Cooper #13 Silver Labrador Retriever Male 5 Years Old ID #2801

Labrador Retriever with stuffed toy in mouth

Cooper is a 5 year old Silver Labrador. This 80lb pup loves attention and exploring the outside world. Cooper was found in central DE as a stray and taken into the shelter for a month before coming into foster care.

July 6, 2021

Hi everyone!

It’s Cooper back again with another pupdate! Sorry it has been so long, but FM wanted to make sure all my medical stuff was totally taken care of. I have a mostly clean bill of health from the dermatologist, so we’ve narrowed down the medicines and supplements I’ll need to stay on from now on. I am pretty happy with the latest changes, because I am down to only 3 pills per meal from 5-6 previously. My foster parents are keeping me on Salmon Oil and L-Glutamine as supplements, while my Rx meds are Cyclosporine (at night) and Ketoconazole (in the morning). FM says these are kind of expensive (> $100 per month), so anyone who wants to be my furever home should consider this.

two dogs snuggling in a car hammock

Other than that, I’ve been feeling really good lately, although it is very hot outside. I am not used to having fur, so I get warmer much faster now. I can get pretty sneezy outside with all my allergies, but the medicines really do seem to be helping me feel more normal. I am still working on playing fetch outside, but I love to toss the ball to my foster parents inside. I am a really good thrower, and sometimes I’ll even run down the hall to fetch the ball back, but mostly I’m still just interesting in playing in a smaller setting.


I am still a little nervous about socializing with other friends while on a leash and really need a gentle introduction to new friends. I do much better meeting new friends when in our small apt dog park and not on the leash though. FM and FD say I would do great as either a solo pup or with one or two other friends in my house. While I would do great as either, FM thinks having my foster sis has helped me adjust, so in a perfect world, I would have a friend in my furever home to rely on when my new parents weren’t around. I also tend to accept new friends who are females much quicker than I do males, and young pups who get in my face really are not my favorite. Otherwise, I am a pretty laid back guy, and often just want to trot around with my tennis balls in the dog park while other dogs play.

Well, FM says it is time for our walk, so we are headed out!

May 31, 2021

Hi everyone!

Cooper here. I’m back and even though it’s been a few weeks, not much new to report here. I’ve been enjoying the warmer weather, despite the past few rainy days. I am a big fan of naps and cuddling (on my own terms) so I’ve been getting some quality sleep this long weekend. I’ve discovered I don’t mind sharing an overstuffed chair with my foster sis, as long as she stays up on the cushion.

two dogs on a chair

After my last post, my FM found a bump on my paw, so I’m back on a few medications and will be going back to the dermatologist to make sure that everything is still improving! My foster parents think that the change in weather and additional allergens in the air/on the grass caused the flair up. As far as meds are concerned, I continue to go with the flow, and while I don’t love the spray to help my paws, I deal with it like a champ. I am also great with consistently taking my pills with a little bit of coconut oil or peanut butter on top to sweeten the deal. FM says the coconut oil is good for my fur and allergies too, so it’s a win-win.

dog on a patio chair

I have officially gotten a job as FD’s office assistant. I thought that I should sit in a real chair since it would be more paw-fessional. I am progressing with my training and am improving with wait/stay, which is super tricky when my foster parents walk towards the door or open the door, because I LOVE to go outside. I also love dog park afternoons with my foster sister am even open to sharing the park with a few other pups if they come to join. Lots of dogs at the park make me nervous until I am more familiar with them and know they are nice, but once we’re pals I love to socialize!

Ok, well I am off to enjoy the rest of the weekend before I have to return to work for FD tomorrow, woof at y’all later!


Apr 28, 2021

I’m back and hope that everyone is enjoying the spring!

Not too much to report for me. I love the sunny, warmer weather and I’ve been sniffing around more and more on our walks.

dog sitting in a flower bed with some flowers

FM and FD both started new jobs within the last two weeks and it’s taken some adjusting to figure out who is taking me out, and more importantly who is feeding me and when. My foster parents say that I’m dealing with all of the changes quite well, but am definitely a bit more uncertain with our new routines, but I’m getting there as I always do. Despite some new changes, my foster sister Ellie and I still love to play as some of the other foster homes have dubbed “bitey-face”. I still love to chase tennis balls and have a new found love for frisbees! Oh and I still love to snuggle and carry around my stuffed alligator!

dog with his favorite alligator on the couch

I have been taking a ton of new medicines, which are working for the most part, so I may be looking for my forever home soon! Some things any potential families may need to consider is that I can’t live with any cats. I’m allergic. I know that a lot of people and dogs claim to be allergic… but really, ask my dermatologist! While I am good with a lot of different dogs, alpha males (especially those who are intact) are pretty intimidating and make me nervous, so my future home should have a female dog or a male dog who isn’t an alpha personality type for us to get along best. FM also thinks that I would be ok as an only dog and steal all the spotlight!

