Crystal #3 Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 7 Years Old ID #3401

November 27, 2023

Today marks exactly one month since I left the farm!  My FM tells me that I’m the best and most beautiful girl and that I’m doing so well.

yellow labrador retrieverI wake every morning when FM and the two resident dogs wake up.  We go for a walk around the block to do our business before she leaves the house for an hour or so.  She is always laughing while we are getting ready to go for our walk because I get sooooo excited and I dance around in circles because I LOVE to walk.  She put a new harness on me to wear on our walks – she said I walk great but I kept getting my leash caught under my leg and then I would just stand there until she untangled it.  The leash hooks on the back of my harness so this happens less frequently.

After she comes home, I dance some more because I’m so happy she is home.  She then feeds all three of us in the kitchen.  I don’t mind my new food anymore and I gobble it right up!  Since I left the farm, I have lost 10 lbs. and boy do I feel great.  How did I do it?  I eat smarter and I move more – easy peasy!

FM works from home so I sleep most of the day while she stares at a monitor – seems pretty boring to me.

She will take us for another walk before she starts her day and then again in the afternoon and one more time in the evening – it’s great because I love to walk.

I am still afraid of the tall flights of stairs – I turn my nose up at special treats – I can’t be tempted to try them.  FM says that I won’t be able to tackle stairs after Thursday (the day Crystal gets spayed) so she’s not pressing me too hard to try them.yellow labrador retriever

The other thing I really don’t like is the car – FM isn’t sure why and is trying to work with me on this too.  She tries to give me treats and I ignore them.  She has me on a nice comfy bed in the rear of her car while the other two are in the backseat.  It hasn’t helped me but she said she feels safer this way.

I have met a lot of people and other dogs since my time off the farm.  I love people and I love getting pet.  I am interested in meeting other dogs – I get my sniffs and then I move on.

FM keeps telling me how wonderful I am and how happy I’m going to make someone who is looking to adopt a sassy cream colored beauty 🙂

November 14, 2023

Crystal here!  I’ve been in foster for 2.5 weeks and wow!  Life is good!

I went for a long car ride with FM and the two resident dogs.   I don’t like the car!  I didn’t know where I was going so I stood and panted and drooled the entire ride. Boy, was I happy to get out of the car!yellow labrador retriever

I explored a new home which FM said was at the beach.  It was great with lots of comfy beds.

See, I don’t do flights of stairs they scare me.  It’s all good because FM sets things up so all is taken care of on the floor I am on and I have just a couple steps to get into the house.  I can do a couple of steps no problem – it’s the big tall scary steps that I’ve only attempted a couple then I freeze and back down.

I love to walk!  When I see FM go for the leash, I start to dance and prance and get so excited! yellow labrador retriever I’ll even nudge at the door to get going so FM knows to seal it tight so I can’t venture out on my own.  We went to the beach a couple of times.  I took it in stride. Basically, a new place to sniff.  I love smelling all the good smells out in the world – so many smells to smell.

That’s all for now. Time for a snooze.

November 7, 2023Labrador Retriever

Good morning!  Crystal here reporting in from the big city.  Yup this former farm girl moved from Delaware to Philadelphia on Sunday.  I now live with two other former breeder mamas.  They are older and one doesn’t walk and I don’t quite understand that but it’s all good.  We met and all were pretty chill.  I do like my personal space and sometimes the yellow dog tries to get close to foster Mom while I’m chilling next to her so I  let her know to give me space and she did.

I don’t understand what beds are. I choose to lie on rugs or the floor.  Don’t worry because as you can see, I’m pretty comfortable.

Foster Mom walks all three of us about 4 times a day.  The brown dog is pulled in a cart but we all make it work.  I love to walk!  I get so excited when she grabs the leash.  She said walking is good as I need to loose about 30 lbs.  My first foster Mom walked me a lot too – she swears I already lost weight.  I really liked her and foster dad and I thank them for taking such good care of me.

Foster mom said I have some kind of fixing scheduled for 11/30.  I’ll be ready for my forever home after that.  So please keep following my blogs and maybe, I’ll be yours for Christmas 😍

November 2, 2023Yellow Labrador Retriever

Crystal here , I have been a perfect houseguest. I do need to talk to the chef …. The food here is awful ( Purina weight control) and I am not a fan of it and have not been eating much. They also don’t have any snacks here! I assure you they will be getting a BAD Yelp review.

That’s me sniffing the food …..I didn’t care that I dropped my tennis ball in the bowl.Yellow Labrador Retriever

I had my friend Pepper over to play but we were just chilling out in the sunshine and didn’t do much playing.Yellow Labrador Retriever

Now onto the “Big News “ I am pleased to announce that I have given birth to ( at last count ) 37 babies. I am meticulously taking care of each one of them. Look how proud I am of all of them. FM was wondering what the father looked like …..Yellow Labrador Retriever

I continue to do all my business outside and am doing a good job walking on the leash . I do a little zig zag but I only pull when I see my arch nemesis Mr. squirrel 🐿️….. but I am working on all of that . 💕

October 28, 2023

Crystal arrived yesterday fresh off the farm smelling fresh and clean and with a clean bill of health from the vet. Her baby making days are over !Yellow Labrador Retriever

Weighing in at 106 pounds she is a sturdy girl 😬. She is on a very strict diet and she is not happy about it . Crystal said the food tastes like cardboard and would rather I give her something tasty…… and some treats.

Surprise surprise she runs! And loves to play with the tennis ball……. She can carry two at a time.

Foster Dad slept with her last night and I am happy to report they both slept like babies all night until 6:15 AM when FD woke her up . Crystal has done all her business outside and will go into her crate voluntarily and nap. She is a very happy, tail wagging, ear scratching, loving girl who is very happy to see people. We took her on a 1 mile walk this morning and will do another tonight. We will add a third walk when it cools down.

She has a huge crate and multiple beds but chooses to smush herself at the end of the crate. She was snoozing with her  tongue out…… so cute 🥰

FD puts straw out for the dogs to do their business in and Crystal must have thought she was back on the farm as she plopped down and took an hour long nap.Yellow Labrador Retriever