Duke Chocolate Labrador Retriever Male 5.5 Months Old

November 13, 2019

chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy

Duke is avail:Handsome Duke is doing great with housebreaking and learning a few commands. He walks well on the leash and is good with kids adults and dogs!
Duke is fine in the crate and sleeps thru the night. He likes to see you when crated during the day and barks when he cannot. The family that adopts him needs to work on this and have be Lab savy. Duke is neutered and up to date and looking for his forever home! He will do well with a dog of his puppy energy who loves to play!

November 7, 2019

Duke had his big appointment today 😬😱 poor thing thought he was going somewhere fun and felt like the chosen one to be going in the car. He strut right past Monson and Moose like he was the big cheese. He jumped up in the truck with puppy enthusiasm and to my surprise, he sat down and just watched me drive. He was the perfect passenger and seemed quite pleased to be the only dog, riding in the car to a super fun adventure ahead. He figured out real quick once he got out of the car. The smells, the sounds…very tenderly and cautiously he approached the door. Then he stopped and told me he was good and ready to go in the other direction! No such luck for this sweet boy. We went in and waited. He was perfectly behaved and sat at my feet until his little body slid right under the bench.

We waited a little longer. And curiosity got the better of him. Is there a way out this door?!?

Just as we were getting restless, his name was called and off he went.

I’m happy to report that all went well and he is sleeping and resting well back home. Monson greeted him in full blown play mode until he detected that smell….the all too familiar smell of where he had been and Lordy bee that got him too 🙌🙀. Monson decided he’d take his wiggly charm over to old man Moose and let Duke have his space and time of mourning.

Duke wasted no time curling up and sleeping off the medicine and stress of the day.

He has been sleeping well in his crate with his cone. I’m sure time goes on we’ll see more spring in his step and the battle of keeping him calm will begin.

October 19, 2019

Duke weighed in at 67 pounds today, and at 20 weeks the vet confirmed Duke will be a big boy. He had a awesome exam, received two shots and gave kisses out to everyone. Duke is doing awesome with housebreaking, only one accident when we arrived home yesterday and slept thru the night no problems.

He loves fur sister Stella and is relentless with staying close to her. My old man Moose is hiding upstairs as he wants nothing to do with young fosters and wants to know when Duke will be leaving?

Check out the video how calm this boy is!


October 18, 2019

Duke had a long day of travel, a stop at Floss’s Grooming and now is sleeping soundly. He loves everyone he meets and smothers all with kisses.


He doesn’t do steps, doesn’t want to come inside and only eats off the ground, not from a bowl, sadly typical of backyard breeder pups but he loves human contact. He will moan when you rub his ears ♥️. Duke is nervous but curious about everything including what you are doing in the kitchen. He planted his paws right on the counter to see what was smelling so good.
He does not understand what toys are or how to play ball but I know my pups will show him the way.

He is 20 weeks today, has huge ears and paws and his ears dangle in the water bowl lol…
Tomorrow the vet!

5.5 old month chocolate lab Duke

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