Well that’s all I’ve got today, I’m off to chase some more tennis balls!

April 4, 2021

Hello everyone! Coop here back with a new pupdate!

With the nicer weather out, my foster family and I have been outside exploring the local trials the last two weeks. I love being outside and exploring! My foster sister and I wanted to go swimming this weekend, but FM said maybe next time.

two dogs sitting by the river

I am still working on some leash skills as sometimes I get nervous around new dogs and want to say hello to make sure that they are nice. However FM had a different idea and said I can look, maybe give a little puppy head nod, and keep on moving. I am still warming up to the idea and prefer to have some distance between myself and other unfamiliar dogs just to make sure that they are friendly.

dog sitting on stone wall

I’ve started some of my new supplements with more on the way this week. So far I’m quite the champ at taking all of these new pills. Just a little bit of peanut butter or coconut oil on top and I’m happy to eat them. FM says they will make me feel better since I’m allergic to some things like trees and different grasses, which are pretty hard to avoid. I’m also not a huge fan of the spray my foster parents put on my paws, but I deal with it like I do with all things when I’m uncertain, an occasional deep sigh and/or some side eye. FM makes it all good again though, because I’m a sucker for some praise, a good pet, and some treats!

dog with tongue out on river trail

Hope that everyone is enjoying the nice weather too!

March 14, 2021

Hello Everyone!

Cooper here, back with another pupdate! I got my Lab results back (pun intended) and it turns out that I have a few food and environmental allergies. I won’t list them all here, but I definitely want to get adopted by a family without a cat, because those things make me ITCHY! Also, it is a good thing I love the salmon food FM gets me, because I can’t have chicken based food either. That’s ok with me though, I am still a pretty happy boy all the time. As long as I’m not allergic to tennis balls, life is perfect!


dog in a dogpark with a ball

FM and FD took me for a long car ride to a park where we took a long walk! I am normally a pretty focused guy on walks, but man there were so many smells that I just had to stop and soak it all in. Also FD pulled out the patio furniture since it is warming up occasionally and I am a big fan.

two dogs on a patio loveseat

Other than that, I do not have a lot to report. Apparently there is still some sort of pandemic, and even though FM is vaccinated, everyone is still spending a lot of time at home with me. You definitely won’t hear any complaints from me about that! Even though I can be a little stingy with my physical snuggles, I definitely love to be where my people are. My people, a tennis ball, and a comfy place to take a nap are really all I need in life…oh and snacks…I love snacks.

Feb 28, 2021

Hi all,

Coop here, back again with another pupdate hot off the presses. Got another dermatology appointment this week to get the testing I was supposed to get last time. Hopefully going to get some more information about how to fix my itchy paws. The good news is that my fur is definitely coming in on the sides and now I have a beautiful, soft coat.

The weather has been crazy lately…I love frolicking in the snow, but I also like not having to walk through the deep snow to go to the bathroom, so I’m really torn about which is my favorite. Either way, I’m really starting to enjoy playing with my foster sis outside instead of just trotting around with my tennis balls in my mouth.

two dogs sleeping on the couch

Other than the crazy weather, there really isn’t much going on here. Spending lots of cozy weekends snoozing on the couch with FM and FD between walkies and the dog park. I am really coming out of my snuggle shell with humans and I am starting to initiate snuggling with them. Speaking of couch snuggles, FM is on the couch with some lunch so I’m going to go hang out next to her for a bit. That’s all for this pupdate, I’ll see you all again soon!

dog snuggling human on couch

Feb 13, 2021

Cooper’s foster mom here!

