Ember Silver Labrador Retriever Female 3.5 Months Old ID#3346

Silver Labrador RetrieverMeet Ember!  Ember was born on 11/29/22, and is one of current foster, Kyla’s pups. Please read her blog from the bottom up.

April 9, 2023

Ember was returned to foster care by no fault of her own. Unfortunately her adoptive siblings did not take to her and it just didn’t work out.Silver Labrador RetrieverDespite her adopter’s dogs not accepting her, everyone still believes a household with another dog is best for Ember. When Ember is around another dog she is a happy go lucky confident puppy. When she is without another dog she is very shy and fearful of her surroundings.Silver Labrador RetrieverSince picking her up she has settled right back into the swing of things here at my house! She is eating all of her meals with no issues (which I’m very thankful for because she had a food switch) and taking her medicine for her ears like a champ with no problems! She is on a second course of antibiotics to help clear up the ear infection and head tilt. At her vet recheck, they said everything was looking good, it just needed some more time!

She slept soundly in her crate and goes right in for meal times with no fuss. She was so excited to see her foster siblings Remi and Gunner again. It has been a never ending cycle of tug of war and wrestle mania between the three of them! But now Ember is a little bigger and learned how to jump up on the couch so she chases Remi and Gunner all over the house!Silver Labrador Retriever Silver Labrador Retriever Silver Labrador RetrieverShe has picked up the word potty so now when I see her frantically sniffing and I say do you have to potty she runs to the back door! I’m so proud of her! She hasn’t had any accidents and has been doing her business in the yard! She can even go up and down steps now! However, my steps in the yard are still wide open and I get nervous she’s gonna go over the edge so I’m cautious on giving her free reign still.

Ember is going to have this week to settle in and decompress and not be bounced around so she will become available on Friday the 14th so keep an eye out and I will be sure to post updates before then!

March 18, 2023

Hey everyone, I’m back with more updates! Labrador Retriever Ember is still sleeping through the night and is absolutely a rockstar with potty training! Since my last update she had two accidents inside. Since then, hasn’t had a single one since those two! She also learned how to go up the steps, though she is a bit clumsy and has to be watched or helped because she goes up sideways and gets way to close to the edge for my liking. Part of me thinks this is still her head tilt affecting her a little bit. And on that note, she is a week into her medication and her head tilt is substantially better!! It’s not nearly as severe nor is it occurring as often as it was when she first got here! So I am very optimistic that the tilt is due to the ear infection! She absolutely cannot be trusted with stairs or couches on her own right now as the little daredevil tries to jump and fly off of them! She almost gave me a heart attack when she tried to dive off!  As is typical with most new puppies, her fecal exam did pop positive.  She is now on another medication to clear that up. She’ll likely need another fecal test when she goes for her next round of booster shots but otherwise, she is a very happy and healthy puppy! She has mastered sit, knows her name, and is (mostly) coming when called! We started adding in (lay) down, watch me, place, and the bell at the back of the door for potty. She seems much less interested in learning these. She is happier to just play with her foster siblings Remi and Gunner. Remi likes to steal the spotlight and do the command for extra treats instead! My house is a constant never-ending game of monkey in the middle between Remi, Gunner, and Ember! Labrador RetrieverShe is so confident and playful around them and gets the best of both worlds in terms of socialization. Gunner will let her jump on top of him, wrestle, share toys and win tug whereas Remi will play with her but gently correct her when she becomes too much.Labrador Retriever She received her care package and hoarded all the toys it was the funniest and cutest thing ever!

She loves ALL the toys! The plan for this weekend is to keep working on the new commands introduced and to bring her to the park by my house. I will update you all more soon, stay tuned!

March 11, 2023

Hey everyone back with more updates! Ember had another flawless night in her crate! She went down about 10pm and slept soundly until 8am. I also finally caved and let her up on the couch last night before bed and she instantly snuggled up on the pillow and fell asleep!Silver Labrador Retriever Silver Labrador RetrieverShe is so spunky and sassy and her personality shines more and more each day! Remi and Gunner definitely help bring her personality out! When she goes outside of the house she tends to be much more shy. I’m going to try and take her to more places and expose her to more things slowly so she builds more confidence outside the home!

