Dublin Yellow Labrador Retriever Male 9 Years Old ID #2501

March 2, 2024

Hey!  Dublin here!

Just wanted to catch you up on what I’ve been up to.Yellow Labrador Retriever

I went to see the doctor about a few things.  I had a nasty hot spot on my neck.  Doc gave me meds to clear that up.  Remember that goofy black cone thing?!  Well, that thing is gone and so is the hot spot!

I was a good boy at the vet’s office.  I loved meeting all the people and didn’t even complain when they stuck me with needles to draw blood.  FM was so proud of me.

Yellow Labrador Retriever
Such a brave boy!

I got my vaccinations and Doc checked my blood to make sure I’m healthy.  Everything looked good!  Doc said one thing is elevated, but that it’s “age related” and nothing to worry about.

Yellow Labrador Retriever
Do I look like I’m worried?!

I do have to go back again for a few things.  I need a dental cleaning and I have a lump on my eyelid that needs to be removed.  No biggie.  Like I said, I loved meeting everyone at the Doc’s office so I don’t mind going back again!

Me and FM went out to the car while other FM paid.  Since I got there first, I got dibs on riding shotgun!

Yellow Labrador Retriever
Don’t worry. I’m good at navigating!

FM shot down that idea. (See what I did there?  Shot down riding shotgun!) She made me get in the back.

Yellow Labrador Retriever

Since she kicked me out of the front seat, I decided to steal her chair when we got home!

Yellow Labrador Retriever
You can have the couch, FM!

FM kicked me out of her chair, too.  Can you believe that?!  But no worries.

Other than battling with FM for the best seat, things are going swell in my foster home. I like to spend my days snoozing on the couch and looking out the window.  Sometimes I run around the yard, but as soon as FM goes inside, I want to go inside, too.Yellow Labrador Retriever

I guess you could say I’m a people-dog.  I love being with my peeps.  When both my FMs go out, I howl and complain.  Doesn’t matter if I’m in my crate or not.  I just miss my peeps.  I can be left alone – I’m not a BABY.  And I’m good… well, most of the time.  But can you blame a dog for chewing open a new bag of dog food that was left on the floor in the office?!  I don’t think so.  That’s been my only digression from being an upstanding canine citizen!  Anyway, I can handle being alone, but I’d really prefer that my forever home has someone home with me most of the time.

I get very excited when my peeps come home.  FM says I turn into a kangaroo bouncing in front of her.  I bounce and follow her around, very closely, for about 5 minutes.  Then I head back to the couch to snooze.

I don’t want you to think I have no manners, though.  Check out this polite pup.

That’s about it for now.  Hope my little bro, Cowyn, is having fun!Yellow Labrador Retriever

Smell ya later,


February 16, 2024

Hey!  Dublin here! I learned something new.  I love the mailman!

The mailman gave FM this box.  I got a whiff of it and I was very interested!

Something smells GOOD!

Then FM said the box was for me!  Yeah! She opened the box and let me dig in.

Yellow Labrador Retriever
What smells so good…??

The box was filled with a blanket, toys, treats and, best of all, a bully stick!

Check out all my loot!Yellow Labrador Retriever

Thanks, Brookline, for the awesome care package!  And thanks to all the Brookline supporters who donate so much cool stuff for us foster dogs!



February 13, 2024

Hi!  Dublin here! I’m settling in well at my foster home.  I spend lots of time lounging on the couch.  That’s one of my favorite things to do so it’s cool!  I’ve been showing off the commands I know, like “sit,” “paw,” and “wait.”  I like to push out the front door when someone goes out, but if FM remembers to tell me to “wait,” I’m pretty good about doing that.

I made a few new friends today when another Brookline volunteer and her husband came over.  I was very excited to meet them and bounced around them.  When I get excited, I jump around – but not on – people.  So, I’m an excitable, but well-mannered boy.

My FMs are cleaning out the house next door so today I went with them to help.  It was a lot of work, but I was happy to help.


Yellow Labrador Retriever

My neck is really itchy.  FM says I have hot spots.  I was scratching so much that my neck started to bleed.  So, FM put this cone thing on me.

Yellow Labrador Retriever
Hello?? Is anyone out there??

This thing makes it hard to see what’s going on around me.  Personally, I would prefer to wear it this way.Yellow Labrador Retriever

But FM says that won’t work.  Too bad.  I thought it was a nice compromise.

Night night!


February 11, 2024

Hi there!Yellow Labrador Retriever

My name is Dublin.  Me and my kid brother, Cowyn, had our Rescue Ride today and became Brookline foster dogs.  Our mom was really sad to let us go.  She is going through a tough time and couldn’t afford take care of us anymore.  We are gonna miss her, but we know she loves us because she made sure we went somewhere that we would receive great care and lots of attention.

So, this cool lady named Deb picked us up today.  Deb is Cowyn’s foster mom.  We took a long drive to her house.  Deb said I “cried” the whole way.  Um, no – I wasn’t crying.  I was complaining because my kid brother kept touching me – or looking at me!  You know how kid brothers can be, right?!  Anyway, once I got in the car with my foster moms, I didn’t “cry.”  Just wanted to clear that up before people got the idea that I’m a baby or something.  I’m not!  I’m 9 years old!  If anyone is a baby, it’s my kid brother, Cowyn.  But he’s pretty cool.  Except when he keeps touching me!

When we got to my foster home, I got to check out the yard.  So many smells.  I was having a great sniffari!  Then I got to meet my foster brothers, Floyd, and Rubble.  Floyd’s an old guy – older than me.  Rubble is a few years younger than me.  I sure hope I don’t develop middle child syndrome.  Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!  (Only you old-timers will get that!)  Floyd and Rubble are cool.  Rubble and I played some chase games.  That was cool.

Then we came inside and I walked around to check out every room.  A few rooms have some comfy looking beds in them.  I haven’t decided yet which one I’ll sleep in.  But I did check out the couch and I must say, I approve.

FM said she’s not sure Rubble is happy about this arrangement.  (That’s Rubble on the floor!)Yellow Labrador Retriever

Sorry, bro!  But I’ve had a big day and I need to catch up on my Z’s.

FM says I have to go see a doctor.  My mom said I’ve lost about 20 pounds in the past year.  I have an easy answer to that.  Feed me more!  But FM says we have to see the doctor to make sure there’s nothing bad going on.  I sure hope the doc writes a prescription for MORE FOOD!Yellow Labrador Retriever

Time to hit the couch for another nap.  Hey Deb – tell my kid brother I said good night!



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