Daisy #29 Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 9 Years Old ID#3429

Yellow Labrador RetrieverMeet Daisy! This 9 year old purebred beauty with big brown eyes and a sweet disposition was transported off her farm, and is now in her Brookline Foster home. Please read her blog from the bottom up to learn more about her.

May 20, 2024

Hello from Daisy!Yellow Labrador RetrieverEach day we are learning more and more about Miss Daisy! She is such a pleasure to have around and is incredibly affectionate and sweet. She will make a very loving addition to any person/family. She loved meeting all the new people at WMGK9 on Saturday and has made a new 6 year-old friend! He runs out of his house every morning to hug Daisy before getting on the bus for school. She adores him and it’s obviously mutual.Yellow Labrador RetrieverDaisy’s been with us for over 2 weeks now and loving life in a home with all the comforts it provides. She is so excited to go upstairs for bed at night and hops into her bed and settles in. Resident lab Boomer often lays in the bed with her and she’s willing to share! Yellow Labrador RetrieverHere’s more of what we’ve learned about this precious girl:

– She lights up around children but does not require a home with children
-She is great with all people
-Daisy chases cats (and bunnies and birds) so no cats in her future home
-Daisy gets super excited to walk especially in the morning. She does not require a fenced yard to be happy
-She walks really well on  a front-clip harness- weaves a little but very little pulling
-Daisy would be very happy in a home without another dog. If she is to live in a home with a dog, she prefers a large companion. They must be very laid back, calm, and non-reactive to her initial grumbling. She needs a very gradual (not nose to nose) introduction.  She loves resident dog Boomer and they play together and sleep together but she is dog-selective.
-Daisy loves frequent interaction and affection but can happily lay in the same room as her humans and would love for them (or at least one of them) to be at home as much as possible
-Daisy still does NOT shed. We are amazed at her beautiful coat and so many people at the event on Saturday commented on it
-No bark from Daisy since she arrived
-She’s had no accidents in the house except for her first night

Daisy will be getting her distemper combo tomorrow night. Her spay date is very early in June. She will be available shortly after her spay!

This girl worms her way into everyone’s heart that meets her. She has the most soulful beautiful, gentle eyes.

May 13, 2024

Daisy received her gift box from Brookline on rainy Friday and there was much rejoicing!!

The treats are a huge hit as well as the squeaky toys. A big thanks to Brookline for getting it just right for Miss Daisy!

Yellow Labrador Retriever

May 10, 2024

Good morning from Daisy!Yellow Labrador RetrieverIt’s been a week since Miss Daisy came off the farm and boy does this girl enjoy living in a house with a family! She is going to make a wonderful addition to whoever adopts her. Here’s what we’ve learned about Daisy this week:

-Daisy DOES NOT SHED- she’s the first yellow lab I think in the history of yellow labs that doesn’t shed. She’s got the most beautiful, healthy coat too!
-Like so many farm girls, Daisy doesn’t bark
-She’s had no accidents in the house except for her first night
– She is wonderful with children of all ages (including special needs)
-She is great with men/women
-Daisy chases cats so she should be placed in a home without cats
-She loves her walks and can be placed in a home with or without a fenced yard
-She is doing very well with a front-clip harness- weaves a little but very little pulling
-She has almost mastered “stay” but Daisy just looks at me like “yeah right not happening” for the sit command
-We found that Daisy is restless at night if she’s not with us so she’s been sleeping in a cushy dog bed in our room
-She would prefer to have her humans near her as much as possible
-Daisy is not a fan of leaf blowers- our neighbor had her property landscaped and those leaf blowers were LOUD and going for @4 hours. Initially Daisy was fine but when they kept going, she  had her tail tucked and was agitated. Many hugs and reassurance later, she calmed and returned to her happy labby self
-Daisy let me cut her front nails last night with no issue! Tonight the back nails…Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador Retriever
Daisy will be attending the 2024 MGK-9 Dog Walk on May 18th!

May 6, 2024

Good morning, all!

Daisy has been such a pleasure to foster! She is so sweet, gentle, and loving. She has really been enjoying her walks and is interested in everything around her. She wasn’t overly thrilled with the rain over the past few days but went out and did her business with encouragement.

