Fuji Black Labrador Retriever Mix Female 2.5 Months Old ID#2813

November 13, 2020

black labrador retriever mixFuji just had her vet visit and is a healthy 16lbs with no issues. She rode quietly and mostly dozed off in the car (45 mins one way.)black labrador retriever mixHouse-training is going well. Fuji will go to the door when she wants out, and if you’re paying attention all is well. She is very good at pottying outside, almost on demand. Her schedule is pretty predictable, so we’ve been able to go a few days with no accidents in the house at all. Fuji is also predictably good at sit, and almost has shake/paw down.black labrador retriever mixFuji is very good in her crate for a few hours or overnight. Lately, she’s been going to sleep around 9pm, and not stirring til about 5:30am. If you get her up quickly after she wakes up (she makes little noises, so I hear her, and can see her on a camera from my bed) she presents a clean dry crate, and goes outside to potty!! Good girl Fuji!!  Now, if we could nudge the time to be a touch later on both ends, that’d be great. But I’ll take it either way.black labrador retriever mixFuji is playing fabulously (appropriate, yet confident) with our 2.5 yr old Bella (medium brown dog in pic). Sadie (big yellow lab) is not yet part of the Fuji fan club, and prefers to just keep her distance. But Fuji continues to try to get her to warm up. She was ‘allowed’ to rest in Sadie’s bed, so she figures it’s only a matter of time.black labrador retriever mix

November 6, 2020

black labrador retriever mixFuji is settling into a routine and has learned how to play with one of her foster sisters, Bella. Whom she talked into sharing her bed with her on the porch. She has also found her bark and uses it to get Bella to play. Fuji’s welcome box arrived from Brookline and she just loves the felt rope. Having toys all over is key to keeping her from chewing things that she shouldn’t. She plays hard and then naps hard.

black labrador retriever mixPotty training is coming along with very few accidents in the house during the day. We take her out regularly and she goes potty every time. She does well in the crate at night with no whining; however, she tends to piddle on the pee pads in there at some point during the night. We did some leash walking and after a few tries she figured out that it wasn’t the devil. We don’t have a great ‘walking’ location but she does well going down our path.

black labrador retriever mixFuji loves to eat and would gobble up her kibble in seconds. We started using a slow feeder bowl and while it frustrates her, she does much better. She will sit when asked and is learning no and down. Though the latter are still a work in progress.

This little doll will make her new family very happy!

November 2, 2020

black labrador retriever mixFuji has been with us for three days now. While she started off needing to catch up on sleep, she quickly found her puppyness. She is a typical, adorable, spunky puppy. She loves to play and chew on toys and especially likes the nylabone. She’s made friends with the 2yr old resident dog and has shown some interest in playing but they haven’t quite gotten there yet. She’s persistent in making friends with the 6yr old resident yellow lab but that’s a tougher task. She was allowed a close snuggle once but mostly gets ignored.

black labrador retriever mixThe potty training is a work in progress but she’s learned to go to the door. If you’re watching her and catch that 2 second moment, she’ll go outside, go down the steps, potty in the grass and then come right back in. YAY Fuji. Fuji has slept in her crate at night with only a couple whines and is sitting there nicely when you come for her in the morning without the blanket even ruffled.

black labrador retriever mixWe’re looking forward to learning more about this little doll. She’s also proved to be photogenic. Here’s some of her finest moments.black labrador retriever mix

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