Frankie #3 Black Labrador Retriever Mix Female 6 Weeks Old ID#2896

black labrador retriever mixFrankie came into Brookline’s care on 11/26/2020 as part of  foster Nora’s litter when Nora started to give birth around 2am in her foster home early Thanksgiving day.  She was 1lb, 1.5oz on 11/28.  Please read her blog from the bottom up to learn more about her.

January 7, 2021

black labrador retriever mixFrankie is now six weeks old and getting big!  She is the 3rd heaviest pup of the litter weighing in at 10.4lbs.  The puppies are too big to weigh on the table top weigh scale so now I weigh them on a regular scale while I am holding them.  All the puppies got their dewormer on December 30, and have been doing well.  They get another dose next Wednesday, and will be going for their 8 week vaccinations on January 22.


Frankie still has two different colored eyes.  I think it will stick because her dad had one blue eye and one brown eye.  After seeing another picture of Frank, and taking a close look at my neighbors husky, I’m thinking he is actually some sort of Husky mix. Frankie’s eyes are stunning and she has a look that gets her noticed.

black labrador retriever mixblack labrador retriever mix

Frankie has a fiesty and playful personality.  You can usually find her chasing, and playing with Bianca, or Georgie.  She loves to play tug of war, and play with chew toys, rope toys, stuffed animals, and blankets. She is very inquisitive and will run over to  see what you have or to climb in your lap. Frankie doesn’t hesitate when it comes to exploring a new area or toy.

black labrador retriever mix

black labrador retriever mix black labrador retriever mixFrankie likes snuggling in a puppy pile or in the dog bed with siblings.  When she is not laying on a sibling, she is propped up on a stuffy or soft blanket. Frankie also likes to snuggle with her people, and enjoys being held.

black labrador retriever mix black labrador retriever mix

January 1, 2021

black labrador retriever mix

Five weeks old!

December 28, 2020

black labrador retriever mix

Frankie has a very unique eye coloring.  One eye is bright blue while the other eye is greenish in color.  I’m not sure if it will stay that way but she will look stunning if it does.

Our little sister Frankie Jr is a big player.  Frankie was not the easiest to get a good picture at the Christmas shoot so we had to just hold her up to get a good one.  She was not interested in doing any sort of pose, she just wanted to take off and explore life outside of the box.

black labrador retriever mix

She is usually the first up from a nap and the last (besides Georgie) to go to sleep.  When she does fall asleep, she sleeps hard and has lots of dreams.   She makes the cutest little barks and whines in her sleep and looks like she might be running a marathon some nap times. Nap time is the best time to get those cute shots of Frankie.  She is another back sleeper, but when she is awake she will not let you get her on her back very easily.

black labrador retriever mix black labrador retriever mix black labrador retriever mixShe is definitely a rough houser! She runs around the pen pouncing and biting on everyone and even has a go at the nappers.  She enjoys playing with all the toys.  Today, she was even running around with a ball in her mouth.  I unfortunately didn’t catch that on video.  I was amazed at how fast she could run with it in her mouth.

I am betting that Frankie will be the first one to climb out of the whelping box.  She watch Nora leap out of the box and has been trying to do the same since then.  We have a playpen with higher walls set up ready for the day that Frankie accomplishes her first leap!

December 22, 2020

black labrador retriever mixFrankie is the pup that looks the least like the others.  Her coloring and markings are very unique to the group. Frankie was the first of the group to open her eyes, and start playing with toys and blankets.

black labrador retriever mix

black labrador retriever mixblack labrador retriever mixFrankie is a big snuggler.  You can alway find her in a puppy pile usually with the other snugglers, Penny and Sammy.  She doesn’t mind being on the bottom or the top as long as she is in some sort of pile.  If a sibling isn’t available then a big pile on blankets or stuffy will do.

black labrador retriever mix black labrador retriever mix black labrador retriever mixFrankie loves to play with stuffies and her siblings and tries to get everyone going.  She will run around the box, and grab toys, blankets and her siblings.

Frankie is also an avid sucker, and we sometimes have to move her from sucking everyone else too much. She didn’t hesitate to dive right into the gruel when we first offered it.

black labrador retriever mix black labrador retriever mix black labrador retriever mix black labrador retriever mixEverytime I sit in the box, Frankie is quick to come running over to my lap.  She likes getting kisses and scratches on her back.  Frankie is a fun pup and is very entertaining to watch.  She is alway up to something and trying to wake up the other sleeping pups.

black labrador retriever mix black labrador retriever mix black labrador retriever mix


December 7, 2020

black labrador retriever mixThis adorable pup was born very early morning Thanksgiving day (11/26/2020) to my foster Nora along with her four sisters and two brothers.  I’ll never forget their birthday since it is my birthday too! We decided we would name the pups from our favorite cartoon shows and movies.  We had hoped to get a male pup that looked like Frank because my husband thought it would be funny to call the pup Father Frank Jr. from Saturday Night Fever.  Frankie looked the most like her Dad with the tan coloring on her legs so we settled for the girl version of the name.  We were going to call her Francis but Frankie just fit her personality.  This little girl is a bit of a trouble maker.  She likes to pounce on her siblings and knocks them over to suck on their feet, tails and stomach. Frankie is always making me laugh with her antics.


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