Corby Yellow Labrador Retriever Male 7 Years Old ID#3428

May 14, 2024

It’s been 4 days since this big boy joined us and he’s definitely feeling more relaxed and seeing some of his antics😉

– he’s now great about getting in and out of a car and enjoys windows down and nose out, like most labs

-if one of the resident cats moves too fast, a good game of chase starts…the older cat stops  and hisses at him and the game is over…the younger cat hasn’t learned to stop so the game lasts a little longer.  Fern has decided she likes the chase and will join in.Yellow Labrador Retriever-he has now decided that he doesn’t want to go in the crate but will oblige if a piece of chicken gets tossed in first

-he thinks it’s fun to sneak my slippers out of the closet and leave them laying somewhere in the house, he doesn’t chew them which is a plus

-housebreaking is still in the works…I finally found the packed box with the male wraps and had some delivered from Amazon…thankfully one day shippingYellow Labrador Retrieverhe gets so excited and happy that he bounds through the house,  it sounds like a heard of elephants because he’s so big😄

-he’s now relaxing enough to lay and snuggle with😍

Thank you for sending his goodie box, it came today!!!

Yellow Labrador Retriever

His vet appointment is tomorrow afternoon. Can’t wait to see how much he weighs😯

May 12, 2024

Meet Corby, he was sprung from the farm May 10th and his better life has begun!! He is truly a gentle GIANT. He is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Big blockhead and soulful eyes😍Yellow Labrador RetrieverHe takes treats gently and gives gentle,  sweet kisses once he warms up to you. His trip to freedom was eventful, and he just went with the flow, from long car ride, to pit stop at Pet store for a bath (he really stank) and home to meet new dogs and cats.  Introduction with resident dogs was easy, Enzo wanted to romp and Corby was happy to oblige.  Yellow Labrador RetrieverHe did try mounting Fern a few times but she corrected him and he’s been good since. He was nose to nose with one cat without issue,  the other cat gave him the stink eye from 5ft away and he turned and walked away.Yellow Labrador RetrieverSome things we’ve learned about Corby in 2 days:

– will jump in car without an issue,  getting him out takes 2 people,  one pulling and one pushing. If there’s a resident dog leading the way, he’s perfect.

-will counter surf if there’s an opportunity…and because he’s so big he can almost get face to the counter without jumping up🙂

-loves to go for walks but pulls, I have found the gentle leader works great with him. He didn’t like it on the first couple walks but this morning didn’t mind at all.

-loves to romp in the yard with resident dogs and will follow them everywhere

-shy when meeting new people but warms up in no time

-I put him in crate overnight and he goes in without issue.  He does bark a few times but then settles. He gets up twice during the night by barking to  go out.

-one area that needs work is potty training.

-he’s eating most of his meal now,  he doesn’t have the lab “inhale your food” motto yet and hopefully my dogs don’t influence him in that direction.

It was so good to see him romping through the yard yesterday and just looking so happy.  I forgot to take my phone outside and so I didn’t get a video but next time…

Here are some pictures,  I love the one of them all asleep in their beds last night,  a tired lab is a good lab😉

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