Gracie #9, Yellow Labrador Retriever Female,16 months old


March 12, 2018

Gracie is a 16 month old yellow purebred labrador retriever female. She has a very expressive face, which makes you feel like she really knows what you are saying. 

March 12, 2018

Yellow Labrador Retriever female laying on the back seat of a car

She has been surrendered to the same veterinary practice, twice.  Evidently both families didn’t like that she pulled so hard on the leash. We had a quiet uneventful ride from Jenkintown to Downingtown on Saturday.  She wasn’t totally relaxed in the back seat, but stayed there and didn’t clamber around the car.

She met our Lab Sally and our visiting dog Kayli, a hound mix, outdoors and we all went for a pack walk.  She does indeed pull on leash like a steam locomotive, but, I am using a 2-Hounds Freedom Harness, which I can use two leads with, one on top, and one in the front. We’ll keep working on the leash training!

This morning, I allowed her a little freedom in our big backyard, wearing her harness and two leashes, and she Yellow Labrador Retriever seating at veterinarianenjoyed chasing after Kayli and smelling the deer scent from our resident herds.  She is very good at coming to her name!  She is a little bit mouthy when she comes up to you, and needs to learn to take treats more gently.  Like, just take the biscuit, not all five of my fingers please!

She did not want to go into the crate, and I didn’t force the issue, as she is also very good at signaling to be let outside.  She does not like climbing stairs, so she slept in the living room with Sally last night, and slept until about 6 a.m.  I may try teaching her to enjoy the crate, so if I need to leave the house for more than a short spell, I will feel more comfortable knowing she can’t get into any mischief.

She has one of those expressive, wrinkly foreheads, so whenever she comes up to you, her “eyebrows” go up and she has this very cute perplexed look.  She’s not worried or anxious, it’s just what her face does, hahaha!

She has had some loose stools, but I put that down to the change in dog food.  She is food gulper, so I have been using the slow-feed bowl to prevent choking.

Yellow Labrador Retriever seating profile at veterinarianI also want to thank Dee for sending her welcome package, which arrived Saturday.  Love the scarf, tug toy, squeaky ball and tennis ball. Grace is more interested in the biscuits – no big surprise!  She has also been enjoying gnawing the deer antlers and big shin bones I have.

We’ll check in again in a few days!

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