Gia Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 11 Years Old ID#2686

yellow labrador retrieverSweet Gia could no longer navigate the stairs to get in and out of her lifelong home. With great sadness, her owner transferred Gia to our care.   Gia can’t do stairs or hard surface floors, and she has some allergies we need to get a handle on.   Otherwise she is as sweet as a Lab can be, and her tail never stops wagging.

December 27, 2020

yellow labrador retriever It’s Gia here. Let me tell you how much I LOOOOVE Christmas! There was a beautiful tree for me to sniff, lots of lights, music, some family to hug and pet me, and best of all- prime rib! I wish it could be Christmas every day. I got some new bones and toys and so many hugs, kisses and belly rubs it was ridiculous. My crazy foster mom even decorated me with lights that blink.  Then she had the nerve to put a Santa hat on me.

yellow labrador retrieverSo here’s some info about me- I’m great with other dogs and need a pal to keep me company preferably a playful one that will be gentle with me.  Although I’m 12, I love to play in short bursts and take walks every day. I really need a fenced in yard so I can sniff, wander, and enjoy being a lab.

yellow labrador retrieverI’m good with kids but would prefer some older ones that don’t try to ride or crawl on me. I have seen the resident cat but never lived in close contact with one. I am fully house-trained and entirely loveable! I love to go for car rides and look out the window. I need a home with easy access of no more than 1-2 steps since I have some arthritis. I will be available as of 1/4/21!!

December 22, 2020

Gia continues to amaze with how very sweet she is and how easy she is to care for. She gets very excited when I pick up her harness and leash and “dances” to the door in anticipation for her walk. She absolutely LOVES wandering in the yard and gets a lot of exercise just by doing this. In the next day or two, now that she trusts me, I will be attempting to cut her dragon claws. She watched me (very closely) trim Boomer’s nails and was concerned and worried for him. When he started snoring in the middle of the process, she realized he was probably ok.

She has been eating with gusto (of course she has- she’s a lab!) and taking her meds in her food. She has learned the joy of treats and takes them much more gently now. For the first time, she started to play with some dog toys and picked up a marrow bone and put it into her bed! She’s learning how to be a typical happy lab!! She also really likes getting brushed.

She likes the Christmas tree and has wagged most of the ornaments off the bottom portion and loves the tinkling sound they make when they move and then fall. This senior beauty will make some family/person a wonderful addition!

Gia has a vet appointment on Monday and will be available for adoption once the rescue break is over on January 4th.

December 21, 2020

Good morning from Gia!!

yellow labrador retrieverThis 12 year old senior once again slept through the night and ate her breakfast like a champ this morning. She is in boot camp to slim down and gets her daily walk as well as wandering tirelessly around our fenced-in yard. I believe that the yard is key to getting her the exercise she needs. She LOVES to wander and sniff off-lead and also LOVES the company of another playful dog.

In all my years of having and fostering dogs, I’ve never seen a dog do a snow angel. Well, Miss Gia does them constantly. She can’t get enough of the snow. She does them on her back as well as both sides! It’s a riot to watch.

yellow labrador retrieverGia has been experimenting as to which comfy dog bed she prefers. She will go from one to the other (we have 3) and sometimes both at the same time-head and front paws on one and body on the other . She is full of love as well as being a very funny character.

December 20, 2020

yellow labrador retrieverAfter a tremendous amount of driving and HUGE effort by a dedicated volunteer, I received beautiful 12 year-old Gia into foster yesterday! Gia is a 11 year-old yellow owner-surrender. She was much loved, and cherished her whole life.  She is the sweetest lab, and her tail wags non-stop.

yellow labrador retrieveryellow labrador retrieverShe loves everyone she meets and loves other dogs. Cats are an unknown. She is fully house-trained.  She would have a made a wonder therapy dog.

She is able to play in short spurts like a puppy! She would love a fenced-in yard so she can sniff and wander and explore. She is a big fan of the snow and loves to take walks.

yellow labrador retrieverShe slept through the night very peacefully and LOVES the posturepedic bed. She is learning to take treats gently by hand (her owner always laid them on the floor).

yellow labrador retrieverGia requires a home where she won’t need to navigate more than one to two steps to get in and out. A one-floor carpeted home would suit her best since she is unsteady and nervous of slipping on uncarpeted surfaces. She does have some arthritis (Carprofen twice daily) and allergies (Apoquel twice daily).

yellow labrador retriever


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