Frisky Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 3 Years Old ID #2826

March 9, 2021

Little Miss Frisky continues to be a complete joy!  She is recovering perfectly from her spay surgery…never needed a cone of shame and just kind of went with it!

She and the resident dogs are now best buds and she has even started running the fence line with my neighbor’s dog.

He’s a big boy with a big bark, so up until the other day she would just watch him from a safe distance and get about 10 feet further back if he barked.   She is is definitely less jumpy with noises…seems a lot more carefree and just happy to gallop about.

Now that she’s off the Rimadyl from her surgery she is back to a spotless record (pun intended) in the house-training category.  She does like to “go” on the snow mounds — I’m almost out if that in my backyard, so hopefully she likes grass too!

She doesn’t really answer to the name Frisky, but does respond to “Lemon.”  Not sure how we figured that out, but as long as you let her snuggle up next to you, she’d probably respond to anything! yellow Labrador Retriever She does sleep in our bed, but is without a doubt the best dog I’ve ever had in the bed. She takes up hardly any room, doesn’t snore and generally stays in one spot the entire night!

February 22, 2021

Frisky had another great week and really is the perfect foster.  She is doing great on housetraining and usually will either sit by the door or give a little whine when she has to go out.  At night, we let her out before bed and she has no problem making it through the night.  She usually sleeps on her bed next to my bed or she has on occasion curled up next to me on the bed.  I have to say though if she is on the bed — she is the perfect guest and doesn’t snore and stays pretty still the entire night.  She’s quite the snuggler!

We generally only crate her when we go out — and with a treat she goes right in and I have to assume she settles down pretty quickly.  She really is not a fan of being in the crate if she knows that there is someone in the house (but really who could blame her for that?)

Her appetite is growing and she now eats every morsel without any coaxing!  She likes a good bone or chew toy, but hasn’t shown the slightest interest in eating anything that didn’t belong to her.  So far shoes and slippers have been safe (again very different from any lab I’ve had before — I’ve had more than a few shoes, a million socks and several remotes that did not win those battles!)

I would say that she and my resident dogs are completely used to one another.  They share bones, they go for walks together, rest on the couch together and romp around the yard and chase one another!  I wish my backyard didn’t have a foot of snow all over it so they could really race around!!!yellow and black Labrador Retriever

Every day Frisky gets a little more comfortable just living in a warm, safe place and realizing that she has nothing to worry about.  She has the sweetest personality!  My family also adores her — this is going to be difficult (AGAIN)!!!

On Friday she goes back to the vet for her spay appointment (we’ll see if she still likes me after that), so please send some Brookline good thoughts her way!  Attaching a few recent pics!!!

February 15, 2021

Just a quick update this morning…Little Miss Frisky made great strides yesterday…finally being able to rest peacefully with people and dogs around and here’s the big one…getting much more comfortable with the resident dogs!  yellow Labrador Retriever

She stopped going the loooonnnngggg way around them, she would lay down and just chew on a bone and really not give them a care, and went outside WITH them!  Previously I’d let her out (and have to go with her) and if one of the other dogs went out, she’d run right back inside…yesterday she ran out the door with them and they all sniffed and enjoyed some backyard time together, and I got to stay inside and warm!  I can just watch from afar to make sure that she doesn’t forget to “go” while she’s out there too!  Same thing this morning, so I think we turned a big corner!

Clearly, every day she gets more confident and a little more of her sweet and gentle personality shines through!  She also ate 2 full meals without me having to hand feed her — maybe she does have some labby dinning instinct after all. yellow Labrador Retriever

February 14, 2021

Sweet Frisky is settling in so well — she’s still a little timid, but I think that it is just because things are new and I’m not sure that anyone ever paid much attention to her.

She loves to be nearby, but it seems like she has a hard time relaxing when there are a few people around…this gets better every day.  I just figure that it has to be exhausting to always kind of have one eye open trying to see what is going on around her.  When we are home alone — she loves to take long snoozes on her bed — so I know that she can relax and will as time goes on, I’m certain.   She’s curious and playful and I think she would love to run through the yard and just be a carefree pup — maybe when the snow and ice melt a little more!

She’s been a champ at housetraining — still no accidents, and is starting to whine or pace at the door when she needs to go out.  We took a little trip to the shore and she’s even mastered where to go at a second location!!!

She will whine a little when she goes into her crate at night, but she settles down quickly and generally we don’t hear a peep from her until we get up to get her in the morning.  I’ve found her every morning still sound asleep!

She is fine in the car although would prefer to be up front, so I use the gate in my SUV to keep her in the way back.

She is treat motivated, but not a huge eater so takes some coaxing and time to eat her meals.  I’ve personally never had a lab that wasn’t a complete chowhound — so this is a new experience for me.  She is also becoming more curious about the resident dogs too and while she is still pretty cautious, she is also inquisitive, so hour by hour they are getting more and more acquainted.

All in all — she’s had a great first 2 1/2 days with us and is quite a cutie and the perfect Valentine’s lovebug!!!yellow Labrador Retriever

She’s the perfect size and has perfect manners.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

February 11, 2021yellow Labrador Retriever

She’s actually the perfect size at 58 lbs., and she has beautiful (and now fresh and clean) coat!   All things are new to her and she approaches everything cautiously!  She seems a little timid at first, but I really think that she’s just experiencing things and noises and smells that she’s never been exposed to before.  I thought the vacuum cleaner might be a problem, but she didn’t seem phased by it one bit.

She loves people and wants to love my resident dogs but they are a little overwhelming for her so we are doing meet and greets in small chunks.  Frisky is not an alpha dog.   The dogs are making it work and we really made significant progress since just last night!

As a farm girl she is not housetrained, but we’ve been taking her out frequently and she has had no accidents in the house!  She’s smart and treat motivated, so she will probably do fine with housetraining and I think it will become much easier when she isn’t distracted by every new noise (and the snow isn’t helping either!)   YEAH Frisky!!!yellow Labrador Retriever

She’s really a pretty little lady and such a love!  We look forward to sharing more about sweet Frisky!!!

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