Dallas #5 Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 9 Years Old ID #3437

Dallas #5 is now available please read her PetFinder post https://www.petfinder.com/dog/dallas-72295965/pa/warrington/brookline-labrador-rescue-pa06/

July 1, 2024

Dallas is definitely enjoying her new life off the farm! Yellow Labrador RetrieverShe watched our resident dogs have some fun in the pool so she thought she’d try it and she loved it!

She just loves being outside laying in the shade, going for a walk or playing a few minutes of fetch!

She went up and down a flight of steps for the first time. She still is reluctant but with some encouragement she goes up or down. We still gate the steps for safety.

Dallas is so easy going and such a joy to foster. She will make a wonderful companion!

June 25, 2024

Dallas is loving the break in the weather. She spent most of the day enjoying the weather on Monday outside in the yard.

She spotted a groundhog in the field next to us and hurried over to the fence to take a closer look! She likes to play ball for a few throws and then lays back down on the grass and watches our labs get the balls!

She loves to follow us around and wants to be where ever we are in the house.

She sleeps through the night on her bed downstairs.Yellow Labrador Retriever

She loves to go for walks. When she hears her leash, she gets so excited to go for a walk!

June 24, 2024

Brookline gave Dallas a big surprise today! She was so excited to see all the goodies in her box. She was so adorable walking around with her bone and stuffed dinosaur!


A special thanks  for the snacks and pig ear! You made Dallas a happy girl! Thank you to the volunteers that make these special boxes for the dogs! It is so sweet to watch the excitement it brings to these well deserving dogs!Yellow Labrador Retriever

June 22,2024

Dallas has settled in nicely to our home. She enjoys laying on her bed instead of the floor.Yellow Labrador Retriever She seems very comfortable and content. She has begun to show interest in playing with toys after watching the resident dogs play.

She even grabbed a soccer ball and pranced around the backyard. Yellow Labrador RetrieverShe is very friendly with everyone she meets; she just wants love! She continues to enjoy going for walks.Yellow Labrador Retriever She does great with the two steps on our patio. We are working on going up or down more than two steps.

June 20, 2024Yellow Labrador Retriever

This sweet girl named Dallas is doing amazing since leaving her farm life behind on Tuesday. She is a nine-year-old female yellow lab.

She spent the day on Tuesday going to vet and getting a well needed bath. She really enjoyed all the pampering! She did great in her car rides. She was so happy to meet her foster family and the two resident dogs. She gets a long great with our resident dogs. She loves all of the attention! She enjoyed exploring the backyard and going for a walk.Yellow Labrador Retriever

Wednesday was filled with lots of walks. She really enjoys her walks which is a good thing because she needs to lose some weight at 92 pounds!Yellow Labrador Retriever

She is definitely is a wonderful companion and loves to be right by your side!Yellow Labrador Retriever

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