Frankie Black Labrador Retriever Male 3 Years Old ID #2944

black labrador retrieverFrankie is a 3 year old black Labrador retriever who has had a hard start.  This sweet, friendly goofball  is an owner surrender. He was very bonded with his owner who sadly passed away suddenly.

December 30, 2021

black labrador retriever

Hello Everyone,  this is Frankie checking back in!  I have quite a lot to updates to report.  I tried out a new family, and let me tell you, their resident dog had quite a bit of energy.  He wanted to play a lot, and I wanted to try and get to know my new family so things didn’t really work out for us.  I’ve decided that I would prefer to be the center of attention in my new home.  I really do like playing with other dogs so I’d still like to have playdates but I’d rather not have to share my family labrador retrieverRight now I’m back at Kamp, and I am really enjoying seeing all my old human and dog friends. My trainer says I’m getting faster at sitting on cue but she says that stay is going to be hard for me to master because I really like to be by her side because she really like giving me cuddles.  She always says that I’m a love bug!!black labrador retrieverIt’s great to run in the yard with my good friends again but I find some other dogs here kind of annoying, and I’d rather not hang out with them.

black labrador retriever black labrador retriever black labrador retriever black labrador retrieverLike I said before, I like to play but I’m not really a wrestler.  I prefer a game of chase or kicking a ball around with my friends.  I’m starting to learn how to do the obstacle course right now which is kind of fun!


I’m hoping that the right family will come along soon, and I’ll have a new home for 2022!

December 1, 2021

black labrador retrieverHello Everyone!!

black labrador retriever I am having a great time here at Canine Kamp.  I’ve been playing with lots of new friends of all sizes.  I think my favorite thing to do is play chase!

My little friend, Caesar like to play hide and seek too.  He likes to hide in the hay barrels and I find him.  He has to jump up to see me but I don’t labrador retriever black labrador retriever black labrador retriever

My other friend likes to bark at me a lot but I don’t mind as long as we play chase too.

We had snow here the other day.  I think that means this cold air is here to stay!  I hope my new family comes for me soon so that I can help them build a snowman when it really snows out hard. I can’t wait to find a family of my own. black labrador retriever


November 10, 2021

Frankie is walking wonderfully on a martingale collar.  On the walks he is mostly calm, but gets excited once in a while.  He loves cuddle and back scratches and wants to climb into his trainers lap sometimes when she sits labrador retrieverHe’s great with all other dogs so far, and is submissive to them, letting them take labrador retrieverHis hair is about the same, but it’s not getting worse.  Probably with a better quality food, his coat will improve.

November 4, 2021

Frankie has been having a great time at Canine Kamp!  His trainer says, “Frankie is awesome!  He is such a nice guy, who loves everyone, people and other dogs”.

He’s great on the leash, and comes when called.  Frankie was used to having a fur sibling so he gets lonely in his kennel alone.  When he’s out playing with other dogs, he just becomes so comfortable and relaxed. black labrador retriever black labrador retriever black labrador retrieverHe would love to find a new family where he can have another fur sibling to play with.

October 27, 2021

Frankie has become a great sleeping companion; he is happy to settle into bed with his foster mom as early as 9:30 to watch some tv, then sleeps in until she must get up. Although it has never been Frankie who gets up first, once he is up, he is full of energy to go! Go potty, go to eat breakfast, go to do his business in the yard and then go to take a nice walk. Of course, when that is all done, he settles into his morning nap while the rest of us begin our remote work Labrador Retriever

Frankie spends the day in the same room as us and he is a good work partner, study buddy and chore supervisor. He enjoys sleeping on the floor of the office while FM works from home, hanging in the yard with his foster sister while she studies and always available to watch FM do chores around the house.

Frankie went to the vet yesterday for a general visit to get updated on shots and preventatives and of course schedule his neutering, He was a very good boy who weighed in at 99 pounds.

He has some hair loss on his tail, legs and chest. The vet tested for mites, which was negative, and prescribed antibiotics thinking it is an infection, but we are all hoping it is just from the past few weeks of stress.

While Frankie is still adjusting to his foster home, we are happy to say that he has started to feel comfortable enough to offer up his belly for a Labrador Retriever

October 24, 2021

Frankie continues to work on settling into his foster home.

Another Brookline volunteer was kind enough to bring over am extra-large bed for him that is so much more comfortable for this big guy. Frankie currently weighs 99 Labrador Retriever

Frankie has really been enjoying his walks, he is doing better on the leash with each walk and is going further each time.  This morning he went for about 2 miles with his foster mom.

Frankie is the most settled when he is in the same room as a person. He has been an excellent assistant to foster mom today, watching her clean out closets and do yard work. He did fall asleep before the task was done though.

October 21, 2021

This sweet, friendly goofball joined the Brookline family this morning.   Frankie is an owner surrender. He was very bonded with his owner who sadly passed away suddenly about a month ago. Frankie has been through a lot of change recently but he was a very good boy through the changes today.

Frankie was picked up this morning from his home and took on an hour-long car ride to his foster. There was a lot of panting and a little whining during the ride. black Labrador RetrieverAfter getting to his foster home, he spent a lot of time exploring the yard and house.

After letting him acclimate, we gave him a quick outside bath, which he more than tolerated, enjoying all the attention.

To help him dry off, we went on a very slow stroll around the neighborhood. Frankie enjoyed his walk but needs to work on his leash skills. black Labrador Retriever Frankie has been settling in nicely and enjoying every second of attention.

The rest of the day has been filled with some naps, trips to the yard, and lots of exploring around the house. We are just letting him settle in at his own pace.

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