Ginger Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 13 Years Old

June 18, 2019

Well, Ginger has been with us for 5 days now.  She’s doing fantastic.  An occasional accident (if I happen to have fallen asleep and don’t hear her at the door ) but really no complaints.  It’s more my fault than hers.

Week days she goes in her crate when we go to work,  usually from 7-10 or 11, so not really long.  Overnight, we did have her crate in the living room, but she would whimper and bark.  So we tried leaving a radio on and a dim light.  It helped but not for the entire night.

2 nights ago we moved it into our bedroom. She goes right in and only makes a peep when we get up in the morning.

As far as Ginger and our “snarky resident Dutch”….  we actually took the gate down between them over the weekend.  She wants to be with him…  Him… not so much.  They’re fine when they’re outside together… inside together… and even on walks.  He’s just more of a Lone Wolf-Lab I guess.🤣🤣

We go for her vet check next Monday, and I don’t see why she wont be available shortly after that.

Yellow Labrador Ginger checking out her goodie boxWe also received the Brookline Care Package from Carolyn today…  filled with so many cool goodies. I tried to take a pic of Ginger with them, but well…. that didn’t work out.  And then of course Dutch had to investigate too.  She really seemed to like the knotted fleece rope. 👍👍


June 15, 2019

13 year old yellow Labrador Ginger smiling outsideGinger is settling in nicely around here.  We’ve learned that in her pre-Brookline life she must have been a pretty smart cookie….she came into our home crate trained, housebroken, and knows a bunch of the standard commands.13 year old yellow Labrador Ginger enjoying the sunshine

Initial introductions with our resident lab went great on Ginger’s behalf; he was a bit snarky (I love that word)…but is getting more open to having a guest in his home. Miss Ginger has met a few of the neighborhood dogs and got along great with them.

She has shown little to no interest in the neighborhood cats and squirrels (whew!). Along those same lines, she’s shown no interest in the pool either (yay–no wet, furry dog trying to get in the house after a dip in the pool!)

Ginger yellow Labrador Retriever chilling in the grassGinger seems to be a really happy dog, just going along with whatever. She enjoys walks, but just as much, she seems to like curling up and taking mid-afternoon naps (who doesn’t though). We took her to our son’s baseball game, and she was quite content to just sit and watch the boys play, and occasionally roll over for belly rubs.Yellow Labrador Retriever Ginger catching some sunrays

She’s a very mellow pup that I still can’t see being 13 yrs old…. that really seems to love having her people around her.

June 12, 2019

Did someone say rescue ride?

13 year old Miss Ginger (a petite 53 lbs.), said goodbye to the shelter today and joined the Brookline family as a foster dog. This is what her foster Dad has to say so far:

A. I have a hard time believing she is 13.yellow Labrador Ginger embarking on a new life

B. I’m not used to dogs on the smaller side…. Smaller dog = smaller poop! It’s the little things.

C. The initial paperwork said she had some lameness in her hind legs… I don’t know… she nearly made it without help into our lifted jeep… then, on our walk after getting home, she wanted to run. Not jog. Run. I don’t run. Nope. Nuh uh. Not happening!

Right after she arrived, we spent some time sitting outside, under a tree, to hang out and let Ginger de-stress a bit before meeting our resident Lab. I think she will be relatively easy… supposedly housebroken already, UTD on shots… already spayed… just got microchipped…. rides in cars and walks on a leash pretty well. So yea. I think already she’s proving herself to be pretty special.

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