Eliza Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix Female 6 Weeks Old ID#2891

black labrador retriever mix

Eliza came into Brookline’s care on 11/26/2020 as part of foster Nora’s litter when Nora gave birth around 2am in her foster home early Thanksgiving day.  She was 1lb, 1oz on 11/28.  Please read her blog from the bottom up to learn more about her.

January 7, 2021

chocolate labrador retriever mix Eliza is now six weeks old and growing big!  She is 2nd lightest pup of the litter weighing in at 9.3 lbs.  The puppies are too big to weigh on the table top weigh scale so now I weigh them on a regular scale while I am holding them.  All the puppies got their dewormer on December 30, and have been doing well.  They get another dose next Wednesday, and will be going for their 8 week vaccinations on January 22.

chocolate labrador retriever mixEliza continues to be an adventurous, energetic, inquisitive and loving puppy. When the pups were first let out of their pen to try out the wood, and tile floors, Eliza had absolutely no hesitation to explore.  The other puppies initially sat, and looked around and were unsure at first on the wood and tile. Eliza immediately started walking then running around checking out all the new sites and smells.  She is a bit of a rascal as well.

Eliza loves to try and dig out of the pen but only in the corners and will spend at least five minutes or so after every meal/during playtime until I can distract her from the scratching.  She jumps up trying to jump over and out of the side of the pen when any human comes to visit. Luckily, she is still too short but I think it won’t be long until she will be able to do it. She likes to run over to the pee pads and scratch and pull on them, and drag them to other spots in the pen. Eliza loves to play with her siblings and will chase willing partners around the pen and downstairs in the gym.  Eliza, like Bianca is very vocal in her play, and barks and growls at her siblings.


chocolate labrador retriever mixEliza is very aware of her surroundings.  Even when napping, if someone walks by, she immediately lifts her head and comes running when you call her or if its time to eat. Eliza is a lap sitter and gives lots of kisses.  She still likes to suckle on toys, siblings and human arms, fingers and clothes.  She loves playing with the crinkly toy, balls and chew toys. She also loves sweatshirt strings and long hair! Eliza is a personable girl, and fun to watch.

chocolate labrador retriever mix

January 1, 2021

chocolate labrador retriever mix

Five weeks old!

December 28, 2020

chocolate labrador retriever mixEliza has been given lots of nicknames over the last four weeks.  Before she had a real name, we called her Scribble (Scribbs for short) because even though she couldn’t see or hear or walk, she would army crawl her way around the whelping box until she found a comfy spot to rest.

chocolate labrador retriever mixRecently, my daughters have been calling her “their little Yodi” because they think she looks like a little baby Yoda.  Eliza will often sit in the middle of the pen just watching us with an all knowing look on her face, looking just like a baby Yoda.

Eliza is very cute when she is sleeping and I have taken a ton of pictures of her in her favorite position on her back.  When she is awake, it’s hard to keep this little lady still to get a head shot. Luckily, she is very photogenic so I’m very likely to snap a good one that isn’t blurry!

chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mixTwo of the pups have what my daughters like to call jelly toes on their back legs. Only two have dew claws on their back legs and Eliza is one of them.  Out of the two, Eliza’s pink jelly toes seem to stand out the most, but they are the cutest little things going.

chocolate labrador retriever mix

Most of the time, Eliza is very laid back and takes long naps, especially after a big gruel meal. Once that nap is over, this little girl gets the zoomies and starts charging all over, and playing with toys.  She also like to grab blankets and pee pads and start whipping them around or pouncing on a sibling.

chocolate labrador retriever mix

Eliza now weighs in at 5lbs, 15oz.

December 22, 2020

chocolate labrador retriever mixFor some reason, I am always taking pictures of this girl!  She sleeps in the cutest positions.  Eliza is always watching what is going on around her.  As I am getting ready to feed them, I’ll look over in the pen and Eliza is just sitting there, staring right at me.

chocolate labrador retriever mixEliza was the first to understand that when we made the kissy noise and said their name, we wanted them to come over to us.  She likes to eat both milk and gruel so she figured out quick that when we called her name, something yummy was to follow!

chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mixchocolate labrador retriever mix

Eliza likes to play with her siblings and very often suck on them.  She will suck on everything including chins, arms, and ears of us people too.  Now that they all have little teeth, its not the best feeling anymore.  LOL! Eliza plays with toys and likes to roll the balls around the pen.


Eliza likes to come over to us when we sit in the box with them, and is super friendly. She really enjoys her belly scratches. Eliza was not the best customer for the spa treatment but she eventually settled to get her nails cut.

chocolate labrador retriever mixShe likes to occasionally snuggle up with the siblings but more often likes to sleep alone on the bed on her back.  When someone comes over to her to snuggle, she usually complains and finds another spot to snooze.

chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mix

December 7, 2020

chocolate labrador retriever mixThis adorable pup was born very early morning Thanksgiving day (11/26/2020) to my foster Nora along with her four sisters and two brothers.  I’ll never forget their birthday since it is my birthday too! We decided we would name the pups from my grown kids favorite cartoon shows and movies.  Eliza is a character in The Wild Thornberry’s. Eliza’s character is intelligent, adventurous, fearless, and good-natured, but she can also be very stubborn. Even at a week old, we can see a lot of these traits in this little pup.

When she doesn’t get enough milk, she explores the whelping box looking for Mama all the while squeaking to let us know her dissatisfaction. She definitely is showing her smarts, too.  She’s alway first over to the area where I lift them out of the box when it’s feeding time, and because of that I had to put up the next level in the doorway because she was almost making it out of the box on her own!

As we were getting to know this little girl, we nicknamed her Scribble.  Why, you ask? She was always scribble scrabbling around. This girl can move!  After a feeding, Eliza would pull herself commando style around the whelping box almost like she was checking the perimeter for safety.  Eventually she would find her comfy spot which was alone in a quiet corner with her nose pressed up against the wall. This girl can often be found snoozing on her back.  It’s too cute!

chocolate labrador retriever mixchocolate labrador retriever mixEliza is very photogenic and has a deep chocolate color that is almost black. My daughter’s nickname for her was Graybee because she was not quite brown or black but almost a gray in color. Her distinctive feature is her dark, black ears.

chocolate labrador retriever mixThe first time we weighed Eliza, she was 1 lb, 1 oz.  She is now up to 1 lb, 15 oz.  Eliza is a good eater, and is always fighting her way to the food.

chocolate labrador retriever mixEliza already likes to get pets and scratches, and is usually one of the first pups to scrabble up into my lap if I sit in the whelping box with them.


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