positive, so the blood was sent to a lab for a more sensitive test. His results were positive for heartworm. Heartworm treatment is scheduled for April 2, 2021 Meanwhile, his left ear is being retreated for infection with oral Labrador Retriever

March 17, 2021

Cole has a Vet visit tomorrow. Left ear still irritated re check on heartworm and Lyme Labrador Retriever

March 13, 2021

Cole loves to carry things in his mouth, typical lab.

March 11, 2021

Cole arrived at camp on 2/14 and tested positive for heartworm disease and Lyme at the facility where he was originally taken.  Brookline had Cole and his buddy – who is no longer with us, examined at an emergency vet clinic.  At that time, they did not retest for heartworm.  Last week we had Cole examined at Pennridge Animal Hospital for ear infections and did a complete blood panel and Cole tested negative for heartworm and Lyme.  This is great news but we will retest again to double check on 3/18 and retreat ears.

Cole was very vocal the first few days with us but on day 3 he settled in and started to relax.   Cole spent his first 2 weeks in our boarding facility working with our staff to get a better understanding of his general manners.  He has been sweet and gentle since day 1!

As far as we know Cole was kept outside most of his life. He is an intact male and has a small growth back by his rectum.  Cole moved to our home (we are fostering him now) to get him acclimated to being in a home.  At first, he needed to be watched closely inside and taken outside to show him where to go potty.  He learned this very quickly.

Cole does stay in a crate every day for a few hours next to our resident senior dog Summer.  He is usually quiet and content until we release him to go outside to go potty.

Cole has taken an interest in food items on the counters, a stern NO seems to be all that is needed but I also make sure there is nothing left out to tempt him.

Coles’ favorite place to rest is on the couch preferably leaning against my husband if he is around.

Cole has been with lots of different dogs, other labs, small terrier mixes known to be friendly as seen in the pictures and videos.  Cole is definitely a follower and enjoys the company of other dogs. He enjoys toys, will play fetch with balls and play tug of war with other dogs.

Cole is working on leash skills; he is a slow walker so leash training should be easy!

Next vet visit is March 18th for ears, 2nd re test for heartworm and Lyme, estimate for neutering and x-rays on hips.

March 10, 2021

Cole and Conan in the big yard.

Cole says thank you for his goodie box.treat box

Cole exploring the back yard with Summer.2 black Labrador Retriever

Cole is enjoying being part of a family and likes to relax on the Labrador Retriever

Cole exploring the big yard with friends. black Labrador Retriever

March 8, 2021

Cole arrived on sweet Valentine’s Day. He has been a joy to care Labrador Retriever

March 1, 2021

This sweet boy is really enjoying life now that he’s free to run around and have fun.  He gets along with every 4 footed friend he meets!  Check him out with a new feline friend and also with his high energy friend, Nala, trying out the “A” frame.  Cole is just one easy going guy.

Cole really enjoys the snow and found out that there are these fun things in life called balls!

He figures life is full of wonderful new adventures!

February 21, 2021black Labrador Retriever

Cole has spent his last days living outside in all the elements, and has begun his new journey learning how wonderful life can be with warmth, care and love!

Cole is an absolute sweetheart, who seeks out human companionship.  His tail never stops wagging, and he is happiest when he is being petted and loved.   And despite missing his “brother” who he had lived with all of those years, but who did not survive, Cole is ready to make new friends with a variety of canine buddies.

Unfortunately, due to living outside, he is both heartworm and Lyme positive, and has some weepy eyes and a growth on his back end that needs to be removed.   However, none of that stops him from enjoying playtime in the snow and fun walks full of wonderful smells!  He is a dream on leash, and also an excellent companion in the car.  Cole is always up for his next new adventure.

Stay tuned for updates, on this sweet guy, who is finally clean, warm, getting nutritious food and working on putting on some weight.  He’ll soon be looking for a permanent place to call home!

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