Hannah Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 2 Years Old

March 26, 2019

chocolate Labrador Retriever running wit toy2.5 year  old former breeder mama Hannah has been at winter camp at Canine Kamp in Bedminster since she came into the rescue. Unfortunately she showed too much stress going into a foster home with three other dogs so we decided to back up and figure out what Hannah needed to succeed.   She has been working with volunteer and trainer Virginia, who describes her as incredibly sweet and loving.   Hannah has been adjusting to her new normal, outside of an isolated kennel where she and her Mama, chocolate Molly, spent their lives having babies. Hannah has been learning to walk on a leash, and does well on the Gentle Leader.  She is quite strong, and this has been effective in helping her to learn leash manners. Hannah loves every human she meets – whether man or woman – and would probably be good with older kids that she wouldn’t knock over.  She loves her peeps! And the good news is that Hannah has been doing really well with her interactions with other dogs!  She seems mostly just curious, and a bit pushy when she investigates those interesting creatures.  Having never interacted with dogs other than the breeder Dads and her Mom, she will need to learn to respect their social cues.  But there have been no signs of anything other than curiosity.  However, she will need a laid back dog who will tolerate her lack of manners. She just went into heat about a week or so ago, so it will be a bit until she can be spayed.  But otherwise, she is healthy and loving life outside the breeder cage.  She is learning how wonderful it is to be able to run and play and take long walks full of interesting smells.   Now she needs to learn how wonderful life can be inside a home!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5EZuoz7DsM       https://youtu.be/CAGpxvGVuWY

March 16, 20192 Year Old Chocolate Lab Hannah

Meet Hannah, a gorgeous 2.5 year old lab that got sprung from the farm early.  She has had two litters but is now ready to put that behind her and join a loving family.  Hannah is a big girl at 82 pounds, but she isn’t overweight. She has that big blocky lab head that so many love and she really is a beautiful dog. 2 Year Old Chocolate Lab HannahHannah was not at all shy when she was pulled, and she loved being petted.  She hopped right up in the car even though she had never been in one and while she would have preferred to be in the front seat, she settled pretty quickly (although she did nuzzle the driver’s neck!)  Hannah was pulled at the same time as her mom (8 year old Molly who will also be available soon).  Hannah did great at the vet’s office and at the doggie wash. Stay tuned for updates on this sweet girl.       2 Year Old Chocolate Lab Hannah 2 Year Old Chocolate Lab Hannah

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