Diggs Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Male 5 Years Old

September 24, 2019

Lab mix Diggs getting ready to attend Fall FestivalLab mix Diggs being a "close talker"two yellow Labrador RetrieversDiggs attended the Fall Festival at Braxton’s Pet Store on Sunday and was an absolute gentleman. He was friendly with all the many people and dogs at the event. When I took him off to the side for breaks from the crowd and the heat and to get a drink of water, he did pull like a sled dog in the direction back to the car. I guess he thought his stint was done and wanted to go home and relax.  But with a little coaxing, he returned to the event for more socializing.   

It was pretty exciting that some families came to the event just to meet Diggs and Mindy and we really enjoyed talking to them. 

One of the many awesome and funny characteristics about Diggs that I shared with the families is that Diggs can be somewhat of a “close talker” (for our Seinfeld fans).  In other words, he isn’t always considerate of someone else’s personal space (dog or human).  So as cute as this often is (see photos), we are working on him understanding that he needs to wait his turn for treats, to wait and not be the first one out the door, and in general to be a little less “pushy.”Lab mix Diggs being up close with resident Lab Radar

But truly, when that 100+ pounds comes barreling at you, it’s 100% of pure happiness and love. 

Diggs goes for his follow up vet appointment this Thursday.  Stay tuned for another update and an idea of when he will be available for adoption.  




September 13, 2019

Labrador Mix Diss chilling on the twin bedDiggs had his initial vet appointment last week.  He was such a good boy in the crowded waiting room and also during his examination.  The doctor could see that Diggs’s skin had reacted to something. She said that it could have been from any number of things (and not necessarily a chronic allergy condition). The good news is that he is neither itchy or scratching.  So, she just sent us home with an antibiotic and some medicated shampoo and we are already seeing improvement and hair re-growth in those areas!Labrador Mix Diggs after his medicated bath

The doctor said she’d also like to see Diggs lose some weight – but just 5 pounds to start because he is a big tall boy.   At that appointment, he still weighed in at his initial 114lbs.  But  I had to run back into the vet with him a few days later to get him scanned for a microchip (which he has) and he weighed in at 112. Yay Diggs … is that a waistline I am starting to see?

Labrador Mix Diggs playing with his KongDiggs has been such a joy to have in our home. He is friendly, funny, playful and affectionate. He loves walks, car rides and playing fetch (with an element of “keep away”).  One of his cutest antics is coming over and dropping toys on our lap to get us to play. Diggs is also very good at just hanging out and keeping himself busy with either his kongs or nylabones. Close up of Lab Mix, Diggs, with his Kong bone

Cute pic of Diggs chilling on the kitchen floorDiggs is learning to wait his turn when treats are being handed out and has also learned that he will not be handed anything from the kitchen table or counter.

Diggs was not a fan of being crated, but does really well with being gated in a spare first-floor bedroom when no one is home, where he makes himself quite comfortable on the twin bed (smart boy).  Overnight he sleeps soundly until morning on a dog bed in our bedroom.  Labrador Mix, Diggs, claiming the twin bed

Diggs’s follow up at the vet is scheduled for 9/26. If all continues to go well with this adorable boy, he should be available for adoption soon after.  



September 3, 2019

Introducing Diggs  – a super friendly and easy going 5-year-old lab mix who joined our family this weekend after being surrendered by his owners to a shelter in PA.  His is a big boy at about 114 pounds of pure love.yellow Labrador Retriever mix laying in car

The introduction with our resident labs (Koda and Radar) went very smoothly and after a lot of initial panting and pacing he is settling in very nicely.

On our walks Diggs was initially pulling pretty hard on the leash so I switched him to a front clip harness which made a world of difference! And when we’ve been passing other dogs on our walks, Diggs just happily trots by.

Diggs knows come, sit and shake and is totally house trained!  And he takes any direction or correction really well.

Based on Diggs’ weight and the way he likes to hang around the kitchen, he probably used to get a lot of extra food. He has not done any counter surfing, but tends to stand at the counter or table expecting a little something.  Sorry Diggs – we’ll be working on changing that plus making sure he’s getting regular exercise.

Diggs has a VERY sweet and playful personality.  He definitely likes to always be near us – poor guy is probably afraid of being left behind again.The reason his owner gave for surrendering Diggs to the shelter was that Diggs starting having some type of allergic skin reaction.  We will be getting Diggs to a vet soon for a full check up.

Stayed tuned as this lovable boy settles in and we get to know him better, but we can already tell what a great dog he will be for some lucky family.

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