Easton Yellow Labrador Retriever Male 4.5 Years Old ID #2956

August 11, 2021

Easton has been getting very playful. I found out this week that he retrieves and returns to lap. He also is enjoying playing with Doc and has made Doc a happy guy having a buddy to play with again.two yellow Labrador Retriever

August 7, 2021

Easton loves to be in the action even if it means hanging in the kitchen during meal prep. yellow Labrador Retriever

He is very smart and after just a few tries he learned give the bone and sit and wait to take the bone on command all with a smile on his face.yellow Labrador Retriever

The best part is that Easton’s skin is looking so much better. He is even growing fur back, which the vet said may not happen.

August 5, 2021

Easton had a sleep over at another foster home for a week. He had a blast playing with the other two resident labs. He also put on some weight and you can’t see his ribs anymore. His skin is looking less irritated and some areas are growing fur back. He is back with his regular foster home and enjoying play time with foster brother Doc.

His transition between homes was smooth as silk. He just rolls with it as long as there is food, naps and playtime he is good to go. yellow Labrador Retriever

July 24, 2021

Easton went to the vet on Friday for a basic health check. We are waiting for the results of his blood work. As far as his lack of fur on his legs and feet the vet felt that scaring has happened form his long-time allergies and the chance of the fur coming back was slim. So, managing flare ups is the course of action for now.

Easton also had an outing to visit another Brookline volunteer and hang by the pool. He was not interested in swimming. He did get along with the 5 other dogs there.

yellow Labrador Retriever

July 22, 2021

Easton is doing well and is adjusting to life in his new foster home.

July 21, 2021

Easton like to play with the Galileo bone, but his way of carrying it around is with one end in his mouth and the other end sticking out. Given the size of the thing is impressive. He and Doc are getting a long well.

He and Doc are getting a long well. He is just not a fan of sleeping in his crate at night. Other than that he is an easy guy to like and be around.

July 19, 2021yellow Labrador Retriever

Easton had another good day. The 9 year old girl next door came over to meet him. She was an instant hit for him. He was so good with her. He laid down at her feet and just gave her kisses and allowed her to pet him. He also met FD last night when he came home from traveling. He barked when he walked in, but followed resident dog Doc’s lead and calmed right away. I also left him home for about 4 hours in his crate and he did fine with his frozen peanut butter Kong.

July 18, 2021

While I was making my dinner Easton hung out in the kitchen checking things out but didn’t try to get any food. yellow Labrador Retriever

Last night a thunder storm rolled in and while Doc barked Easton followed him around looking out the windows to see what he was barking at. After that Easton just laid down to what TV.yellow Labrador Retriever

Easton went in his crate no problem with his peanut butter Kong. He wasn’t happy when I left the room and he barked for about 15 min. He did sleep through the night ands was happy to eat his breakfast and go out to do his business.

Due to Easton allergies we are trying out some new shoes.

July 17, 2021

Easton has arrived in his foster home and will continue getting treatment for his allergic skin issue. So far he and resident dog Doc are getting along well and they are both taking a nap before dinner.yellow Labrador Retriever

July 16, 2021

Hi everyone! I’m Easton, a 73 pound 4 1/2-year-old neutered yellow male field Lab.yellow Labrador Retriever

– I was surrendered to the Berks ARL on June 27th due to “severe grass allergies”,

We got home when foster sibs Myles and Quinn had already left for daycare, so I enjoyed getting some TLC from foster mom and dad all day. They gave me a gentle bath to get the shelter “gunk” off of me, carefully cleaned my paws and legs (and ears) and put Vetericyn spray on my sore skin, and reassured me that I was safe. I got my own huge crate (which FM says should have its own zip code) with a fluffy comforter in it, and when I’m hanging out gated in the upstairs bedroom, I get to lie on this super comfy Big Barker bed that another beloved yellow guy, Finny, used to relax on. I really like resting on the soft bed – it’s a lot better than the hard floor and doesn’t rub against my tender skin.yellow Labrador Retriever

I was seen by awesome staff at Creature Comforts vet on Wednesday morning, and we learned that the loading dose of Apoquel I’ve been taking since 6/28 is clearly not enough to get my allergy symptoms under control. So, I got a Cytopoint injection and started taking Benadryl, too – and my itchies are finally subsiding! Whew! Since getting my bath (and having my legs, paws and other “tender parts” wiped with unscented baby wipes and sprayed with vetericyn a few times a day, my skin has improved tremendously. It no longer looks “angry” and I’m no longer walking like Bambi. So… I hope these are the keys to my healing!yellow Labrador Retriever paws

The lady who surrendered me to ARL indicated that I lived with another dog and with cats and kids (and “licked kids”), but she didn’t provide a lot (okay, any) detail. I dog-tested well at the shelter and participated in a play group, too – all was fine (and fun). However, getting attacked (there’s really no other way to describe it) and pinned by my former FTA “brother” definitely made me a little leery. So, the humans here are taking things really slowly when allowing me to interact with the two resident Labs here, Myles and Quinn. I met each of them (one at a time) on leash and we were polite, but I wasn’t really up for more than cursory sniffing. We moved into the big backyard to sniff and amble with dropped leashes and everyone was on good behavior (me included), but Jen could tell her pups were confused that I didn’t want to play yet. Myles is like the welcome wagon Lab – he really wants to play with me (like, REALLY) and I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet. Quinn, the saucy little minx girl, is much more chill – she invited me to play tag and chase, but I wasn’t feeling it, so she flipped me off with her little tail and didn’t give me another thought.

Over the past few days, I’ve spent some time upstairs in my crate with some yummy frozen PB and banana Kongs, or else lounging on the dog bed while Jen does “work” (and loves on me). When the other pups were at daycare yesterday, I got to hang out with Chris in his office and was a perfect work mate. I laid on the floor and didn’t make a peep. I’m affectionate and still seeking reassurance (can you blame me?) and really just want to be near people. I love to be petted and prefer to sit near (okay, lean on) people when I get the chance.yellow Labrador Retriever

At this point, I need a foster home where I can continue to rest each day (because while my allergy symptoms are improving, I still have healing to do) and get lots of TLC. I don’t ask for much- just to be near people and have a soft spot to lie my (giant) head and bony elbows. I need to gain some weight (I hear that’s a rarity with Labs) and I overheard Jen call me Ichabod Crane and Bony Butt. I can’t help it – I need more padding. She doesn’t, though.

I’ve been fed chicken and rice for the past few days because my GI tract was a little… wonky, shall we say? The bland diet (why do they call it bland? I think it’s delicious) plus some metronidazole is helping… solidify… things. When I finish the chicken and rice, I’m going to start eating some salmon and rice food to help my skin and coat.

*While I’m safe and secure here, the resident Labs aren’t too sure they’re thrilled to have me crashing here long-term. That’s why I’m looking for another foster home. I’m a very good boy and very easy-going; it’s the crazy resident dynamic duo that are a little overzealous and anxious. I know I’m loved here, but the humans want to make sure they set me up for furever success.

As you can see from my pictures, I’m very handsome. I have a soft coat and a soft mouth, and I’m also affectionate, housebroken, and gentle. Stay tuned for more updates on my progress! I’m heading to bed now….yellow Labrador Retriever

Love, Easton

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