Emmett #2 Yellow Labrador Retriever Male 1.5 Years Old

January 19, 2020

January 18, 2020

I am all healed up from my neutering and out of the cone of shame. Now I can start looking for my new family. I am a fun loving, happy guy that wants a family to call my own. Since I am a little behind in learning what it is like to live in a house my new family will need to help me learn those things. My skill level for knowing what is appropriate behavior is more like an 8-month-old puppy. That being said I need supervision when I am not in my crate so I can be taught what is a toy and what is not. Left on my own I think if I can grab it, it is fair game to play with. I also like to follow my person around the house and when I do that it is normally at a run. Any small child or person that is not stable on their feet would most likely be knocked over. A good walk or a run in a yard helps burn off some of my energy. I am easy to walk and enjoy going with my FM and two foster brothers on these adventures. Small barky dogs do get me barking back. I really take my que as to how to behave with other dogs by how they are. If they are crazy, I will be too, if they are chill, I will chill with them. I guess that makes me a dog pleaser. I am unknow with cats, but I can tell you when I see a squirrel, I want to give chase. I am a diamond in the rough that just needs a family that bring out my brilliance.Yellow Labrador Retriever

January 16, 2020

My foster brother Doc and I love to chase each other through the house. FM says it is like having a thundering herd running through the house. I guess she is right, we do kick up a mess as we rearrange the rugs.

All I can say is really, this cone of shame is getting tiresome!

Yellow Labrador Retriever in the cone of shame
One More Day

January 14, 2020

FM friend and her 12 year girls came to visit. I was so happy to meet her friends. I just went from person to person sitting and getting petted. The girls liked me so much they wanted to take me home with them. Just a few more days until the cone of shame comes off!!! I am no longer worried about the TV just the ceiling fan when it is running.

January 11, 2020

Today I went to Tractor Supply to get my second dose of the distemper/ parvo vaccine. I was very excited to visit with everyone. I walked up to them and sat for petting. I must say there was a small dog that just started growling at me for no reason. So I had to bark back. The big dogs were cool we just gave each other wags and went on our way.

One week down with the comfy cone and one week to go.

January 9, 2020

My cone of shame looks so much more distinguished as a cape.yellow Labrador Retriever

January 8, 2020

Things are going well with my comfy cone. The one thing about it, the the velcro picks up my toy and I fell like I have an extreme case of static cling.yellow Labrador Retriever in an e-collar with toy hanging off I am doing really well with my house breaking. I do like to pick up things I shouldn’t like shoes, the TP roll off the holder, hand towels and remote controls. Mostly I am a happy guy and like to carry my toys around. I don’t like ceiling fans.

January 6, 2020

This is an even bigger donut since I could get around the smaller one. I was able to get around this one too. While I was playing with my dragon it sprung a leak. That was a real not my fault it just happened.

So now I am in the comfy cone. Just a few more days, FM hopes it will make it.

January 5, 2020

This morning I had the straps around my butt torn so off came the suit. Now I am in an inflatable ring.

January 4, 2020

Since I was licking my surgery site through my suit FM put me in a cone. By morning I had the cone smashed but my suit was still on.

January 3, 2020

I am home and resting after getting neutered today. FM is trying this new suit instead of a cone since I most likely would crack it trying to get around. Right now I am just so sleepy I don’t care what I am wearing.

yellow Labrador Retriever sleeping

January 2, 2020

I have a new toy for the new year

December 31, 2019

I have been in my foster home for a week now. Thinks are going well. I am learning to do my business outside. I now eat with the gusto of a lab. My favorite things are going for walks, playing with foster bro Doc and carrying my dragon around.yellow Labrador Retriever

December 28, 2019

FM and I went to Tractor Supply today so I could get micro chipped. I was so good in the store. I sat every time someone wanted to pet me and just lapped it all up. When the vet tech held me I dropped to my back for belly rubs. On the way home there were emergency vehicle sirens that I felt I needed to howl along with. I have gotten really good at hoping in and out of the car and riding in style.

December 27, 2019

My first road trip with my fur brothers to Camp McGee. I found a stuffed bunny.

Later just me and FM went to the hardware store to get pea gravel for the dog pen since it is getting muddy. I was such a good boy and sat while everyone pet me.

December 26, 2019

Today was my first day staying home with my foster bothers while FM and FD went out for about 6 hours. All was well when FM got home no accidents in my crate (which I haven’t done at all). We all went for a walk and I saw two small white dog which I got excited about but kept walking. When we got home I had to help FM pooper scoop the yard, so lots of walking for me. But on top of that FM taught me how to jump in and out of the back of her SUV (the power of cheese). No ride today maybe next time. Now it is nap time.

December 25, 2019

Emmett is doing much better with having the TV on. He and Doc do short play romps through the house which sounds like a pack of dog and not just two. He has slept through the night two night and is starting to become house broken. He is also showing more interest in eating. As farm dogs go he is adjusting well to indoor life.yellow Labrador Retriever

December 24, 2019

Emmett came into foster care from a farm with his brother Buddy #32. After going to the vet to get all his shots, which he was very good for. He made the trip to his new foster home, but was nervous during the ride. So far he is adjusting to living inside fairly well. He doesn’t seam to be afraid of anything but the TV, which he barks at. The first few night he had a hard time sleeping but has made it through a whole night sleeping in his crate in the family room with my two dogs.

A few moments of relaxation

Today he has been trying to get my older guys to play with him.

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