Grace, Black Labrador Retriever Female, 9 Years Old


They say I am 9 or 10 years old and I am a very good girl with southern manners and charm. I just like everybody I meet, which makes me a real lady. I am finished with my treatment for heartworm. 


April 23, 2018

Hi All:

black labrador retriever sitting shaking pawIt’s Grace with an update! I am still here with my foster family but I am on the available list and waiting for my family/person!

 I have finished all of my heartworm medication and my fosters said they notice I am a little more playful. Although I am taking medication for incontinence, I have not one accident since I stopped my steroid medication.  Foster Mom said we are going to try to reduce my dosage and see if I can go without. If not,  it’s just 2 pills a day. Way better then all the ones I had to take to treat those heartworms.

The weather the past few days is much more to my liking. Much more like Texas!

 I still would like to have my forever family or person though.I don’t require much but ideally one floor living would be best for me.The vet told me I will likely have problems with my hips and although I can climb the stairs now, I’m not sure if I will be able to in the future.

black labrador retriever sitting shaking paw
I also really like the company of my people at night so a 1st floor bedroom where I can sleep on my bed next to my people would be simply marvelous and I love love love my short daily walks in the neighborhood. Not too much to ask is it?
Until then I will continue to hang out here with that resident dog, who is being much nicer to me. He even let’s me play with him sometimes. I knew my southern charm would eventually melt his heart! I promise I will melt yours too!

March 27, 2018

black labrador retriever laying downGrace here with some BIG news!
I am so happy, today I got the news that my recent hearttworm test is negative which means my treatment so far is a success!
There is one final step. I must go back in 5 months for a follow-up blood test and if that is negative I am cured of those pesky worms! So whoever applies for me must promise to follow up on my treatment!
I have been through so much the last few months. I can finally see the end in sight!
I cannot wait to see who wants to give me my forever home!
My Foster mom says I am such a well behaved girl that anybody would be lucky to have me (of course I already know that)
I sit, give my paw, bark at the door to go out and come in, I get along with all the neighborhood dogs and don’t seen to show much interest in the neighborhood cats or squirrels.  I also do not counter surf….but every one in awhile something smells awfully good in the trash can though so as a Lab, I feel it is my job to investigate!
black labrador retriever sitting orange ballMy doctor told me I am a healthy 70 lbs and that is a great weight for me. I also love my daily walks and smells along the way so it is important that I have that time for me! I also love, love, love car rides!  Also, throughout the day I require some petting and a few treats. Otherwise I am happy to rest!
I still have a lot of  years ahead of me and so much love to give! My foster mom said I just melt her heart when I sit and look at her! Look for me on the available list very very soon!
Grace from Texas!

January, 13, 2018

Hello All….Grace from Texas here just to give you a quick update now that the holidays have past. Please keep me in your thoughts over the next few weeks. I am getting my first Heart worm injection Monday. Foster Mom told me I have to stay at the vet overnight. I am not liking that too much. She also told me I have to rest over the next few weeks too. That does not please me either!
I guess I have to look at the big picture though….those worms that can cause me so much trouble will be gone! That will be a wonderful day for me. I have gone through so much since coming here in October. This is the last step and then I can live out my life in a loving home!
 It’s going to be hard though resting while that resident dog runs around and plays…ugh! I do think he is finally warming up to me, I knew my southern Texas charm would win him over eventually!
We had a great Christmas and were very spoiled with presents and delicious treats. I didn’t know what to do when Foster Mom gave me wrapped gifts so I watched the resident dog tear off the paper to find a toy inside…wow was that fun! He helped me open mine.  I loved all my gifts.
I also didn’t flinch during New Years Eve fireworks…in fact…I slept right through them….I did not make it until midnight…I am set in my ways and usually excuse myself to go up to my bed around 8:30 each night!
Foster Mom also got me a thing she calls a sweater. I sit nicely when she puts it on. It’s red and I am rocking it! She said even though I’m a Lab it’s still way too cold to be outside without it. I have to say it was never this cold in Texas! I do love the snow here though!
That’s all for now…
Grace From Texas

December 8, 2017

Black Labrador Retriever with gray faceHi Y’all…. it’s me Grace from Texas checking in. Wow, what a busy few weeks I’ve had since my surgery!

