Dunkin Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix Male 2.5 Months Old ID#2886

chocolate labrador retriever mixDunkin, a Chocolate Labrador Retriever mix made his way North from MS with his litter mates, and is in his new foster home.  Mom was a Chocolate Labrador Retriever and Dad was a true mix breed, otherwise known as a Heinz 57. Please read Dunkin’s blog from the bottom up.

May 18, 2021

chocolate labrador retriever mixDunkin is a sweet, smart, loving little guy.  He will be a joy to have around a family or a person looking for a companion.  He loves to meet people and other dogs and is snuggly.  He is your typical hungry, playful, rambunctious puppy and is about as cute as they get.  He looks you right in the eyes when you’re speaking to him, and seems to want to learn!  chocolate labrador retriever mixHe is very food driven, so training him should be fun!  He will come to you when called, and even sits when told! (Although this may just be lucky coincidence, that he sits when someone is talking to him!)  He doesn’t love being contained in his kennel, but you’ve gotta cut the guy some slack…he misses his litter mates and doesn’t really like to be alone!!

chocolate labrador retriever mixHe makes everyone happy in our house and was a big hit at my son’s baseball game….little Dunkin’ will do great in an active home because he’s always up for an adventure!

May 16, 2021

chocolate labrador retriever mixThis little guy is adorable and very lovable. He is happy to meet everyone and has shown no fear of dogs or people. He is as playful as they get and seems to understand that outside is where to go potty! (So far so good there!)chocolate labrador retriever mixWe are trying to introduce him to the crate and he doesn’t love it and protests very loudly, but we will keep trying.  I’ve slept on the couch in the family room with Dunkin on his bed right next to the couch for the last 2 nights, as we have had early sports games for the kids and can’t be up all night… But we will keep trying with the crate… chocolate labrador retriever mixHe is playing a lot with our resident Dog Toby… And seems to respect her and she seems to understand that he’s just a tiny baby…

chocolate labrador retriever mixI’ve seen him catch his reflection a few times in the door and in the mirror and it looks like he thinks he might be seeing his one of his littermates and he gets excited!! He is adjusting beautifully seeing all that he’s been through in the last few days!!  Dunkin likes to lie down right at my (or my husband’s) feet; and snuggle up.chocolate labrador retriever mix

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