Gracie #10 Black Labrador Retriever Mix Female ID #3159

March 14, 2023Black Labrador Mix

Gracie had a fun adventure last Friday and went to 2 pet stores. She met lots of people and got lots of attention. She walks well in her harness, but is easily distracted with all the treats and toys.  This was her first time ever going into a store. She did steal a fish skin treat when I wasn’t looking. Score for her. One store had a mirror and she was fascinated with her own reflection. That was pretty amusing. I had to coax her away from her image.

She and Phoebe are still having fun. They have a lot of energy but tire each other out.

When Phoebe goes to daycare Gracie just relaxes. Very different energy when Phoebe is gone. I think she would match her energy level to her situation.

I think Gracie would do well with someone that would make sure she got exercise. She doesn’t necessarily need a resident dog. The only requirement would be a fenced in yard. She loves to run in the yard. She also is very fast and athletic. She would make a great agility dog. She really enjoys being with people.

I am still getting to know her. She is very sweet and sensitive. She needs someone to continue with her training. She is an easy dog to live with.

March 7, 2023

Gracie is settling in well. She is super sweet. Her favorite things to do is snuggle with FD and wrestle with Phoebe. When Phoebe is at daycare, she is calm. When Phoebe is home, she loves to play. She matches her energy level to the dog she plays with.Black Labrador Mix

She is crate trained and house trained. She does need some work on her manners. She likes to see what’s on the counters but is easily corrected.Black Labrador Mix She is walking well using a harness. I plan to take her on a some errands this week so she gets used to going into stores. She is very good in the car.

It’s hard to believe Gracie has only been here a week. She is very easy to have at our house. Gracie has an appointment to be spayed March 31st. After she heals, she will be available. If you are looking for a snuggle bug, look no further.

March 2, 2023

Gracie is doing great such a good girl. She has had no accidents since she arrived. Although she is doing better with her crate training. Today she walked in and took a nap.Black Labrador Mix

Phoebe loves the crate and was surprised to find Gracie in there. Gracie loves running and wrestling with Phoebe but she also adapts her play style to do a gentle bitey face with Scout.Black Labrador Mix

She loves to snuggle especially with FD. Black Labrador MixShe gives gentle kisses. Gracie is learning to be a house dog. She responds well to corrections. In addition, to sit and say please she also knows how to shake hands. She is learning wait, leave it and how to walk on lead. She hasn’t even been here a week. She is such a good girl. Stay tuned for more adventures of Gracie.

February 26, 2023

Just a quick foster update to let everyone know how it is going with Gracie. She is doing well, no accidents yet. She is sleeping in the crate. She cries at first but after 5 or 10 min she settles. They are very pitiful cries.

She likes Scout but was very intimidated by Phoebe who is a bit of a bull moose when she plays. Slowly, Gracie is understanding that Phoebe is just playing.

Also, every toy is Phoebe’s. If there are 4 exact squirrel toys the one you have is mine. Phoebe is learning to share kind of.

Now they are beginning to play. We have a 5 min roughhousing rule for inside. Then we throw them outside to run and play. That seems to be working well. They are really engaging now. Gracie mimics Phoebe’s moves then adds a twist. Phoebe learns the new move. They seem to be well matched. Gracie is faster. They both come back pooped. See photo for proof.

Gracie definitely wants to please and responds well to corrections. Still a work in progress.

She was great at the vet’s but cried when she got all her vaccinations. She is scheduled for her spay on March 31st. She will be posted after the stitches are out. I will also get her microchipped.

She was a lite wary of the vacuum but did not run away. More curious and cautious. She wanted to see what it was and keep a bit of a distance.

I bought her a new collar and ordered her a medium harness. We will do our first walk today and see how she is on lead. I think she will be great.Black Labrador Mix

She is a great girl and will be perfect for a family with kids. Perfect size of 46 lbs. She is very gentle and sweet as well. Loves to give kisses.

February 24, 2023

Welcome Grace a 46lb lab mix. She is a little peanut.Black Labrador Mix Gracie is 1 year old and super sweet and gentle. The farmer reached out to Brookline because Gracie kept leaving the farm to go see the little kids at the school down the street. This little girl absolutely adores children and people. She does well with other dogs.  She also knows sit and if you ask her to say please she talks to you.

She is a very nice girl. She likes Scout and is a little nervous of Phoebe who immediately wanted to wrestle. I am looking forward to learning more about this sweetheart.

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