Danny Black Labrador Retriever Mix Male 13 Weeks Old ID #2982

black Labrador Retriever Mix
September 4, 2021

Danny’s tour of our local parks continued.  He will walk for whatever distance we choose.  With the cooler temperatures we had longer walks and he’s up to 1.5 miles.  However, on a Thursday, we felt like we were escorting a celebrity.  There were baseball and soccer games going on and we kept getting stopped by people wanting to meet and pet Danny.  He was a hit!  So, we got a great walk in, but with lots of stops along the walking path.

We spent much of yesterday outside.  Danny and our Lab kept playing a game.  Whatever stick you find, I want it.  It was hysterical.  The same kept happening with the tennis ball, stuffed animal, and rope bone.black Labrador Retriever Mix

Danny plays hard and then passes out.  For whatever reason he likes to curl up on our fireplace. Somehow, he finds it comfortable.  Our younger son put his dog bed there and he curled right up.

I’m certain more outdoor adventures lie ahead of us with the beautiful weekend forecast.

September 1, 2021

Danny continues to impress us with how quietly he sleeps through night without any accidents.  We really appreciate that with school starting this week.  He also does terrific in the car. black Labrador Retriever Mix Our trips to the local parks are highlights.

Despite the torrential rain here, Danny is a trooper with the rain.  Getting wet doesn’t bother him.black Labrador Retriever Mix  He takes it all in stride.  On Friday, Danny turns 13 weeks.  This little guy is growing fast.

August 30, 2021

Over the last few days, Danny has seen (from a distance) and heard the vacuum cleaner, weed wacker, lawn mower, and blower.  He was completely unphased by them.  Danny does not eat his food all at once, but prefers to eat it throughout the day and an occasional puppy treat.black Labrador Retriever Mix

When Danny “takes care of business” he has a definite preference for making deposits in ground cover, flower beds, or other heavily vegetated areas.  He has no issue with going #1 in lawn or grass areas.  Housebreaking is going well, with few accidents, and he really responds favorably to all the praise when he goes outside.  There haven’t been any accidents in the crate overnight.

Around 9 PM, Danny falls asleep and then we put him in his crate.

We take him out one more time before we go to bed and he sleeps through the night until we get up around 7.

Danny and our resident Lab are so cute when they engage each other with different toys.

black Labrador Retriever Mix  Danny loves being outside and is getting better on the leash.  He does take naps throughout the day.

Today Danny helped see our younger son off for his first day back to school with some extra Lab love and puppy kisses.black Labrador Retriever Mix

August 28, 2021

Danny is an 11 week old 12.8 pounds black Lab mix puppy.  He was found as a stray in Meridian, Mississippi, without his mother or siblings. black Labrador Retriever Mix Danny is a bundle of energy and gets along with our nearly 3 year old resident Lab.  They play great together.

Danny has taken a liking to the stuffed reindeer, bones, and rope bones.  The toy box was quickly discovered.black Labrador Retriever Mix

Bath time was flawless.  It was so cute when he started drinking from the faucet as it was running.black Labrador Retriever Mix  Danny was so tired afterwards, he passed out cuddled in the bath towel.  He loves falling asleep in our arms.

Danny settled down within minutes of going in his crate for bed and whimpered just a little.  He slept in his crate quietly without any accidents.  We are working on housebreaking and he’s catching on quickly.  We’re having him ring the bell every time he goes out.  He was nervous attempting our two deck steps in the backyard at first, but decided to try them anyway and was successful.  Danny is a smart boy.

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