Ginger #5 Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 5 Years Old ID #2997

February 26, 2021

Ginger update! Ginger had a big week.

She learned how to use the steps! At first, she could only go up and needed me to walk her down. She is now proficient in doing the steps. She found her voice and barks to let me know when someone is home and she started wagging her tail. She came out and greeted me today with a tail wag when I came home. It was a good week for Ginger! She is still interviewing for her forever family.chocolate labrador retriever

February 16, 2022

Ginger found her voice this week! She barks at noises and anyone who comes in the house. She enjoys her walks and hangs in her favorite corner. She is still looking for her forever home.chocolate labrador retriever

January 16, 2022

Ginger update! We went on a field trip to the beach.chocolate labrador retriever She jumped right in! She seemed the most relaxed and happy walking and taking a polar plunge. I wasn’t camera ready so I missed the swim but she enjoyed it!

She had a first time on the couch.chocolate labrador retriever She seems to know some words, walk, ride and outside and potty. She knows her name and will come out of her crate when called but won’t come directly to you. She is a work in progress and she is making improvements. She is slow and steady and will need someone who is kind and patient. She is a good girl and is evolving into a pet!

December 30, 2021

Ginger update! She is doing better and becoming more social. Here she is with her foster brother chilling and enjoying her new toys from Christmas.

She seems to want to be with us rather than alone in the corner. She is warming up to Dave and comes out of her crate to see him when she hears his voice. She is moving around a little more on her own. I don’t think she likes the tile floors. She seems most comfortable in rooms with carpeting. She won’t approach us but will let us pet her and brush her.  She seems to enjoy her walks a little more. Things are looking up!

December 13, 2021

Ginger is enjoying time by the fire with her toys.

Please send her positive vibes that her spay surgery goes well and we don’t lose any of the progress she had made. She is slowly coming out of her shell. She is a beautiful soul as we get to know her.

November 28, 2021

Ginger went to the vet this week. They think she would do well with some puppy Prozac as she is still quite nervous. They said she is in good health and can be spayed as soon as we schedule. She seems to like to go outside and when I throw the ball she will go and sit next to it. We took a long walk today and she is great on a leash. She is slowly making progress.

November 10, 2021chocolate labrador retriever

Ginger seems like she is feeling a little better. She has been in her crate and it seems to be helping. She ate well and and had a little yard time.

November 7, 2021chocolate labrador retriever

Ginger arrived late Saturday afternoon. She is a beautiful chocolate female age 5 around 70 lbs. She was pulled from a farm and is scared but is starting to trust us. She had her first bath and is chilling in her crate as she wasn’t sure about being in the house. She was looking for a place to hide so we set her up in her area and have been giving her some space. Will update more tomorrow.

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