Frannie Black Labrador Retriever Mix Female 4 Year Old ID #3083

4 yr old Black Lab Mix

November 5, 2022


Meet Frannie. Frannie is a 45 pound lab mix/pocket lab who is thought to be about 4 years old (don’t let her greying muzzle fool you).  Frannie ended up in a kill shelter in Mississippi but luckily a local foster stepped up and got Frannie out of there in the nick of time. Frannie is doing great in foster care.  She’s both house trained and crate trained (it’s clear she lived in a house), well mannered and sweet with people, and she gets along wonderfully with the resident labradoodle and every other dog she has met.  Like many labs, Frannie loves to play fetch and she is a true water dog.

4 yr old Black Lab Mix 4 yr old Black Lab Mix

Frannie was taken to the vet for a checkup and to get his vaccines, and unfortunately it was determined that Frannie is heartworm positive. Unfortunately, so many people don’t realize the importance of keeping their dogs on heartworm preventatives. It certainly isn’t Frannie’s fault that she got heartworm. All it took was one bite from a mosquito carrying the heartworm. She trusted her family to keep her safe, and they let her down. If Baxter’s heartworm isn’t treated, she will die from it – plain and simple. Again, Frannie didn’t ask for this fate. All she wanted was to be a loved pet in his home. She feels fine now and can run around and play like any other dog, but if she doesn’t get rid of the heartworms soon, they will win and she will lose.

4 yr old Black Lab Mix 4 yr old Black Lab Mix

4 yr old Black Lab Mix

The good news is that heartworm is treatable and the success rate of the treatment is over 99%. Brookline wants to help Frannie live a long and healthy life, and we are looking for a foster or a  foster to adopt family in our coverage area to see her through the 4 month treatment because at this moment we don’t have an open Brookline foster who can do that. And Brookline will pay for the treatment at an approved vet and guide you through the process. At the end of it, Frannie will be as good as new. You will need to be able to provide Frannie with a quiet environment while he goes through the treatment, but it’s a short term constraint that will pay off in the long run! And we think Frannie is worth it. Look at her smile!

4 yr old Black Lab Mix

If you think you might be interested in being Frannie’s hero, please reach out to Brookline and we’ll connect you with our volunteer who can explain the treatment to you in more detail and answer any questions you might have about Frannie.

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