As you can see in the pictures, she preferred to lay around on FM as well as the couch until the weather cleared.Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador RetrieverAs with most or all of the farm girls, she doesn’t bark. She indicates at the back door when she needs to go and her house-training is going really well.

She’s met several children on our walks and is sooo gentle with them. She is careful not to knock them over. Since she lived with children of all ages on the farm, including very little ones, she loves them and knows to be gentle.

Daisy has almost mastered “stay” but “sit” is proving a challenge. It’s early days yet though! We noticed that Daisy hasn’t shed since she’s been with us.

I’ve done much less laundry than expected.

She continues to play happily with her toys and to go to each of us for pets and hugs. Hopefully, we will be able to spend much more time outdoors if the weather clears.

Stay tuned for more Daisy soon!

May 5, 2024

Good morning from Daisy!!

Hi to all my Brookline friends!  I am seeing and learning so many new things off the farm. I follow FM everywhere since I don’t want to miss any excitement. I follow her up the steps and down the steps and into the basement and outside. We did laundry together yesterday and I was very helpful sniffing all the clothes. FM is trying to teach me the “sit” and “stay” commands. I do ok with “stay” but “sit” is confusing to me. Boomer does it every time and he gets a “good boy” so maybe I’ll learn to do it so I can get extra treats.. does it work that way?

I found my way into the asparagus raised bed yesterday and walked on everything then ate some. FM laughed at me and told me I was very silly.

I tried out every dog bed yesterday and finally settled on my favorite- it is sooo comfy I fell asleep right away. FM took a picture of me reclining.Yellow Labrador RetrieverI was given a tennis ball but have no idea what to do with it. I flipped over the toy bin and found an amazing toy that squeaks and I was running around the house and flipping it.

I also liked the fox toy to toss around. Treats are also very wonderful. I love the dental treats and all the other ones FM and FD give me. We took a walk last night. FM told me I walked very nicely with the front-clip harness. It’s much more comfortable and I was told I was such a good girl!!Yellow Labrador RetrieverI love love love food but am a slower eater. I tried to steal my foster brother’s lunch and he didn’t stop me but FM said “NO” in a very serios way so I guess I better listen or else I may not get as many treats and I love treats! I slept with my brother Boomer last night downstairs and I’ve had no accidents in the house (FM is sooo happy with me learning so quickly) since yesterday morning.  I do my business outside or on our walks.

Stay tuned for more Daisy adventures!

May 4, 2024

Good morning from former farm girl Daisy #29!   Daisy was treated to a bath by the farmer before a volunteer picked her up yesterday for her freedom ride (thanks sooo much!).  She was surrendered because the farmer decided to stop breeding her. Her last litter was 2 years ago and she’s had 6-7 litters.Yellow Labrador RetrieverThe volunteer got her fully vetted and  Daisy rode beautifully for the long car ride.  She weighs 83 lbs and the vet found an inflamed mammary duct which went untreated for some time. Daisy will be on antibiotics for 2 weeks which is just fine with her since it means CHEEEEESE!!

Upon arrival, Daisy went right into the yard and did all her business. She met resident 9 year old black lab Boomer and they hit it off right away!Yellow Labrador RetrieverDaisy is a very friendly and affectionate with everyone she’s met and her tail never stops wagging! She asked to go into the house (!!) and seemed very comfortable with everything in the home (unlike every other farm girl breeder I’ve had so far).  She immediately investigated the first floor then went to the basement and second floor. She has no issues with hardwood flooring and does steps beautifully! She refused dinner last night and was pacing and panting as she became accustomed to her new surroundings.  Yellow Labrador RetrieverDaisy took the pictures and sounds on TV in her stride and seemed interested in watching both what her foster brothers were watching then came to join me to check out my program! She took her treats very gently before bedtime and finally settled on the hassock when she saw my Eagles (we have a FAN!!) blanket. She slept through the night but got up once and had a pee accident on the rug by the back door.Yellow Labrador RetrieverDaisy woke up happy and wagging this morning! She was so happy to greet her foster brothers, FM, and FD.  She went out with Boomer and did her business then ate her entire breakfast! We went for a long walk in the neighborhood. Daisy did pull hard with the harness so I’ll try a front-clip harness for our walk later. She produced a poop on the walk and enjoyed smelling the spring flowers.

Daisy will be a wonderful, loving addition to any family that adopts her!

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