I just returned from a 10 day vacation at another foster home. The lady Coleen, was so sweet and she had another foster too! He was my age! He was very kind and even let me sleep on the bigger bed. We went for walks and played.
The only thing that was a little trying were the steep steps going in and out of her house.
I guess I need to go to a home that does not have too many steps. I hope there are homes like that up here!
I came back to my foster mom this morning and she and I just hugged and played! Oh, by the way, that resident dog didn’t seem as happy to see me as my foster mom. I will keep working on making friends with him. He’s not mean but he just ignores me a lot which makes me sad!
I am taking my meds and will soon start my treatment to get those pesky worms out of my heart. I’m a bit nervous they say it’s a process…whatever that means but that I will be so much better off.
It will all be worth it though when it’s over and I can find my new and loving home. I am looking forward to a happier year in 2018. My one and only wish is I find my new home when I am better. I wonder if I’m on anybody’s Wish list, I sure hope so!
Happy Holidays,

November 6, 2017

Hello everybody,

Grace from Texas here to tell you that I came through my surgery this week swimmingly.

I ended up having six teeth extracted along with the two lumps. The doctor says the lumps are benign nothing to worry about. And actually I think I may have been in more pain with those bad teeth then I was after my surgery!Black Labrador Retriever with a gray face

I also got this really fashionable accessory around my neck (pictured ) when I left the vet. I heard I don’t have to wear it too often because I’m not bothering my stitches ( whatever those are) But sometimes they will put it on me and I think I’m going somewhere fun ….I run to the door and I wag my tail!

I will go back and have my stitches removed in 10 days. Then I will be starting my heartworm treatment. The doctor took x-rays and says that my heartworm doesn’t look too advanced because my heart and lungs look good. That is such a relief.

I am continuing my short walks and I am eating well and resting at my foster home. You know that resident dogs is still ignoring me. I just don’t know what I can do to get him to be my friend! The rest of the family is giving me a lot of TLC.

There is one perk about this surgery however, I’m getting to eat soft food like chicken and rice and boy is that tasty. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the rice when I first tasted it so I was just pushing it around with my nose not sure if I was supposed

Black Labrador Retriever in a blue cone of shame to eat it or not but I have come to really like it.

For now I am going to continue to get better and I will check back in next week. I hope there are some people following my blog …maybe one of them will open up their home and give me my forever place to live.

I don’t mean to come on strong but did I mention I have very good manners, and I walk well on a leash, and I settle down nicely, and I love to be petted…. they say I am a

a very easy going girl!

These are just a few of the things I overhear my people saying about me. I will share more information in the weeks to come.

I hope everybody enjoys their week.


Grace from Texas

October 22, 2017

Grace here with an update….I had a very relaxing week. No pesky doctors, I just walked and played with my Black Labrador Retriever chewing on a red rubber boneneighborhood friends.

 On Tuesday I will be traveling to see a new doctor I will know more about my prognosis then.

I have some teeth that need to get extracted and I would like to have that done before my heartworm treatment begins. We will see what the doctor says about that.

 Until then I will just live the new fabulous life of relaxing ,taking short walks ,hanging with the neighborhood dogs ,eating good food and getting lots of attention from my foster family perhaos the resident dog will be my friend this week ….he’s very aloof ….I just don’t understand it I’m such a charming girl!
They tell me it’s trick-or-treat this week so I look forward to handing out lots of treats I just hope they don’t put one of those ridiculous costumes on me , they put one on the resident dog it was red and had horns, fortunately it didn’t fit him so I hope when they return it they don’t get one for me!
 Black Labrador Retriever laying on her stuffed toys
Have a great week everyone….
October 15, 2017
Black Labrador Retriever sitting with a sad face
 Black Labrador Retriever sitting profile
Hi Y’all, my name is Grace and I have traveled a very long way to find a home in the past few weeks.
You see, awhile back,  I was at a shelter in Houston, Texas, where I was found as a stray. It was ok there until some guy or storm or something like that named Harvey came. Well,  the shelter told us we didn’t want to stick around to see this Harvey thing, so they packed us up and we traveled for days and ended up here in Pennsylvania (that is a big word)
I stayed in another shelter  until last week when my foster Mommy “sprang” me. I am so relieved to be out of that loud place. While I was there the doctor told me I have these stupid worms in my heart, so I am taking medicine to try and get those darn worms out of there!
She also said I need some teeth removed and a small mass on my leg and belly. Brookline and my foster mom are setting up all of these procedures for me so if you don’t hear from me over the next week or so it’s because I am resting.
Black Labrador Retriever rolling on her back When I get better I will be looking for my new home here. I like the weather in Pennsylvania and I hear it snows! I hope somebody will let me live with them so I can experience all that this place has to offer. By then those worms will be gone and my fixed up heart will be able to fully love my new people.
They say I am 9 or 10 years old and I am a very good girl with good southern manners. I get along with everybody I meet too including the resident dog and the 10 year old  girl I live with.Black Labrador Retriever laying down waitingBlack Labrador Retriever watching the cars go by

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