Dory Black Labrador Retriever Mix Female 1 Year Old ID#3234

Black Labrador Retriever MixMeet Dory! Dory was found as a stray on the streets of Philly and was brought to ACCT Philly.  She was pulled from the kill shelter and is now safe in a Brookline foster home.  Please read her blog from the bottom up to learn more about this sweet girl.

Dory is now available:

May 10, 2024

I’m back to report in on how things are going here in my foster home.Black Labrador MixWell, the first big news is that it was my first birthday on April 30.  We had a great time celebrating and FM and FD got me some new stuffies and some yummy treats!Black Labrador MixAfter my birthday, foster Mom had the nerve to take a trip with her friends and left me for 4 days with the two guys that live here.  I’m happy to report that I survived and now me and foster Dad are good friends.  I slept with him and Sammy and he remembered to feed us when he was supposed to.Black Labrador MixHe even gave me and Sammy tastes of his breakfast, lunch and dinner! He also took me on my walks which you all know I love.  The best part was that he gives scratches and snuggles just as good as foster Mom!

Now I like to get scratches from him whenever I can.

Me and Sammy are good friends now and when FM and FD leave the house, we just hang out together either on our favorite couch or FM’s bed.Black Labrador MixIn the yard, we like to explore, and play chase and wrestle.

I also help foster Mom with her gardening!Black Labrador MixNow that the weather is getting warmer, I’ve been seeing a lot of strangers on our walks.  Foster Mom says I’m doing really good.  She was super proud of me when I walked by a bunch of workers, and didn’t ask them what they were doing.  I’m really good about minding my own business on walks since there are so many new things to sniff.

I’m still waiting for my forever family to discover me and apply to adopt me but in the mean time, I’m getting all the snuggles here I can.Black Labrador Mix

April 26, 2024

Hi Everyone,

Foster Mom here to do a blog update while Dory is out enjoying this beautiful day.Black Labrador Retriever MixThis past week, my husband was traveling so it was just me and my son here.  She’s been doing wonderfully with his comings and goings inside the house, and her barking has subsided.  She still is cautious of him, and usually comes over to me or Sammy when my son is around but it is a big improvement.

Yesterday, she was even brave enough to run up and retrieve her ball that he was standing next to without letting out a peep.  She did it with a couple of her favorite toys that he went and stood next to almost like saying, I’m still not sure about you so I’m going to go save my toy from your clutches…  My husband came back this morning and Dory was happy to see him and went over to greet him and get some pets.  He has given her space, time and treats and has always spoken and approached her kindly and it’s paying off.

Dory and I have been going on lots of walks.  For such a petite little girl, she can pull when she is super interested in her sniffari but will settle into the walk eventually.  Her nose doesn’t leave the ground the whole time we are on our 2 mile walk even when we pass by lawn mowers, garbage trucks, or cars.  We’ve passed by lots of walkers (both male and female) and if they don’t have a dog, her nose stays to the ground.  She is interested when a walker has a dog but doesn’t do any barking even if that walker is a man and the other dog barks at her.  One friendly poodle even pulled her female walker over to us, and the meeting went great.  Dory absolutely loves going on walks and I think she’d probably make a great running partner as she likes a very brisk walk.Black Labrador Retriever MixDory absolutely enjoys being outside and lazing in the sun too.

Black Labrador Retriever MixShe especially loves lazing if she has her special person and her prickly ball as well.Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever Mix Belly scratches are great too!

Dory is very affectionate.  Snuggling on the couch and in bed with a female companion is a must for Dory.  She loves all females but it takes her time to warm up to males so she needs a patient female adopter to help her learn that guys are okay too.  She has been very “male-trainable” here with the right approach and home life situation.Black Labrador Retriever MixDory enjoys having a furry friend to explore, play, and hang out with but doesn’t need one if her human female companion is home a lot. Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever Mix

She is a wonderful home office mate since she readily entertains herself with toys and chews. She is the cutest when she is waking up from a nap while I’m working.

Dory would do great with or without a fence as she has great recall and just likes to be where her peeps are.  She’d do best with a family that likes to get outside and explore as she loves going on “sniffaris”  everyday as many times as possible!Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever Mix

Dory and I are both waiting for her perfect adopter to come along.  In the mean time, she is enjoying life and learning to trust.  She will be the best walking companion, ball playing, snuggle buddy for the right adopter.

