Hank 5 Years Old ID #2865 and Hunter 4 Years Old ID #2862 Chocolate Labrador Retriever Male

January 14, 2021

Hank and Hunter wanted to check in to ask for good wishes, since they are getting neutered tomorrow.

The boys are doing well overall.  We are seeing a bit more of their personalities coming out each day, as they are settling in.   They certainly like affection (and belly rubs continue to be highly sought after.)2 chocolate labrador retriever

They are starting to play more with toys in the house, which is good to see.

And they are loving running in the yard (across the pool cover is a particularly popular activity).  Doing great walking too.  Fine passing people or dogs, unfazed by cars.  Sleeping well through the night, which we certainly appreciate.

If all goes well at the vets, they will be posted for adoption soon.  They are sweet dogs that are ready to find the Furever family that will work with them on becoming the best pups possible.

January 7, 2021

Hank and Hunter checking in again.  Each day they get a little more used to the routine, and seem a bit more comfortable here.  They have been doing very well with bedtime the last few days, with no fussing at all and staying nice and quiet until we get up in the morning to let them out.  And during the day, after a walk, they will snooze on their bed while you work (unless someone gets up to move to another room, then they have to pop up and see what is going on!)2 chocolate labrador retriever

Still walking a lot, and doing well with that.  Always happy to see someone walking by, though we just say hi from a distance and keep moving (though I am sure they would be happy to hustle some pets).  They also are not bothered by dogs that bark from houses we pass by.   Our yard was finally dry enough to let them out loose, and after a bit of time sniffing the fence line, they discovered that they could run around and chase each other (across the pool cover seemed to be especially entertaining).

They seem to be very treat motivated, and have even learned a few new commands (wait, when a car goes by, and down when getting a treat).  They eat meals like typical labs.  And a big plus, so far, they have not gotten into anything they are not supposed to, and don’t beg when we are eating.

The boys will be neutered next week and shortly after that they will be ready to find their new family.

January 5, 2021

So far, we have learned that they absolutely love zooming around the yard (too bad it is still a swamp!)2 chocolate labrador retriever They also are really excited to go on walks, the longer the better.  They are doing well using harnesses, and are very interested in all the new smells.  They have met a few people out walking, and are happy to go over to say hi.  We passed a few other dogs, and they seemed interested but were happy to just walk on by when we kept going.  Hank did meet another dog outside at his vet visit (a large Husky) and they just did some sniffing, but no drama!

This is Hank, recovering from our morning activities. chocolate labrador retriever

They continue to love to give and get affection with belly rubs a big favorite (that’s a get for them, not a give!)chocolate labrador retriever  Their coats are getting shiny, and hopefully the good meals will fill them out a bit.    They do like riding in the car.

January 3, 2021

2 chocolate labrador retriever
Hunter (left) and Hank (right)

Hank (5 YO) and Hunter (4 YO) Chocolate labs.  Both currently about 55 pounds.

Introducing Hank and Hunter, a bonded pair of brothers that arrived with Brookline for the new year.  Sadly, their owner lost her house, and a family member was only able to take them in temporarily.   They made the hard decision to let Brookline find a home for these 2 sweethearts that would give them the life they deserve.

After a whirlwind day in a few different cars, a scary vet visit, and a bath before going into their new house, they were a bit confused, but still happy to give many kisses and lots of bellies to rub!  They ate right up a good meal, and even got to take a walk (they were surprisingly good using a harness, considering they were rarely walked at their previous home).

So far, we know they need to put on a few pounds (about 5 or so), love to ride in the car (Hank preferring in your lap if you will let him), like walks, were good meeting people (even the cable guy that came to the house today), and love being together.  They had some skin irritations that medicine, a few baths, and good food should fix right up.  And they are absolutely cuddle bugs that love being with you, getting pets (or even better, belly rubs).  And after a little running around, happy to lay down for a snooze.2 chocolate labrador retriever

Stay tuned for more updates as they settle in to their new home, and we learn more about this tasty pair of chocolates, that really want to stay together in their Forever home.

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