Fern Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 6 Years Old ID #3043

January 23, 2022

There are also a few new things that she has learned over the last couple of weeks:

  1. Toys are fun to carry around. The humans have a whole basket full and I can help myself to them and leave them throughout the house.
  2. That the blanket they put out in their bedroom is for me to sleep on. Much more comfortable than the hallway floor.
  3. Chew toys are my favorite. I love giving them a workout!
  4. It is not so scary to go into a space where there isn’t a quick escape route.
  5. I can poo on walks.
  6. I can wait until that little black dog brings the ball back and then steal the ball when she puts it down. Not so much running this way!yellow Labrador Retriever
  7. It is also fun to make the human wrestle the ball out of my mouth after I run around with it a little. Also drives that little black dog crazy!
  8. I can carry a ball and a chew toy around at the same time! Photographic proof enclosed from the human.yellow Labrador Retriever

Fern will be ready to find her forever home soon. Stay tuned!

January 5, 2022

Things that Fern learned during her Christmas vacation!

  1. If you go into heat, humans make you wear underwear!
  2. The sofa is a great place to sleep and cuddle with your human! Where has this been all my life?black and yellow Labrador Retriever and man on a sofa
  3. It is ok to pee while out for your walk!
  4. While out for walk, loud trucks are scary, garbage trucks are the devil!
  5. That bowl of food the humans put on the floor is filled with food and I can eat it. Wait and do it on my own time though!
  6. If I wait half way back from where the human throws the ball, I have a much better chance to get it before that fast little black dog!
  7. That little black dog likes when I lick her head!
  8. Humans make you wear a Santa hat or reindeer antlers, laugh, and take embarrassing pictures of you!
  9. The TV is not a scary monster!
  10. Humans like to watch something called football on said TV and yell and scream while doing it!
  11. When the humans leave, they do come back and I like to jump up and watch them walk up to the house through the glass.
  12. My tail is an uncontrollable weapon and I knock stuff around with it!

Wonder what she will be learning g next week?


December 27, 2021

Fern is slowly but surely fitting in.

She is still somewhat shy and hesitant around the house. She still feels uncomfortable if she feels shut in. It is getting better, but slowly. She does sleep in our bedroom at night, but just inside the door.

She continues to be very good on leash. Walks right at my side unless she gets spooked by a sudden noise. Fern just started urinating on walks. She always waited until we got back home to go.

Fern also went into heat a couple of days before Christmas. She is now wearing underwear in the house. We take it off for walks so the other dogs do not make fun of her! Fern does not like to wear the underwear so much. Usually have to wrangle her to put it on. We have been trying to get her in to the vet, but have had some issues with them contacting us back. We’ll keep trying!

Fern does like to sleep on the dog bed we received from the rescue. Made it her own. Fern is good at snoring too. Probably her best attribute!

Finally, Fern has not had one accident! The only thing she does that we are working on is jumping up at the door when we come home. She does not jump on us, just the door. She has the run of the house when we are out and has been very good about it.

Oh, Fern is also good at yoga! Check out her downward dog pose.yellow Labrador Retriever She ate her bone from her box in that position. We laughed hard, but Fern did not mind!

More to come!

December 19, 2021

Fern is such a wonderful dog. She is a beautiful yellow “blockhead,” that is starting to settle in at our house. Fern entered the house on the first day with just a little prodding. I think it helped to have a resident dog to show her how it’s done. She was very shy at first, keeping a little distance. She would come into the living room, but only just enough to see what was going on. We have a small mud room on the rear of our house and she liked staying in there at first. Lorita had some friends from work over later that first night, and Fern really enjoyed being pet and the center of attention. Everyone loved her and Fern could feel the love and opened up a little bit.

We did have some problems getting Fern to eat the first day. Not really interested so much. The next morning, still no interest. Later that night she did eat out of my hand. Baby steps we figured. She finally decided that food is a good thing and the bowl was a good delivery method. She eats a mouthful at a time, chewing is all well. We’ll see how it goes over the next few days.yellow Labrador Retriever

Fern went up and down our stairs like a champ. She was up and down them quite a few times as she explored around. The first night she slept out in our upstairs hallway, just sticking her head into our room to make sure we were still there. The second night she slept on the floor in our bedroom the entire night with Evie. Fern had discovered the goodness of the dog bed too. yellow Labrador RetrieverNow her favorite place to relax. We have a pretty quiet house, so I think that is helping her adjust.

Fern likes to explore the yard too. Evie loves to play fetch, but Fern is not as interested. She will run around the yard with Evie, but not much interest in getting the ball. Well, I lied. She will wait for Evie to drop the ball for the next throw and quickly grab it and take off! She does return the ball and waits for her next chance to grab the ball.

Fern is also very good on the leash. We go for a walk twice a day and she is really good. Most of the time she is right beside me. She is a little spooked by the noises around town, but loves her walks. She does not even smell anything. She even waits until we get back home to do her business in the back yard.black and yellow Labrador Retriever

Really looking forward to her adjustment to a family dog. Stay tuned for more as Fern adjusts to life off the farm!

December 17, 2021

Fern is a lovely 6-year-old former farm girl. yellow Labrador RetrieverShe has not had a littler in a couple of years according to the farmer she came from.

Fern was a little nervous on the long ride to our house, but she either sat and looked out the window or just laying down. We went for a short walk when we got home and she was good on the leash, but all the noise made her a little jumpy.

Fern met our resident dog Evie, FKA Gracie, and they got along great from the get-go. Fern wanted to play, but Evie was not interested. Maybe later!

Fern is very sweet and should settle in nicely. Trying to get her into the vet, but may be hard to get in quickly with holidays.

Stay tuned for more from Fern as we get to know her!

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