Dexter #5 Black Labrador Mix Male 4-5 Years Old ID#3018

black Labrador Retriever


Dexter was a stray in MS and had been temporarily staying with a foster in MS.  She reported that Dexter is a super sweet boy who wants nothing more than to be loved and cared for. Dexter was skin and bones when he was found, and has been putting on weight slowly but surely.  While in temporary foster,  he was excellent with kids and other dogs, but he wasn’t exposed to cats.  Dexter has now moved North and is home with his new Brookline foster.

But check out what he wrote to his loving foster mom in MS before he got on transport:

Dear foster mom Kimbo,  I want to say that I will always WUV you for looking through those shelter pics and saying you wanted ME. i was beat up and skinny with hair missing everywhere on my body. When I was puppy my owner said they would WUV me my whole life but it turned out they WUVED me until they had to move and I couldn’t go to their new house 🏡. They drove away and left me outside the only home I had ever known. Life was hard and I ended up in a shelter where at least I got fed. Then one day Ms Julie Clark came and took my picture, I was so embarrassed cuz I looked and smelled so bad but she said don’t worry I know just the foster for you her name is Kimbo and she even has Pancake Sunday. I didn’t know what pancakes 🥞 were but I sure do now. The day you picked me up 🆙 I was worried cuz hoomans hadn’t been real trustworthy up to now….. I learned about WUV and hugs. LOTS OF XOXO 💋. I got to eat THREE times a day and even got a bully stick once a week. Then one day Kimbo said that this amazing rescue called Brookline Labrador Retriever Rescue (BLRR) Group said they wanted ME. i couldn’t believe it, now everyone wanted ME. so as hard as this is to say Mama Kimbo I think it’s time for me to make my way to Pennsylvania and meet my new awesome foster mom who I just know will be FAN FREAKN TASTIC cuz Mama Kimbo would never send me anywhere but the BEST!!!!! Take care Mama Kimbo and please make sure you go back to the shelter and find a new baby to help just like me. Xoxo. Dexter

Please read his blog from the bottom up to learn more about this sweet boy.

July 7, 2022

Dexter has been with us just about two weeks and it’s time for him to FLY!! He has shown us more than anything that he wants to find his PEOPLE. Since he will need to go through the injection and follow up phase of heartworm treatment protocol, we want to remind you that he’s going to need a few months of being kept calm as you support him through this treatment. But these are also months where you will learn about each other, bond, cuddle, and learn to trust each other in ways that don’t even require language, just “time in.”

Dexter is ready… are you?

July 2, 2022

To celebrate a whole week with us, we took Dexter to the creek last night. It was pretty clear he’d not had any experience with swimming, so we took it slow. He’s really up for any adventure, but he’s also a cautious guy, which we can appreciate, especially with all he has been through! Check out the sweet video!


More generally, we are happy to announce that Dexter is SUPER smart, especially food motivated and very easy to train. He can already do “sit” and “wait” and is working on “leave it” and “lay down.”

He is a PRO on ALL stairs, and with a fantastic nail trim he is fine on the tile and Pergo floors now. He still slides around a little, but it no longer bothers him and he is confident throughout the whole house.

He is eating and pooping like a champ and while he is still quite lean, he no longer looks skeletal and it’s very clear that he is a happy dog with a good constitution. His heartworm treatment should be quite easy if protocol is followed properly, and he is going to be a beautiful addition at any family willing to see him through.

Here’s a few more photos of this beauty, including his “I’m done” pose at the end of the day. He didn’t even make it to the bed before he was drooling and snoring!black Labrador Retriever Mix

June 30, 2022

Hey everyone!

Dexter is doing GREAT here with us! Today is day five and he has mastered the stairs (he does best when they are concrete or carpeted), he is learning “sit”, and has enjoyed the dog park AND meeting our friend’s toddler! He is AMAZING with little kids… he seemed GIANT standing next to her, but he treated my friend’s 16-month-old with such tenderness.

In other awesome news, we took Dexter to the groomer yesterday where he had his nails trimmed and his ears cleaned. The groomer said he didn’t like the table, but she groomed him on a mat on the floor and he did great, even with the Dremel/buffer. The groomer looked at him and thought he was “a little” underweight but also observed that he looks like he might have a bit of greyhound in him, which would account for his lean hips and mid-section, extra-long legs and very large feet. His ribs no longer show and with another five pounds or so we think we won’t see his spine anymore either. But the groomer said he looks very healthy to her, with a shiny coat, nice teeth, and healthy skin. We were very happy to hear her assessment and Dexter enjoyed a pupper cannoli on the way out.

I’m attaching a photo of us! He loves taking usies!black Labrador Retriever Mix

June 27, 2022

We didn’t make it to the creek yet, but decided to have a dog park adventure instead! We weren’t sure how he would do, but as you will see in the attached video, he just fits right in wherever he goes. He is a laid-back, easy-going pup who is always up for a little fun!

More to come!

June 25, 2022

Well… Dexter has completely stolen our hearts. With a full 24 hours under our belts, he has officially made himself at home. He has adjusted to life in a house (it’s VERY easy to believe he has never set foot inside, but HOW does he know not to go to the bathroom inside? It’s a mystery, but no accidents so far) and to our resident beagle with no issues at all.

Here’s the thing… this guy is a PEOPLE DOG. Somehow and against all odds, he still looks for the approval and acceptance of his people. His soulful amber eyes are constantly searching out mine and it’s like we are having a conversation. I was talking to his previous foster this morning on text and we agreed that he has the heart of a sweet puppy (he’s so funny and floppy!) but the soul of a wise old man. He doesn’t know any tricks or commands and walking him in a leash is sort of circus act, but he wants nothing more than to fit in and to get things right. After another day of settling in, I’m going to start teaching him sit and stay. That should be fun! He’s very food motivated so I think I’ll get the basics down with him!

I’m also going to take him swimming in the creek tomorrow so hopefully I will get some water play pictures to share.

More to come from this sweet mixie man.

June 25, 2022

We picked Dexter up today from his transport and he bounded out of the van as if to say, “I’m here!!! I’m here!! It’s time for some more love!” He went to the bathroom, guzzled about a quart of water, ate a few treats and was immediately ready to snuggle… he’s SUCH an amazing dog, especially in light of how people have let him Labrador Retriever

So far, we have learned that Dexter can NOT do more than 2-3 stairs at a time, especially those going down! He struggles a little on tile floor, but is game to try most anything with proper encouragement. He is quiet, curious, and adorably dopey. We think he’s going to be quite elegant when he puts weight back on, but for now he is all big head and big feet and skinny body. He let us walk him, brush him, give him his dinner, and then he took a long nap in his crate. He is perfectly housebroken, seems to pay other animals no mind, but can be eager to play and will let you know with a deep bark and a wide tail wag and a bow. We are hopelessly in Labrador Retriever

June 24, 2022black labrador retriever mix

Sweet Dexter just got off of transport from MS, picked up by his foster,  and they are en route back to his foster home so he can check out his new dogs. Stay tuned for updates on this boy.

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