Harper #4 Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 3 Years Old ID #3125

October 31, 2022

Harper enjoyed getting dressed up in costume for Halloween. She loved all the pets and hugs she got from the kids! Looks like it was treats for her.

October 26, 2022

  1. A home with experienced dog owners. Harper will need plenty of time to decompress in her new home
  2. A home that will give her as much love as Harper gives back
  3. A home with another dog would be ideal. Harper needs a playmate.
  4. A home with a fenced yard to let Harper run wild.
  5. A home with humans willing to live with her quirks.

Harper is a great dog that will make a family very happy as long as they are willing to help her become the special dog that she will become!

October 18, 2022

Harper went in for her spay and dental work today. Officially now retired from having puppies! Everything went really well for her. She is now at home and resting up. chocolate labrador retrieverHarper is just aimlessly wondering around the house. She just sits and stares out the window. A good night’s rest and she should be much better tomorrow!chocolate labrador retriever

I think the vet had to use a really, really big set of pliers to get that tooth out! She is probably as tired as Harper!tooth

She’ll be ready for adoption after she recovers from the spay and dental work!

October 9, 2022

Harper is continuing her transformation from farm momma to family favorite! She slowly becoming the family dog that everybody loves.

Here is what we have learned about Harper the last couple of weeks:

  1. The sofa is a very good place to sleep,chocolate labrador retriever but the chair is better.
  2. She loves to let you know that there are people walking by the house.
  3. Harper does not really like you leaving her at home. She does get anxious, but settles down some.
  4. Do not leave too many things where she can get to them. If it is made of paper, it will not make it.
  5. She loves to get stuff that has your smell on it. Again, if made of paper, watch out!
  6. Walks are good and getting better. Harper is a little better on walks if you have a front clip harness.
  7. Harper is eating like a Lab. Treats are a plus!
  8. She will sit when told. Any other command not so much.
  9. Harper will come when called. Listens well.
  10. Sudden overt or noises are still scary. Fireworks and thunder are the work of the evil.
  11. Getting spayed next week, 10/17.

We’ll see what the next week brings this wonderful and funny dog.

September 25, 2022

Harper made her meet and greet debut today at the Evesham Fall Festival. After wrestling her into the car, not yet really sure about riding in the car, and coaxing her out of the car, Harper was ready for her day. She was walking from the car to the festival in her usual fashion, all over the place. Once she got to where the people and tents were, her fears got the beast of her and she froze up. She did not want to walk anywhere.

Suddenly, out of nowhere came a small group of three ladies that just happened to be at the festival to meet her. We sat and regrouped for about a half hour. Harper was happy to get the attention and started to feel more comfortable. We were then able to walk down to the Brookline tent.

Once there, she was great! She just relaxed and took it all in. She got to meet a number of other dogs which made her more comfortable. Harper soon realized that all she had to do was sit/lie there and accept the worshipers! She loved being loved on. There were four people that came to see her after her post on the Brookline Facebook page. They were following her blog and looked forward to meeting her in person. She did not disappoint. She was a hit with children and adults.

Harper is now at home and sleeping off the excitement of the day.chocolate labrador retriever She only got up to eat and go outside. She is worn out physically and mentally. Overall, Harper was much better than we thought she would be. She settled in nicely once she felt comfortable with the circumstances at the festival.

September 14, 2022

Harper is starting to settle in a little better. She is a little, well, very little bit better. Harper is still very timid, but we have had some breakthroughs. It is the small things in life that make it interesting, and Harper is interesting. Harper is very submissive and very shy.  As I said, Harper is making progress.

Harper is making progress walking on a leash. She still has a ways to go, but at least now we do not have to chase her down to get the leash on. I am not sure what happened in her previous life, but when we got the leash out she would run for the hills. Now she prances around some, but will let us hook her up. The actual walking is even getting better. She is not as nervous of all the sounds around her. We found she has to be the lead dog too.
chocolate labrador retrieverHarper likes going out into the yard and looking out the fence to see what is going on. She alert barks, a lot, whenever someone goes past the house. Hopefully we can get that somewhat under control.

Harper is not food motivated. In fact, getting her to eat is a chore. I guess not really a chore, but she eats at her own pace, usually when she is ready. We would leave the food out for her, but our resident dog will gobble that up quick. Again, I am not sure what when on at the farm.
chocolate labrador retrieverHarper is great at going potty outside. She did have one accident when we first got her home, but not since.  Harper is not a ball player. She will run around, and occasionally gets the zoo miles, but no fetch. Not interested in the least.

She is learning sit, and is getting the hang of it. She will eat treats, so that helps.

We are currently dog sitting our old foster Kona, and Harper is great with her as well as our resident dog, Evie. Harper is great around both of them.
chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retrieverMore to come as Harper adjust to life outside the farm!

September 5, 2022

Harper is slowly settling into foster care. She is very shy and jumpy. All of the new sounds around here are really affecting her. It may take Harper a little longer to settle in as she needs to build up her trust in people. Not really sure how she was in her old home, but she has been slow to feel comfortable. We will see how she adjust in the next few weeks.

Harper is fine running around the back yard with our resident dog. She loves to chase Evie around Evie runs for her tennis ball. Harper is not very interested in fetch right now. Harper is trying hard to get Evie to play, but Evie not really interested. They get along great too. Harper does like love belly rubs and is very submissive.

We tried hard to take Harper out for a walk, but she says no way. We made it out the gate, but no further. Harper is not interested. It will be fun taking her to her vet appointment on Wednesday morning. She had zero vet care up to now, so we will see how healthy she is. We had a great deal of trouble getting her into and out of the car.

She also is a no go on stairs. We have three steps to get up on our deck and she will just jump up and down. No stairs for her! It did take some convincing to get her in the house for the first time, but not an issue now.

We had a trial run with her being home with just Evie. Passed with no issues. She has not had any accident, so that is a plus for her!

Harper will be a work in progress, but she is smart. Hopefully she will learn to do dog things. We’ll see!

September 4, 2022

Harper is now officially retired! She is a 3-year-old Chocolate girl. She was terrified at leaving the farm. Harper did not want to get in or out of the car.

We finally did get her into the yard after about 15 minutes. She just sat there, scared. Finally, our resident dog Evie came to the rescue and went over to meet her. Harper jumped up, and after a few minutes of sniffing, started to run around exploring the yard. Yeah!

Wonder how long it will take to get her in the house?

We will have more to tell everyone about her when she begins to settle in!

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