April 22, 2024

I’m back!  I know, I know, it’s been a while since I last checked in.Black Labrador Retriever MixLast week, I tried out a new place with lots of new smells and people.  The house had a Mom, a Dad, a teen boy, and another black Labrador mix who liked to play.  Foster Mom thought it would be the perfect fit for me.  Turns out, even though foster Dad doesn’t make me nervous, I feel like I still need to tell strange men that I don’t like it when they get too close.  I didn’t mind playing ball with the teen guy, heck I even gave him a lick when I first met him, but I didn’t really feel comfortable when he brought his friends home.  I guess they all like to hang out at that house, and no one liked it when I told those boys that they needed to go home!Black Labrador Retriever MixFoster Mom says she going to start taking me out to new places where I see more those strange men/teen boy things.  I’m not sure if I’m going to like that but I really trust foster Mom and know she won’t let me get too scared.  I don’t mind having girls around.  I love to giving out kisses to the ones I meet, and love to cuddle with them too.  Foster Mom says that until I learn that those men things are okay like foster Dad, my new Dad will have to be really patient and take his time with me.  I told FM that I wouldn’t mind if everyone in the house was only a girl but she said sometimes that’s hard to find.Black Labrador Retriever MixI also wanted to let you know that I really like having another furry kid in the house with me. Sometimes, I can be bossy when it comes to my squeaky ball, especially if my furry friend is trying to steal it away from me.  I’d like a friend thats like me and doesn’t take my toys when I’m playing with them.  I never steal anyone’s toy or bone when my friends have it so I don’t want anyone to steal it from me if I’m not done playing with it.  Sammy, my friend here, can sometimes be pushy and try to take my things.  I let him know that I’m not ready to share, and he usually listens so that works and we get along really well.

I like tagging along with him out in the yard, and we play chase and do some wrestling.  I love going for walks with him too!

I just got back to my foster home yesterday but it’s like I never left!  I played a bunch with Sammy in the yard yesterday afternoon and today.  I didn’t forget that foster Dad was really nice and wagged my tail and got pets when I saw him.  He gave me some treats and I sat with him on the couch after we finished the yard work yesterday.  Black Labrador Retriever Mix

Last night, I got my snuggle time in with foster Mom. Black Labrador Retriever MixToday, I was back to the old routine,  I got all the toys out of the toys box after breakfast, and chewed on my bones and played some fetch.  Black Labrador Retriever MixFoster Mom even gave me another furry ball so I’ve been having fun playing with that today.Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever Mix

Well that’s all for now!  I’ll check in soon.  Hopefully another family will come along soon and keep me forever!

February 23, 2024

Hello again! Foster Mom said that if there is someone out there that wants to adopt me, I might be smelling some new things soon.  I’m not sure what all this adoption business is about but FM says it’s going to be something really special for me!!Black Labrador Retriever MixFoster Mom says she is really proud of me because I’m such a good girl.  I like to hang out with FM all day, even when she does laundry.  The folding part is real boring so I usually just help her organize then take a nap.Black Labrador Retriever MixShe really loves all my hugs and kisses and she is great to cuddle with after our busy days are done.  Sammy sometimes joins us, especially if its really cold out.Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever MixFoster Dad was gone all last week, so when he got back I forgot who he was, and didn’t think he should be coming in the house, and let him know.  Foster Mom told me he was okay, and she was right!  He plays fetch with me, gives me treats and sometimes even sneaks me some of his lunch.  The last two days, he’s been working from home so I’m used to him again.Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever MixWe pretty much do the same things, around the same time everyday and I really like that.  It’s great that she trusts me in the house when she has to go out, and I have my foster fur brothers Max and Sammy to keep me company.  She not gone super long but I’m always ready to smother her with kisses and give her a great big hug when she gets back.  She always takes me right out side to play ball and walk the trail in the yard when she gets back, and that makes me forget all about her leaving.  I so used to her leaving in the morning now that today, I didn’t even go to the back door with her.  Sammy and I like to watch out the window when she leaves.Black Labrador Retriever MixFoster Mom has lots of different toys around here to keep me busy.  My favorite toys are balls, especially prickly ones!  Tennis balls are great too especially when someone plays fetch with me.  I love playing that game and it doesn’t matter if it’s inside or outside.  The best balls are those furry ones.  They always have a surprise inside.  Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever MixThe stuffy toys are pretty fun too.  The best part is pulling out the stuffing to find those squeaky things!  Foster Mom likes that I don’t eat all the stuffing like Sammy used to do!  Good thing FM has lots of these stuffys!Black Labrador Retriever MixMe and Sammy like when FM says it time to go on our hike in the woods.  We both like looking in those holes that smell like something is in there.  I usually make the holes bigger and see if I can fit in too!  I don’t mind getting a little dirty.Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever MixFoster Mom says I clean up nicely!Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever MixFoster Mom also says I’m very inquisitive.  I’m not sure what that means but I like to see new things and wonder what they are and what they do!  There’s this weird silver thing in the room where there’s always lots of food.  It makes a crazy noise then spits out my favorite!!  ICE!

Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I know I will.

February 16, 2024

It’s me again, Dory!  Hope you all have been having as much fun as me since my last check in.After it snowed, we all took a trek on the trail through the woods and I smelled one of those mice that Sammy is always telling me about.  The mouse was pretty tricky and went in a hole under the tree.  FM said I could try and find him under there but even when I dug real deep, I still couldn’t find him!  FM said I looked cute with all the dirt on my nose.

Black Labrador Retriever MixAlso, I am super excited to tell you all about something new that I am just obsessed with!Foster Mom gave me this furry green squeaky ball and let me tell you, that thing was awesome.  It was love at first sight for me.  I played with it for a long time while Foster Mom was doing some work.  It was so fun squeaking that thing.

Those other furry things that I’ve played with always have some fun insides that I like to pull out, so I thought I should find out what was under all that fur.  Well to my surprise, it was this prickly ball thing. This thing was amazing!  I took it wherever foster mom went and when I dropped it near her she’d give it a toss, and I’d bring it back for more.  Foster Mom couldn’t believe how much I loved prickly ball.  She said that she didn’t know if I was something called “velcro” or if I was just following her around so she could toss that prickly ball for me over and over.  It might be both!  We’ve played with tennis balls together but this prickly one was special!  It had just the right squeeze to it.  I didn’t let it out of my sight and I wanted to play fetch with it all day, inside and outside.

The next morning, I loved it a little too much when FM was drinking her coffee. I think I was just so excited to see it again after my sleep. I was really sad when FM said it had to go in the trash.  FM showed me another prickly ball she had in the toy bucket but it just wasn’t the same.  It wasn’t as soft and didn’t bounce at all so I wasn’t interested!  Why did I chew that special one apart????  I had to make due with just regular old tennis balls all day.  It wasn’t the same and I didn’t play as much with the regular ball even if it was a squeaky tennis ball.  FM just didn’t understand the other one was just perfect.  Even though I didn’t have prickly ball, FM kept me busy and later I was ready for my favorite time of the day, snuggle time with FM.
Yesterday, FM said she had a surprise for me.  She said we were going on a field trip to PetSmart to look for a replacement ball.  FM said I was a great passenger on the ride there. The store was a little scary at first but I saw some kittens and some other little furry things and they didn’t look afraid so I figured, I should be okay too.

FM took me to the ball aisle but I didn’t see anything I liked, and we just decided to get my dog food and FM said she’d check online for my special ball.

Just before we got in line, we hit the jackpot of all jackpots!  There was a whole bin filled with prickly balls of all shapes and sizes near the checkout.  I picked this new pink one!  I think I love it even more than the other one.  I make sure I always have it with me even when I’m playing with something else. It’s great for fetch with FM.  She’s really nice because whenever I drop it next to her, she gives it another toss.

We play fetch all day while FM goes about doing stuff in the house until she has to do some office work and then I just take a nap with my ball until its time to play again.
FM said I must have been playing ball in my sleep too because I was dreaming I was running!  LOL

Well, that’s all for now.  Its time to get my fetch on!

February 13, 2024

Hi Everyone!  This is Dory reporting in.  Foster Mom said she thought it was time to introduce myself.Black Labrador Retriever MixSo far I’ve been having a good time at my new foster home.  Foster Mom and Dad are home most of the day and I really like that.  My favorite thing to do is hang out with my people.  I really like to sit on their laps and give them lots of kisses when they are not busy.  I love to snuggle on the couch and in the bed all night!  I feel so warm, cozy and safe after my time running the streets in Philly with my brother.  That shelter wasn’t any fun either, it was so noisy there.Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever MixThere’s a lot to do here.  I have 2 new foster brothers.  Sammy loves to play and Max loves to sleep!  Sammy is bigger than me and likes to wrestle and play chase.  I like doing that too but Foster Mom says I’m really good at letting Sammy know that I don’t like getting tackled.  I’m no football player!  They have a big yard so I can show everyone how fast I am! Black Labrador Retriever Mix

Today, it snowed and we had a great time together eating snow and playing chase and exploring.  I even rolled some snowballs with my nose.

Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever Mix

We were both ready for a nap when we came in.Black Labrador Retriever MixSometimes, Foster Mom works in the office, and I like to keep her company in there.  She has a bunch of toys for me to play with while she works.  I really like this furry squeaky ball that FM pulled out of the toy box today. Yesterday, I found a soft duck and I had a great time pulling all its stuffing out!  Foster Mom couldn’t believe how quickly I got it all out but said she was happy I didn’t like to eat stuffing. Today, I liked Mr. Squirrel and left his stuffing alone.

Foster Mom likes how I can play all alone and I don’t need someone to entertain me.  As long as I can play near FM, I’m happy.Black Labrador Retriever Mix

When I’m done playing, I take a good nap on the cozy dog bed or right next to it, LOL.  You know that saying: Play hard, Sleep harder!Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever MixWell that’s all for now!  Check back soon for more about ME!

February 12, 2024

Dory had a great rest of the day yesterday and was excited to meet her foster Grandma and her terrier mix, Jessie when they came over to watch the Super Bowl with us.  Dory was super friendly with Grandma and Jessie, and enjoyed getting some lovings.Black Labrador Retriever MixDory is still learning her table manners but did pretty well following the other dogs lead and not begging at the table while we ate dinner.  After lots of playtime outside during the day, Dory settled very nicely while we watched the game.  She is definitely a love bug and will take every opportunity to get pets, snuggles and kisses. As soon as I sat down, she climbed right in my lap for snuggles. Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever MixWe later moved to the couch and she slept cuddled up next to me while we watched the game.Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever MixShe also slept very soundly all night curled up next to me in bed.  She is the best snuggly bed partner and didn’t move the whole night.  When the alarm went off, she did a big stretch on her back and gave me kisses while she enjoyed a belly rub. She happy and content with all the cuddles.  She’s the perfect petite size and doesn’t take up hardly any space when she curls up.Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever MixShe is eating great and is very food motivated, and continues to do all her bathroom business outside and is very reliable in the house.  She wasn’t afraid of the vacuum, and seems to take new sights and sounds in stride.  The plumber visited today, and she did great.  She didn’t bark when he came in, and was comfortable with him in the house.Black Labrador Retriever MixToday, I took Dory and Max on a walk.  She did pull when we started out but by the end of the walk, she was understanding that if she walked right next to me a treat would come out of my pocket.  She smart and likes treats so she should be the perfect walker in no time.

Dory is great with other dogs, and takes dog cues very well.  She is playful, and confident with other dogs but will readily flip on her back and lick another dog’s face to show that she is friendly.

She follows along with Sammy in the yard and they’ll go off exploring together, but she always knows where I am and comes back on her own to check in.  Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever Mix

So far it seems like Dory’s favorite toys are balls and rope toys.

She loves to play fetch, and exploring in the woods but her most favorite thing is just being with her people and getting lots of love.  Dory is super affectionate, and a total sweetheart.  She’s going to make someone a perfect daily companion.Black Labrador Retriever Mix

February 11, 2024

Today, I picked Dory up from a temporary foster who pulled her from the kill shelter in Philly.  She is an adorable, petite 9.5 month old lab mix weighing in around 40lbs. Black Labrador Retriever MixShe was the perfect passenger on the ride home home and gladly accepted my pets and gave me some kisses.Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever Mix

Dory had no problem meeting resident dogs, Max and Sammy or my 23 year old son, and was friendly with everyone.

She liked playing fetch with the tennis ball and she is super fast!

Dory and Sammy have become friends already, and had fun exploring the yard and woods.Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever Mix

Dory is very friendly with the whole family. She was reported to be nervous with men but she came right over to my husband and son without issue.  She seems comfortable in the house already and she does explore when she hears something going on in another room and then comes back to me to check in and get pets.  Black Labrador Retriever MixHer other foster reported that she was potty trained and so far has done really well in the house and peed outside on demand.  She sat readily with the “sit”  command and takes treats very gently.

Black Labrador Retriever MixShe enjoyed discovering the squeaky toys, and chew bones and was keeping herself entertained chewing on a marrow bone.

When she was done chewing, she hopped in the dog bed next to me and is currently taking a nap.  So far so good!Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever Mix

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