We took Cooper to his dermatology appointment today. While we were expecting to complete some environmental testing today, there was a miscommunication regarding the medications Cooper is on, so the appointment turned into a check up. He still has a residual infection in his paws despite previous medical intervention, so the dermatologist has prescribed a few other medications to hopefully root out this infection once and for all. We are planning to return in two weeks to complete additional testing to get more info about Coop’s allergies, which will further inform the next step to get him healed and ready for his furever home.

dog sitting in the snow

Other than his dermatology appointment, things have been pretty uneventful. Cooper has been enjoying the recent snowfalls and loves playing in the snow with his foster sister. We’ve seen a more playful side to Cooper as he loves to run around and play in the snow.

We suspect that he would be this playful all the time if the regular ground was as soft on his poor paws as the snow fall.

dog in the snow with a ball

Cooper thrives off of routine and looks forward to his daily walks. Every weekday morning he and resident dog Ellie walk me to the door to say goodbye and then Coop settles in with his foster dad who works from home. He loves to spend time in the office with him for most of the day with the occasional nap on the living room sofa after putting in a hard day’s work. Recently he has been binging the Great British Bake Off and The Crown with me during the weekends and now wishes that his foster parents had accents!

Jan 29, 2021

Cooper checking in! I went to the dog dermatologist a couple of weeks ago and am on some new medications to see what can be done to help my skin and paw issues. The vet took some samples and I’m on a few new medications, so hopefully that will help out my itchiness, because sheesh, sometimes I am uncomfortable and can’t help but lick my paws! I’ll be going back for some more tests in a few weeks to see what kinds of things I’m allergic to so foster mom and dad know what kinds of things to avoid and I can hopefully get off of some of these medications.

dog sitting and staring

It was my foster sister’s birthday last week and FM got her and me a special cookie to celebrate. I really like peanut butter and gobbled it after FM said that it was ok to eat it. My foster sis is 2 so while she’s learning what it’s like to be an adult dog, I still have some things to teach her. I take my role as a big brother seriously.

dog staring at a cookie

Other than that, life has been pretty calm. I’ve been snuggling with my Allie Alligator stuffed friend, going on lots of walks, working on commands, and playing a lot of fetch lately. I’ve gotten really good at catching the tennis ball and fetching it both at home and in the dog park. My foster parents giggle every time I try to shove all of the tennis balls that I can find into my mouth. So far my record is 3! It was a bit uncomfortable walking around the dog park with 3 balls in the mouth, but I had to protect them from the other dogs who might rip them up.

two dogs in front of a birthday sign

Foster mom will update you on how my testing goes in a few weeks. Apparently I need to be sedated during the procedure because I’m going to be stuck with a lot of needles. I’m not worried because I’m a go with the flow kind of guy, but will leave it to the humans to update you on how I’m doing. Off to wrangle some tennis balls!

Jan 1, 2021

Happy New Year everyone!

The last few weeks of 2020 have been a lot of fun! I helped decorate the house for Christmas, watched FM and FD drink some hot cocoa, and tried to convince them that I should have some as well. We also spent lots of time snuggling, snuggling, and snuggling some more. I am becoming quite the affectionate pup. We got a lot of snow and I wore a festive bandana to get in the spirit, before heading out to play after the snowstorm.

dog with crossed paws and a holiday bandana

My foster sister and I had a blast running around in the snow! I was unsure at first because I don’t like to spend a lot of time outside in any sort of inclement weather, which my foster parents is due to my time as a stray. Once it stopped snowing though, I actually played a bit of soccer and romped around in the dog park with my foster family, which was one of the first times they have seen me play outside since the outdoors sometimes makes my paws hurt so I mostly walk when we are outside. But the snow was the perfect soft surface where I felt comfortable to let loose and I had a lot of fun!

FM and FD also took us on a long car ride to see some pretty lights. I mostly napped on the drive over, but I was very interested in the lights and my foster sis and I were loving them by the end of the trip.

a dog in the backseat backlit by holiday lights

After my foster parents took some covid tests, we celebrated Christmas with the foster grandparents! I got some new bones from Santa Paws which I love to chew, some more tennis balls to chase, and now I am trying to think of a good new year’s resolution. FM even convinced me to wear some reindeer ears, although I had to be bribed again with some treats.

two people and two dogs in front of a christmas tree

I’m still taking some meds to help with my allergies and paws and I’m growing some beautiful (per my FM) gray fur back. My Aunt Dee made me a coat since my fur coat is growing back slowly that I love to wear both outdoors and indoors. My FM is taking me to a dermatologist soon to see what can be done to help my paws. Even though I’ve been on antibiotics and a ton of different medications to help with my allergies, my paws are still pretty inflamed and hard to walk on at times. Sometimes I just can’t help but lick them since they both me so much, but I don’t complain since I’m not one to let on. I’m sure FM will keep you posted on what the dermatologist says after our visit. I’m going back to sleep since it’s the perfect napping weather with all of this rain. Hope that everyone has a great start to 2021!

a dog being held in front of some stockings


December 7, 2020

Hi all, it is Cooper back with another update!

