Copper 4 yr chocolate female

Yellow and Black labrador retriever New Years hatsHappy New Year!

Jan 3rd

And guess what? I’m not afraid of Fireworks!

Foster Mom decided I needed a bath, since I’m all healed from my surgery!  Since I’m so small and barely shed any hair I get bathed in the bathtub…Oh lucky me:(  Chocolate labrador retriever soapy in bath

Can you tell I’m not loving this? But I was good, I never tried to jump out and put up with the warm bubbly water. Now I smell so good, Chocolate labrador retriever soapy in batheveryone keeps sniffing me, and I know the other Labs here are laughing at me. They can’t get baths because it is about 10′ degrees outside. They are talking and laughing about me smelling like flowers, Oh boy, the things I put up with!

I’m still needy and love pets and attention but I run in the woods now and take trail hikes with the other dogs. I love Stella, the yellow Lab that lives here, she plays with me and wrestles with me too.  stella movie  click

Foster Mom says I need another dog with the same energy level when I get adopted, I would not be happy alone. I keep hoping FM will keep me,  I’m being so good and learning so fast and I have my paws crossed she lets me stay. Foster Dad rolls his eyes when anyone mentions the “flunking” word, but we know who the boss is around here, about dogs anyway.

Check back soon, I hear the Brookline break will be over soon and things will start happening.

Love Copper or Copperfield as Fm calls me 🙂


Dec 12th

Yesterday Copper had a great eval at the ortho, who said she can heal the rest on her own. No more water therapy! So today Copper was spayed. She came home with a lot of cries of either discomfort or confusion from the drugs. I think she does not do good on Tramadol
So sad, Copper is once again acting scared and looking away when we approach her, like she did when she first arrived. This poor girl has been thru so much pain in the last few months.
For those who have interested families, Copper will be available in January. We are looking into a meet and greet for  anyone to come and meet her. She is very timid and needy but a sweet girl who needs lots of love!


November 16th

Chocolate labrador retriever face

  • Copper hi Well it time to buy more toys and another stocking as Copper will be spending Christmas with us.
Today was Copper’s eval and Dr.House-Smith was very pleased. He said she is 1/2 way thru her recovery treatment but her measurements of her legs show the progress of being 2/3rds done!  She does need another round of water therapy, but only once a week this time and then needs to be spayed. If all goes as planned  I think she will be ready for adoption when the Rescue re-opens in January 🙂
Chocolate labrador retriever face Chocolate labrador retriever face Chocolate labrador retriever face
She now roams free in the house and does the steps up and down. She gets along with my pack and loves the neighbors dogs too.
 This gentle petite girl is a treasure and the family that adopts her will be so lucky to have her in their lives. She sits loyally at your feet and will put her head on your knee. If you let her, as Mike does, she will snuggle on the couch with you too.Chocolate labrador retriever resting head on lap
 Yesterday while throwing the ball for one of my dogs, Copper chased a tennis ball and brought it back! This is a first for her!!
She usually just like bones to chew or bully sticks, the ball was the first time she seemed to have fun outside!!
Copper has not had any accidents in the house, even when she just had surgery and struggled to walk. She sleeps quietly thru the night and loves car rides, she is so quiet you forget she is there 🙂
Check back soon for more pictures!

Chocolate labrador retriever regal face

Nov 11th

Copper continues to amaze us as she acclimates herself to our home. She loves my dogs and here is a video of Copper and Stella playing. Copper video

She is great with my dogs and I’m hoping to place her with another dog. She craves attention, she will continue to nudge your hand over and over for more pets. We are working on this as it can be a nuisance. She is wonderful in the house, sleeps thru the night, eats well and is great on the treadmill for her water PT. She is VERY strong on the leash, for the little bit she weighs she is strong like a ox on the leash!


October 31st

Copper had her check up and staple removal yesterday. She was such a good girl, even though the last staple was painful coming out. The Dr. said she is doing great and she is allowed to do anything now to build her muscles. No more restrictions. We have home exercises to do and Copper will do water therapy for three weeks then re-evaluate.  This sweet chocolate girl will make a family very happy some day soon!

copper video therapy (click here)   Chocolate labrador retriever water therapyShe is such a great patient, we all love her.

October 25, 2017

Copper has been with us a week and she continues to improve in leaps and bounds! She is now standing on her own in the exercise pen we are using to keep her confined. We still use the sling outside, one for extra support and two to slow her down! This little girl is ready to recover and go!
Copper will have her staples removed on Friday and once we know her therapy regimen, we will know more about when she will be available for for adoption. Check back for more updates and pictures of this sweet girl .
Chocolate labrador retriever shaved leg
October 2017

Hello all, I’m Copper!

I’m a beautiful petite chocolate lab and I’m recovering in a Brookline Labrador Rescue WAY COOL foster home 🙂

You see I fell out of a moving vehicle and got hurt real bad, so the vet called Brookline to help me. Brookline’s angel volunteer swooped in and took me to the bestest specialist around for surgery, and now I’m going to recoup and get ready for my fur-ever family to find me. Check out my video: Copper vid




I’m living in my FM’s (foster mom) den in a large exercise pen with comfy comforters, pillows and soft toys. I’m have three other Labs for company and I like them, but we have only met thru the fence since I’m not allowed to play yet. I’m a gentle soul who loves getting pets and attention. If you stopping petting me I will look at you with my beautiful eyes and nudge your hand to say “more please.”

My FM will write more about my progress, unless I sneak back on the laptop  🙂 again, so please keep checking back to read more about me, I’m going to make a family so very happy soon!

Love Copper

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