Georgia Black Labrador Mix Female 3-4 Years Old

October 6, 2019

3-4 yr old black lab Georgia

Georgia here.  I thought I’d give a little update since foster mom seems to be too busy.  Something about cleaning up after four dogs and one cat.  Well I can tell you that I stay on the trails and don’t get muddy and I haven’t shed a hair yet, so I don’t think she should be lumping me into the same category at the other dogs in the house.  I also heard FM say that she plans to make me available any day as she thinks I’m ready.  I’m still kind of interested in the resident cat and while I am doing better at leaving her be, FM still thinks I’d be better off in a cat-free home.  Otherwise I am a really chill go with the flow girl.  Recently we came upon a couple of dogs running their fence and carrying on and that got me a little excited, but I have been totally fine with other dogs that behave appropriately!  And I haven’t met a person I didn’t like!


3-4 yr old black lab Georgia 3-4 yr old black lab Georgia



October 2, 2019

Black Labrador Retriever mixGeorgia is continuing to settle in beautifully.  Maybe they are more relaxed down on the islands because Georgia doesn’t seemed phased by anything. I had contractors here yesterday for a kitchen repair and she greeted them calmly and happily without a single bark (wish I could say the same for my excitable resident dogs!).  There is also construction on the road out in front of our house, and she isn’t interested.

Georgia went to the vet yesterday and got a clean bill of health and the rest of her vaccinations.  Only a month later you can hardly tell she was spayed, and her eyes have completely healed from her entropian surgery (a pretty simple procedure to correct eyelashes that are turning in towards the eyes, thus causing a lot of irritation).  She weighed in at 70 pounds and the vet thinks that’s a perfect weight for her.  I asked her how old she thought Georgia was and based on her teeth and overall condition, she is estimating her to be about 3 years old.  She also commented on her beautiful soft coat.

Today was the first time I crated Georgia,  as even though she is completely housebroken and not a chewer or counter surfer, I don’t leave foster dogs out with my resident dogs when they are new.  I watched her on the camera and she just settled down and took a nap.  Similarly when I came home, she was calmly waiting for me to let her out!

Georgia’s only “flaw” is that she is still way too interested in my cat, and so we are keeping them apart.  Last night we watched TV and  I had her on leash where she couldn’t reach the cat, and the cat was getting some attention from my husband in his lap.  And it took quite awhile for Georgia to give up and just go lie down.  But she did- baby steps- so she may come around, or she may just be better in a home without cats.

Black Labrador Retriever mix

She continues to enjoy her walks and is still pretty easy to walk.  She’s interested in the chipmunks and squirrels as my dogs are, but she doesn’t jerk me around pulling to go towards them.   Good girl Georgia.

We expect to make this chill girl available soon as she is ready to go and start her new life with her furever family.

September 30, 2019

black Labrador Retriever

This is Georgia’s new foster mom checking in to say that all is going very well.  This is one calm dog who seems to have taken all of this change in stride.  She’s got the most gorgeous soft coat and seems to be in great shape all things considered.  She’s eating well, doing her business outside (definitely house trained) and she walks well on the leash, and really doesn’t even need the Freedom harness we use on walks. She even  was the perfect guest and slept quietly on her dog bed in the master bedroom without as much as a whimper.   Georgia was very excited to meet our pack of three, and even though they were a little overzealous at first, she stayed calm.  One walk together and they’re old buddies now.  Enjoy the video of her playing with the others.  She doesn’t seem to have a lot of experience in the matter, but she’s learning fast as the video shows.

I was hoping she wouldn’t show any interest in the indoor only resident senior cat, but I’m afraid she doesn’t yet get that Shadow is the queen of the house. So to keep everyone safe, Shadow is in her private office and we’ll work on slow introductions.

Tomorrow she goes to the vet for a check up and the rest of her shots.  So we’ll report back after that.

September 29, 2019

black lab in profile

Hi, I’m Georgia and I have an unusual story to tell, or so my foster mom says.  I’m Caymanian which means I hail from the Cayman Islands.  I was in a shelter there in George Town (is that how I got my name??) and everyone got so excited when they heard that I was making the trip to America.  Imagine that!  See, you might think of calypso music and beautiful beaches when you picture the Cayman Islands, and you wouldn’t be wrong.  But what you might not know is that there are a lot of us dogs in the small area of the Islands, and the shelter is overflowing with dogs and cats seeking furever homes. I’m a typical lab size (~75 pounds) but apparently I am considered a big dog to the Caymanians and harder to adopt out on the Islands where I am not your typical “potcake”.  So when a volunteer Bridget took me home to foster me, she fell for me and starting dreaming of how she could get me in a loving furever home.  The shelter people were really kind to me, but I had been there for almost two months and had to share my kennel with two other dogs and we were lucky if we got a walk on the weekends, so I was happy to think I might be leaving soon.

I don’t know all the details but I can tell you I took a long ride on an airplane and landed in JFK in NY where Bridget was waiting for me on the other end. I’m a pretty chill girl and riding in cargo was not all that bad.  Still I was VERY happy to see her, and we got in her car and traveled back to her home for the night (you can see where I got to sleep – a big bed and boy was it comfy).  The next morning we got up early- even though I was pretty interested in sleeping in- because Bridget told me we were going to meet my new foster mom in PA.  No problem as I don’t mind riding in the car, and I just either slept or sat up and took in all the sights of this new land.

And here I am meeting my new foster mom (that’s Bridget on the left).  I’m a pretty happy girl right now, but stay tuned for updates from my new foster home.

Foster moms hand off black lab

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