First of all, wow it has been a crazy month for me. The vet has become one of my best pals and whatever she is doing is really helping me out. FM got the results of my allergy test back and it turns out they were right to switch my food out! I’m allergic to a lot of things, but thankfully not Salmon because I will do anything for the Salmon treats that FM has. They are yum yum delicious. I even changed my mood about these silly ears.

grumpy dog with reindeer ears

I was pretty unhappy with FM at first, but then she grabbed the Salmon treats and boy was that a game changer for me.

happy dog with reindeer ears

Nothing gets you in the holiday spirit quite like Salmon treats…hmm I could go for some of those right about now, but FD says I have to finish writing my blog post first.

Well, since I’ve been feeling better after taking some medicine and getting some new food, I’ve been playing with my Foster Sis in the dog park a lot. She is really fast, but I’m a pretty dedicated guy. I may only prance around after her, but I’m persistent…she’s gotta stop sprinting eventually.

two dogs in the dog park playing with a ball
All this rain has really bummed me out though. Since my hair is still growing back on my sides, all this wet and cold isn’t really my speed. FM says I have a jacket coming soon though, whatever that is. I do like to relax by the windows while it is raining though, makes for a great napping environment.

a dog laying by a glass door looking up
Well let’s be honest, everywhere is a great napping environment, especially since I learned about the couch. Man do I love that couch. I’m a pretty sweet snuggly boy if I do say so myself. I really like to share the couch with FM and my Foster Sis.

a human and two dogs napping on the couch

FM tells me I’m perfect and FD tells her that I’ll make some family very happy soon. Not sure what that is all about, but I wag my tail anyway. I love attention of all kinds, although I’m not very needy…it is just nice to be loved. Anyway, I see Foster Sis has a tug toy…so I’m off to play.

November 12, 2020

Cooper here!

It’s been a few weeks since my last update so I figured that I’d say hello and let everyone know that I’m doing ok! I’m definitely feeling better and have been pretty playful with my foster sister lately. I also really like the fall weather and all the leaves.

Silver Lab sitting in fall leaves by river

I love clomping around on my walks and sniffing everything to see what I can find. There are so many people and dogs around us and I just want to meet them all!

Silver Lab standing by the river


Also, I finally got to experience the dog park with my foster sister and it was filled with so many smells that I just had to sniff every corner instead of playing with my sister, which I can do anytime. I also found a ball hiding in the corner and I was pleased to carry it around as I checked the place out. I LOVE tennis balls. My foster parents are impressed at how gentle I am. I only squish the balls in my mouth and rarely ever pull at them. My favorite toy is still Allie my alligator, who I love to take naps with and greet FM with when she gets home from work.

Two dogs sleeping on a couch

My allergies are still acting up and despite some meds, a shot, and a special bath, my paws are still pretty sore. I don’t mind too much because I’m not one to complain, but FM worries that my paws hurt me more than I let on. I’m starting a new medication this weekend and I had to take a saliva test that FM and FD said that would help them know more about my allergies, but it reminded me of when FM tried to brush my teeth and I wanted none of it. My foster parents had to bribe me since they needed my saliva for some reason. My foster sister was way more interested in the process than I was, so I said just give it to her, but they insisted that I had to do it.

Two dogs snuggle on the couch

FM and FD had to bribe me with my favorite treats’ scent only to get me salivate onto this weird white thing. They kept holding treats up to my nose but would not let me eat them for ages. FINALLY they said ok and I was allowed to have a few treats. I worked hard for those treats! My foster parents are hoping that the results and new medication will help my paws to go back to normal sometime soon. FM says that my fur is starting to grow back slow and steady, so maybe I’ll have some more fur for the holidays!

