Ellie #2 Yellow Labrador Retriever Female, 1.75 Years Old

June 20, 2019

yellow Labrador RetrieverSweet Ellie continues to settle in and isn’t following us around as much.  She is enjoying her walks, and I’m getting a workout since she is determined to keep up with my dogs who are walking off leash.  As they tire and slow down, she becomes much easier to walk.  If the rain ever stops, I’m planning to take her to campus this afternoon to see how she does solo on leash. There is an occasional grumble at our male lab, and I’m not sure whether this is because she just finished being in heat or because our male is a more “in your face” kind of pup, but all in all, no real issues there.   Ad two of the resident labs were wrestling yesterday and I really couldn’t tell if she was upset by it or trying to join in.  Until I’m more certain, I’m playing referee.  She corrects verbally very well.  She is still a little too interested in the crabby old cat, but I still think she’ll do fine going to a family with a cat if they realize they will have to be vigilant at first.

Ellie loves her squeaky toys and she’s a fan of fetch and is good about bringing the ball back -good girl Ellie.  We’ve only played inside though.  We’ll try it outside with a long line (I don’t have a fenced yard and don’t trust her off leash yet) – again if the rain ever stops 🙂  She could use the extra outlet.

If you’re looking for a loving and active young lab, Ellie might be just the ticket.  I highly recommend that she be signed up for group training classes asap as I just don’t think she was socialized enough in her first home, and being around other dogs and people in a controlled environment will really help her blossom.


June 19, 2019


yellow Labrador Retriever on bedEllie is settling in pretty well.  She is definitely pulling on the leash so we’re working on that.  She’s very manageable with a harness though.  She is eating well and doing her business outside- good girl Ellie.  She is living with three resident labs and doing fine.  She’s a little serious though- and doesn’t quite seem to understand what they are doing when they are playing/wrestling with each other.She is still a little too interested in resident cat but she can be in the same room with the cat as long as one of us is supervising.  We’re really pleased that the cat is standing her ground (which really is half the battle).  Most dogs respect her very well after one swipe with her sharp claws but so far it hasn’t come to that.

Ellie decided she wasn’t very interested in the crate- in her last home she was gated/confined to a smaller part of the house- so that’s what we’re doing for now.  So far she doesn’t seem to be at all destructive and she probably will be fine free roam soon.  She loves squeaky toys and chew bones.

Like most new foster dogs, she is more interested in her people than the other dogs and follows one of us around constantly.  It’ll be interesting to see how quickly she seeks out canine companionship more.  It usually doesn’t take long but time will tell.




June 16, 2019

Meet Ellie, who recently joined the Brookline family and will be looking for her furever family soon.  Ellie was given up because her family was moving out of the country and could not take her with them.  Ellie is understandably nervous as she isn’t sure what’s going on.  Hopefully soon she will realize that she is safe and all is OK.

Ellie lived with teenagers and another older male lab.  She is up to date and healthy, and just finished going into heat.  Stay tuned for updates as her foster family learns more about her.


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