Emily #3 Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 6 Months Old ID#3122

chocolate labrador retrieverMeet Emily!  This pretty little chocolate puppy just arrived from a farm. The farmer was having a hard time finding someone to purchase her, and he was looking to move her off the farm so he contacted Brookline to help find Emily a new home.  Please read her blog from the bottom up.

Emily is now available: https://www.petfinder.com/dog/emily-53630890/pa/warrington/brookline-labrador-rescue-pa06/

November 13, 2021

It’s been two weeks with Emily! Overall she’s a good puppy, she has learned to sit and lay down and knows to go in her crate for breakfast / lunch / dinner.  She is extremely smart – too smart for her own good. She somewhat knows “no” – which is evident when she steals a shoe and taunts you with it – she sometimes listens to no and sometimes doesn’t. She is very playful, but very mouthy with her teeth whenever someone or another dog is close by. This is an unwanted behavior that we’re working on with a lot of chew toys, a stern no. We are realizing Emily is the alpha dog – she needs to be first (first out the door, in the door, first to take a snack – etc..) – she may be tiny but she makes her presence known! We continue to socialize her and practice her leash manners – she’s okay on the leash – she likes to smell and sniff but does try to bite the leash and play with it whilst walking. chocolate labrador retrieverShe loves food – like your typical lab – so much so that she could smell pizza (in a box) on the kitchen table and tried to jump from the couch onto the kitchen table (which she could have done if she wasn’t stopped). With that being said, she is a counter surfer because her nose gets the best of her! This is something we’ve been working on since she came to us but it’s a slow work in progress – she just can’t help herself as much as she is told no. She has started to sometimes take her paws off the table when we say no – but this is only once in a while.  Her favorite thing to do is play with squeaky toys – she loves the squeak sound and gravitates towards it. She also absolutely loves our resident dogs antler – she’s definitely going to need one of her own!

Emily also needs a lot of exercise during the day – thankfully we have a big yard so we throw the ball for a good 30 minutes until she gets tired – she actually does drop the ball for you as she loves retrieving things. Then she comes in tired and likes to lay with you on the couch, or in a dog bed (I make sure to have a chew too in case she gets a little nippy). She takes a couple naps throughout the day, we can tell when she’s overstimulated as she starts taking whatever she can find throughout the house – a nap does her wonders! When she’s hungry she picks up whatever bowl she can find and brings it to you – it’s super cute. Overall Emily is a good dog – she’s going to need a family who is dedicated to her training in order to give her the best life possible. chocolate labrador retrieverEmily also had her first puppacino today, she loved it!

November 6, 2021

It’s officially been one full week with Emily. She’s your typical high energy lab puppy, she loves shoes, baseball caps, and food!! She loves food so much she attempts to scale the kitchen table, she’s also not afraid of anything so spraying her with water to deter her doesn’t work! We give a stern no, which I think she’s slowly starting to understand. We’re working on sit, and being gentle when taking treats, she has no manners and tries to take our other dogs treats right out of their mouth so that’s a work in progress!
She does very good in her crate through the night, a few cries here and there but nothing major!chocolate labrador retrieverShe went to the vet on Thursday for her exam, shots, and microchip so she finally went out in public today! We went to the Kris Kringle Holiday Pop-Up Farmers Market in Warminster, she met so many other dogs, and so many people. She also got introduced to a few kids, she does okay but views the tiny humans more as another puppy than a human! She saw they were running around and wanted to chase them. She also met SANTA!!!chocolate labrador retrieverShe didn’t quite know what to think though. She was super tired on our way home so she slept the whole way!chocolate labrador retriever

November 2, 2021

Hi everyone! It’s Emily and I have some exciting news, I finally made made friends with the resident lab, Harper. She shares all her toys with me and even shoves the toy in my face, I don’t really know how to play as well as she does yet but she’s showing me the ropes! My foster human said she’s going to get us a tug of war type toy (but not the rope kind because she said the strings will get stuck in my throat) – I’m so excited!chocolate labrador retrieverAs the nights come and go I get better with sleeping through the night. The humans give me the red thing with peanut butter in it and by the time I get all the peanut butter out I’m pooped! I take naps throughout the day, but most of the time I just want to play play play! I love getting into whatever I can, it’s funny when I take a shoe and the humans have to chase me around for it. I also love strutting around with my leash, but the humans say I can’t go for a walk until after I get all my shots on Thursday, so only a few more days! Anyway, I’m tired and my foster mom says she’ll take over – chocolate labrador retrieverWe see more of Emilys personality shine as the days go by, she’s your typical lab puppy with immense amounts of energy. She can jump, and high – she has managed to jump on her crate so far and has attempted to scale the table. She loves trying to run upstairs to see the cats, and she has no fears. We have two cats, one she gets along with and then another grumpy cat who my resident lab is terrified of because the cat is a bully. Emily is not the slightest bit afraid, the cat whacked her a few times (cat has no claws) and she didn’t even flinch, or go after the cat. She loves her food, she ate slow at first but now gobbles it up like a vacuum, and if someones eating she is all up in their face. This is something we’re trying to work on with a stern no. She loves to mimic what our resident lab does, if Harper wants to go out, Emily wants to go out, if Harper has the antler, Emily wants the antler, if Harper is getting pet, then Emily is right there too! She also nips with her little shark teeth, we try to redirect with a toy. She is such a sweet girl who loves other people and animals, but she has had no contact with children so I am unsure on that so far. We love her and her big, crazy, sweet personality.

October 30, 2021

Today was a long day! The first thing I did with my new foster family was take a bath, they told me I was smelly, can you believe that? I was really calm, they told me I did such a good job and then I got a snack, I was so happy because I love snacks!!!!

chocolate labrador retrieverThen they took me to my new home for the next couple of weeks, I met the resident dogs and cats and tried to befriend all of them.There’s also a lot of humans that live here! I met 7 other humans today, and I loved them all!! So far only one cat and one dog like me, I’ll have to put in some work to befriend the other two!

I love to play, I tried to play with the younger resident dog, she’s a lab like me, she’s yellow though. She just barks at me right now, but I have hope, her name is Harper. The other resident dog is older, she just likes to sniff me and sleep, they tell me she’s 14 and an old lady, they tell me she’s a sharpei- mix, her name is Xena.
chocolate labrador retrieverI also love to cuddle, they keep calling me a love bug, whatever that means. I love to put my head on my foster families laps and fall asleep, today I even took a nap with the resident cat, her names Sassy. It’s looking like she’ll be my best friend while I’m here!
chocolate labrador retrieverI got a frozen peanut butter kong in my crate before I went to sleep, I think the humans were hoping it would help me sleep and get used to the crate but jokes on them, I don’t like this crate thing!

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