Dog snuggles napping human


As you can see, I’ve really fallen in love with napping on the couch. Soft things are my favorite and my foster parents have started letting me sleep in the bed at night and boy do I love it. In fact, I put myself back to bed this morning, because I really wasn’t done sleeping yet. I’ve also adjusted to my foster sis a bit more and now we both coordinate our schedules so that we get nap time on the couch and play time afterwards!

Speaking of which, I’m off for some bone chewing and maybe a nap! Woof at ya later!

October 28, 2020

Hi again!

It sure has been a busy week! I was planning on going to the vet for my hair loss about a week or so after I arrived at my new foster home, but then I started coughing. It was pretty bad. Anytime I got too excited I would cough uncontrollably. My FM can be quite persistent, so she was able to move my appointment up several days because she couldn’t stand to see me so lethargic and coughing all day. So FD took me to the vet, who said that I’m such a happy guy despite not feeling well. Turns out I had an infection in my larynx, whatever that is, and my paws were also infected so no wonder it’s been so hard to walk and I can’t stop licking them!

two dogs in some leaves

Now I’m on a bunch of medicine to help with my cough, my paws, and hopefully to grow some fur back. I’m the least bothered by my hair loss honestly, but I get cold sometimes and like to cuddle in my new bed, so having a full body of fur would be nice. Speaking of beds, I have a brand new bed and some new toys courtesy of Brookline. I love all of my new toys! I love them so much in fact that I frequently will try to carry 2-3 toys at a time so that my foster sister doesn’t think about taking any of them. FM says that once the novelty wears off it would be nice to share some toys. I’m thinking about it…

dog with stuffed bone

I’ve been hanging out in my FD’s office since I arrived and it’s been nice, but I’m starting to feel better so I am trying to play with my foster sis more. I also really enjoy taking some short walks outside now that I don’t cough constantly. I have definitely decided that I like my FM and FD so I’d like to be near them as much as possible. Sometimes FD closes me in the office to grab something in the kitchen and I’ve started either opening the door or pawing at the door letting him know that he forgot me and I’d like to join. I also have a penchant for prancing according to my FM, especially with one of my new toys. Part of the prancing is that I’m still getting used to my new foster home and sometimes I just can’t calm down because I keep finding new smells, or a toy I didn’t realize that I liked so much, or my darn tennis balls keep rolling under the couch and I need help to save them. Welp, I just spotted my new bone and it’s been a while since I’ve chewed on it so I’m out of here. Bark at ya soon!

dog in green bandana outside

October 21, 2020

Hi everyone.

My name is Cooper and I’m a pretty easy going guy without a lot to say. I go with the flow and my FM calls me the strong silent type since I came to their home a few days ago. I spent the last month in a shelter waiting for my forever home. While I was there I had a cyst removed from my chest and I was told that I won’t have to worry about being a father anymore. I’m indifferent about the whole thing, I just didn’t like that cone around my head. The people at the shelter thought that I was the sweetest guy but I have some hair loss and some bumps on my toes that some adopters may have found scary, so a nice lady came to pick me up and take me to a foster home where we will be figuring out my bumps and seeing if I can get some hair back. I currently have a mohawk down my back that everyone says looks good on me, but it’d be nice to have a full coat come winter time.

Labrador Retriever with a mohowk hair cut

When this nice lady took me from the shelter, the shelter staff let me bring my best friend alligator along because we are pretty much inseparable and I just couldn’t leave him behind- best friends stick together.

Labrador Retrieve sleeping with stuffed toy

My foster parents say that I’m adjusting pretty well to their place since I’m pretty easy going and just an all around happy guy. They think that I used to be a house pet because I was showing off a bit. I’m housetrained, I love a good dog bed, know a few tricks, and I can climb the stairs easily. Apparently not all dogs can do these things and my foster parents were excited that I knew so many things already.

Since I can’t see a vet for another week, my foster parents are giving me some meds to help with the allergies and they put some powder on my paws to help them heal because I can’t stop licking them. Left to my own devices, I’d lick my paws all day long. So they put me back in that dreaded cone and I was not pleased.

Labrador Retriever with the E-Collar Side eye

FM fussed all over me telling me how good I was, so I gave her a few tail wags but still let her know with some long sighs that I wasn’t delighted by this idea. Hopefully the vet has a better idea to help heal my skin and paws so that I can get rid of this cone asap.

Labrador Retriever with the E-Collar

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