Frannie #2 Black Labrador Retriever Female 4 Years Old ID #3083

February 2, 2023

Frannie is living a quiet life. black Labrador Retriever She got the second and third shots for her heart worm treatment on Monday and Tuesday. Fortunately, she didn’t have any side effects, she slept for the most part both days. By Wednesday she was feeling more her old self, but since she’s on Prednisone she is a bottomless pit, ready to eat any and everything. She will be tested for microfillaria in one month and if that’s negative, she can start to be more active.

She is happy to make use of her enrichment toys, in the meantime, especially since food is involved, but she’s getting lazy and not interested in anything remotely involved with learning. Good thing she’s already a smart girl!

Frannie has developed some separation anxiety when left alone so I’ve needed to start to give her trazadone to keep her quiet when I’m not home.  I even got her a snuggle pup with a heartbeat to put in the crate with her. It’s obvious that Frannie has raised puppies so I was hoping that would help calm her.  Frannie must be glad her puppy raising days are over because she keeps pushing it away.

January 13, 2023

Frannie got the first of three injections for heartworm treatment recently. She initially was very restless and uncomfortable when she got home, but after sleeping for around 15 hours, she ate her breakfast and had a long potty break.

When I picked her up at the Vet’s office the receptionists had her and a bed stationed behind their desks spoiling her. They both said how sweet and well behaved she was.Black Labrador Retriever

I have been trying to find different ways to keep Frannie entertained while staying quiet. The only problem is most enrichment problems require treats. She’s loving that. She especially enjoys having her meals served in a snuffle mat.

December 21, 2022

Frannie has made herself at home. She’s not a fan of the vacuum, but then neither am I. She loves being on the back porch where she can watch for squirrels but not try to chase them. Since she’s heartworm positive we have to try to keep her quiet. She’s due for the first injection next week.

I have been taking Frannie for outings at both a local pet supply store and to Petco for some socializing. She’s a little nervous but is very well behaved. She also went to visit another volunteer and her Lab crew. She was a little overwhelmed by the crew but I think she would fit right in after a little while.

December 1, 2022

Frannie is starting to finally feel at home. I have left her home alone for brief periods for three days and she has done better than I expected. The first day there was some howling and whining and a lot of pacing (I was watching on a camera). But by day three she found her spot and relaxed.

Because she is being treated for heartworm, she has to go outside on a long line to keep her from being too active. She is definitely not happy about this arrangement. She sees those darn squirrels outside the fence and is determined to give chase. Frannie has a prey drive, making me wonder what else is mixed in there. Some hound maybe?

We have been working on Frannie’s leash manners and she’s a little nervous around cars as they go by as there are no sidewalks in my neighborhood. So far, we have encountered several neighborhood dogs and she ignored them.

Tomorrow she can help decorate and put up the tree. I just know she’ll be a good helper.

November 23, 2022

Frannie continues to settle in. She went to a vet appointment yesterday to make a plan to start the heartworm treatment. She was such a trooper; I was very proud of her. She needed a little encouragement to get in the car on the way but once she was in everything was fine.

Frannie met my next-door neighbor this morning and I discovered that she was definitely nervous around him. So, we have to make a plan to have her get more comfortable around guys. Maybe some trips to our local Lowes and Tractor Supply might be in order.

It’s an adventure getting to know Frannie and I know that there is a lot more to learn as we get more familiar with each other.

November 21, 2022

Frannie is a petite 46 pounds lab.

Frannie came from Mississippi and is heartworm positive. She has a Vet appointment on Tuesday to be evaluated for the heartworm protocol. She has been a perfect house guest, no accidents and enjoying every meal and all of the treats she thinks she deserves. She’s decided that the couch is her new bed and spends most of the day curled up there. She’s not excited about going out since we have snow and she’s not a fan. She’s a southern belle after all.

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