She absolutely loves her crate now (still except for when I do chores). She is storing all the toys in her crate and gladly goes in her crate for both meals. I’m slowly going to start adding “place” into her routine so she starts to learn that. She is doing great with potty training, she has only had two additional small accidents but otherwise she is doing her business in the yard. She doesn’t alert yet but she’s runs in circles when she has to go so it’s been an easy tell. She is still terrified of steps and doesn’t really understand how to walk on her leash or harness. She just sits down and stares at you and then jumps up to be picked up. I don’t blame her I’d rather be carried everywhere too!

This morning she went to the vet to get her microchip done and everyone in the place complemented her on how well behaved and calm she was! The vet absolutely fell in love with her and couldn’t believe she was so good for her age! She took the microchip like a champ and didn’t even budge! The poor shepherd next to us was screaming bloody murder! Ember was certainly disappointed she couldn’t play with the other puppies there but with not being fully vaccinated and the amount of dog flu cases in my area skyrocketing, I wasn’t taking any chances! Instead we had a mini photo shoot in the cart!Silver Labrador Retriever Silver Labrador RetrieverShe was an absolute angel in the car and slept the entire time, she also doesn’t care that she has to get harnessed in, she sits and lets you do what you have to do. After the vet I stopped at a local dog friendly bakery where Ember met the staff and got a few treats! She loved every minute of it! After our pit stop we got back home and she’s been tuckered out napping since!Silver Labrador Retriever Silver Labrador RetrieverIf you didn’t know her mama, Kyla is also in Brookline’s care and has a blog! Be sure to check it out as Ember is a spitting image of her mama!!! Stay tuned for more!

March 10, 2023

Since my last update, Ember has been the most perfect little house guest! And she’s quite the trip to watch! She is absolutely fearless with my resident dogs and resident cat, and she also takes correction very well! She chased the cat down and Harris was very accommodating considering he can bully my two resident dogs. He tolerated her antics for a good hour or so before he finally swatted her and corrected her. She was very observant and has since backed off the cat!Silver Labrador RetrieverShe tried to steal the toy Remi was playing with and Remi vocally corrected her. I think she thinks Remi is her mom because she follows her and mimics her every move it’s hilarious! Gunner is her best bud and she spends all of her time playing with him and learning from him! She has done all of her business in the yard and hasn’t had any accidents yet!! I’m so proud of her!Silver Labrador Retriever Silver Labrador RetrieverHer crate is slowly becoming her safe space but she definitely does not like being locked in her crate while I’m doing chores and she wants to play, but she’s learning! She spent the entire night in her crate and slept soundly with no issues from 10pm til 7am! I checked my camera and the few times she woke up, she played with her toy and went back to sleep!Silver Labrador RetrieverToday we started working on sit and clicker training. She has lots of help from Remi and Gunner but like any 14 wk old puppy her attention span is small! The good news is she went to the vet and they believe the head tilt is due to a very deep ear infection and will heal with treatment! She will be on 3 separate medications for the next 3 weeks but hopefully after that her balance will be restored and the tilt will be gone! I’ll update more tomorrow!Silver Labrador Retriever

March 8, 2023

Today Ember was sprung from her days on the farm! I picked her up this afternoon and she was a complete angel on the way home! She was certainly shy and a little nervous but she gave tons of kisses and did her best to snuggle up to my hand. She didn’t like the fact that she was seat belted in and couldn’t get closer. She is certainly a Velcro puppy already.Silver Labrador RetrieverOnce home, I gave her bath since she was a little stinky and to make sure she didn’t bring any extra friends from the farm! She was absolutely amazing in the tub and let me wash her with no issues. I tried to put her in her crate to settle in a little but she was having no part of it, so I let her explore and meet resident pups Remi and Gunner. She has been following them around and trying to play with them all afternoon.  She’s the cutest thing!Silver Labrador RetrieverRight now she’s finally settled into her crate napping. She is definitely not a fan of the crate at first so we will work on that. She doesn’t seem to care for her heartbeat puppy but she absolutely loves her kong toy and teething toy!Silver Labrador RetrieverShe definitely does have an interesting head tilt. It doesn’t seem to bother her all the time but when she runs around the yard after awhile she walks with her head titled and it seems to influence her balance as well. She walks into and leans on things when her head is tilted. She also cries a lot when it is tilted. I noticed about half the time when she sits, her head is tilted and she starts leaning to the side it is tilted towards. She goes to the vet tomorrow for a check up and she will have to get the “head tilt” checked out.

I’ll keep you all posted how she does throughout the night and update everyone after the vet!

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