Connie Silver Labrador Retriever Female 6 Years Old ID#3037


Connie is now available:

Silver Labrador RetrieverConnie was pulled from a farm.  She has had many litters over her 6 years, and will finally be able put her breeding days behind her!  Please read her blog from the bottom up.

October 13, 2022

Ries, FKA Connie, Here!  I’m working on acclimating to life with my new family. This sure is no chicken coop! That’s for sure!  It’s so big here and my new humans let me walk around all over the place. It’s a little scary, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Silver Labrador RetrieverI’ve been checking out all the amenities and I think my favorite place is the gated deck!  I feel so comfy, just chillin’ in the fresh breeze.  As I explored my new pad, I came across this thing they call a couch which is super comfy.  You kind of have to crawl up on it, but once you’re up there, it’s heaven! I made sure my sister Bailey had a good spot since she’s blind. Silver Labrador RetrieverMy new dad took me on a walk around the 5 acre perimeter of the house.  Boy, was I exhausted after that!  Definitely time for a nap.  Silver Labrador Retriever

September 28, 2022

Connie thoroughly enjoyed the event at Braxton’s on Sunday. She met a lot of new dog friends as well as many new people and loved everybody! She was very calm even when the skies got dark and the rain was pouring on the tent. Silver Labrador RetrieverConnie continues to be a wonderful wonderful dog. She is the most loving companion and just wants affection. She’s becoming more and more active on her walks and as she loses weight, has had a much easier time going up and down steps and is enjoying life more than ever. Silver Labrador RetrieverHer spay is scheduled for Tuesday, October 4 and she will be available for adoption soon after that.Silver Labrador Retriever

September 23, 2022

Good morning all!

Connie continues to enjoy her new life off the farm. She is loving her morning and evening walks and the zigzagging and pulling is less each week. She jumped onto the couch last night for the first time to snuggle under a blanket with me. As she is losing her excess weight, she has been more active running in the yard, climbing steps, and overall a happier girl. She now sits and gives paw with hand commands and takes treats so very gently.

Unfortunately, Connie tested positive for Lyme and is on a 4 week course of antibiotics (which she is tolerating well). She does not appear to have any symptoms. Her spay is scheduled for early October and she will be available for adoption after she recuperates.

This girl is going to make some person/family VERY happy! She truly just wants to be loved.

September 16,2022

Hello to all-

We have been fostering Connie now for nine days. She has made great strides.  We have discovered that she’s very good off leash and responds immediately to a firm voice or correction. Our back door didn’t close and she followed me outside to the garden but immediately knew that she had done wrong and returned to the house with no issue or problem.

She is slowly learning how to walk with leash and harness without pulling or crossing back-and-forth.chocolate/silver labrador retrieverConnie now knows how wonderful a dog bed is! She has also learned to take treats and is very gentle. She know commands for sit , stay, and no and is fully house-trained.

She went for a 3 plus hr ride with my family and slept for most of the ride. She was unfazed by the length of the ride and didn’t whimper, cry, bark, or pant.

Connie is absolutely adorable when she sits with her paws crossed!  She will make some family or person a wonderful companion. She is so gentle and sweet and is good with children, adults and other dogs. She has remained fully house-trained. She will need people who will give her the affection she craves.chocolate/silver labrador retrieverConnie will be available once she recuperates from her spay. Unfortunately, Providence animal Center was not able to schedule any spay until October.

September 10, 2022

Good morning, all!Silver Labrador RetrieverConnie is the sweetest, most lovable lab! She loves everyone she meets and would be completely happy to follow people around all day and hope someone pets her. She is now reaching up with her paw to initiate hugs, kisses, and affection. She is so very gentle.Silver Labrador RetrieverWe are still working on her leash training. She appears to be completely housebroken. No progress yet with sleeping in a dog bed, taking a treat or playing with toys. One day at a time… We will be letting her open her gift box later today to see if she gets excited and will play. Video to follow.

Connie absolutely loves running in the yard with Boomer, She runs to the fence to look for the dogs next door. She has not barked yet and, shockingly, does not appear to shed  AT ALL.

We also got a weight on this “little” lady. She weighs in at a whopping 103 lbs (not 70 as per her paperwork). Diet and exercise time.

Stay tuned for pictures and video to follow. I will be scheduling Connie’s spay within the next few weeks and they she will be good to go in her new home!


Connie loved all the toys and treats from her gift box-thank you!! She finally accepted a treat and has also been interested in the Kong with the inserted treat. Doesn’t she look stunning in her new fashionable bandanna??Silver Labrador Retriever Silver Labrador Retriever

September 9, 2022

Connie continues to be a stellar house guest. She’s had no accidents at all and is quiet at night, eats her meals with no fuss, and is learning to adjust to life indoors. I started working on walking with harness/leash yesterday and she walked with Boomer. She will need some work with this since she tends to cross back and forth and pulls on the leash. She gets very excited with all the sights, sounds, and smells. We will keep working on leash walking so she can learn some good habits.

Silver Labrador RetrieverConnie has not shown an interest in getting on the couches or sleeping in a dog bed yet. She doesn’t know to play with toys and has not taken a treat or played with a chew bone yet. All in good time. Her world is gradually expanding and she’s just taking it all in. She continues to be a complete lovebug and would be content to be petted all day. Enjoy the video and the picture of Connie smiling!

September 8, 2022

Connie was pulled from the farm yesterday (thank you!!) and arrived shy and stinky/dirty but very sweet.

She had her last litter in June and is finally retired from breeding. Connie was wonderful and calm in the car for the ride home and was very cooperative during her bath. She met Boomer (our resident lab) and the dogs next door through the fence. She is wonderful with all dogs, children, and people and is very friendly.Silver Labrador RetrieverShe is only 70 lbs but is a very stocky girl and will need to go on a diet and exercise program. She is doing well on the leash and harness, ate her evening and morning meal without fuss, and slept downstairs with Boomer all night without a peep. She had the run of the first floor with only 1 small accident overnight. She is quickly getting the hang of going outside to do her business.Silver Labrador RetrieverConnie is , so far, a velcro girl who loves hugs, affection, and and her people. She is an absolute sweetheart!

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