Dawn Yellow Labrador Retriever Female, 5 Years Old

September 21, 2018

Dawn is now over her heat cycle.  Yay, no more “fancy pants”!  She’s doing fantastic with her house training.  She’s only ever had one accident in the house and that was weeks ago.  It does help that we’re also working on house training the puppy, so we go out often.
During Dawn’s heat cycle, we noticed that she was becoming more dominant with our female resident dog.  She lets the “boys”, Colin and A’zaki, do whatever they wanted, but she ran a tight ship with Pepper, our female.  Pepper is very easy going and deferred to Dawn.  Dawn would also take a firm verbal correction well from myself or her foster dad when she would get dominant with Pepper.  That was good to see.
We are not sure if it was the hormones from the heat cycle, the presence of the puppy or a combination, but that’s when this all started.  Now that the heat cycle has ended (puppy is still here), we have seen Dawn relax and give Pepper a little more slack again.  She wouldn’t let Pepper play with the puppy.  I think she was worried the puppy may get hurt.  She was a breeder momma for years, so this makes sense to me.  She now lets Pepper and A’zaki play together.  Good girl Dawn.  I also stroke her and tell her that it’s ok and I’m watching everyone.  She doesn’t have to be the momma anymore.  She likes this!2 black, chocolate, yellow labrador retriever looking up
We took Dawn to get her microchip recently.  She was not thrilled about going into the pet store for that.  Her foster dad had to carry her.  She was a perfect patient getting the chip though and she did walk out on her own.  Brave girl!
Dawn’s spay is scheduled for 10/17.  Stay tuned for updates.  This beauty is going to make some lucky family very happy!

September 5, 2018

Dawn has been in foster care with us, just over a week.  She’s doing very well with her house training, only one accident and it was my fault for getting caught up in something and not getting her outside.  Today she actually whimpered and I’m not sure if that was her way of telling me she needed to go out, but we went out and she peed.  Good girl Dawn!

Dawn continues to live well with Pepper and Colin.  She got a little snippy with the puppy A’zaki, but was easily corrected.  In all fairness, the puppy can be quite obnoxious running after the dogs and chewing on their faces, ears and tails with his sharp puppy teeth.  Ahhh, puppies!two black and chocolate yellow labrador retriever
Dawn is still not eating as well as we would like.  She needs me to sit with her and coax her into eating.  Slowly, but surely with these farm girls.  She also discovered the tv this past week. There was a news report about a momma bear and her cubs crossing the highway. Dawn saw this and ran over to the tv. She was looking on the side of the tv where the cubs ran off camera trying to find them. She even checked behind the tv. So cute!
She walks very well on leash, if you’re not in a hurry.  She’s more of a let’s take a stroll and stop and sniff the everything kind of girl.  The whole world is so new to her.  Who can blame her?!
Dawn send her love and the gentlest little kisses to allyellow labrador retriever

August 29, 2018

Dawn wanted to share a picture of her modeling her new fancy pants. Isn’t she adorable?!yellow Labrador Retriever laying on dog bed

I learned a fun fact about Dawn yesterday when I had to go out and get her new fancy pants. I gated her in the kitchen when I left. When I came home she was in the family room and the gate was still standing. She’s a gate jumper!

She is doing very well with her house training. She’s doing all of her potty business outside so far. Good girl Dawn! She’s working on crate training. She’s very good when she’s in the crate, but she’s not sure about going in just yet. A jerky treat usually convinces her that it’s not so scary. Typical food motivated lab!

All in all, she’s doing great. She still runs out of the kitchen when foster Dad uses the coffee bean grinder or when I turn on the garbage disposal. She comes right back in with her tail wagging though when the noises are over. She can’t figure out why Pepper and Colin don’t run away with her, but she figures she still has time to teach them!

August 29, 2018

Dawn is doing fantastic and is really settling in here already. Her first night was uneventful (always nice with a new foster!). She slept quietly the whole night. She ate her dinner shortly before bed time last night. She is doing all of her urinating outside. We haven’t had a poop yet, but it hasn’t even been 24 hours yet. Slowly, but surely!yellow Labrador Retriever eatting

She’s very curious and enjoys cautiously checking out new things. She even met my neighbor at the fence when we were outside in the backyard today. She did 3 cautious approaches, but was giving his hand little licks each time. The third time she accepted his petting. Such a brave girl!

Dawn’s big news is that she went into heat today. Yep, little drops of blood on the floor gave her secret away. That means that her spay will be delayed now until she is over her heat cycle and her reproductive system has had a chance to recover. Sigh!

Well, it will give her more time to acclimate to life inside of a home and get used to the good life. Pepper, the formerly Amish dog, can show her the ropes. Dawn really seems to like Colin too. She keeps kissing his face. He doesn’t mind because Pepper does the same thing to him. He has a very kissable face!

Dawn sends her love and little kisses to everyone in Brookline land!

August 28, 2018

yellow Labrador Retriever standing in carWe brought Dawn home for foster care today. She is so sweet, typical farm dog. She really takes comfort from our two resident dogs, Pepper and Colin. She follows them around.

I separated the dogs for dinner, but all Dawn wanted to do was get back to see her new best friends. She ate the jerky I put in with her dinner, but left the kibble. She’s no fool! She’s drinking and exploring her foster home. All is well here!

She will need to be spayed and acclimated to life inside a home and then she will be ready for her furever family. She’s such a lovely dog. She will make some family very happy, of that I’m sure!yellow Labrador Retriever laying front legs crossed

August 20, 2018

Yellow 5 yr old purebred breeder girl evaluated and pulled today. Sweet easy going dog, good on leash, in car, with older kids and dogs.

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