Hattie Black Labrador Retriever Mix Female 6 Months Old ID #2837

September 6, 2020

September 2, 2020

It’s Hump day! While my foster mamma was working on her laptop, I was hard at work on a bone! I wasn’t in a hurry to eat breakfast this morning, so mamma brought it up to her office. I got around to it eventually, sometimes I like to take my time.

I slept for a little while she did boring spread sheets and she said I was barking in my sleep making her laugh! She is always laughing at me for some reason.

I had a long hard day of napping and playing with my stuffed pink pig. I barked at the UPS guy with my foster siblings. I think I sound more viscous then they do. Mamma said I still have a puppy bark.

I know my name and she called me out today for barking at Nittany. I was just trying to play after all. I like to growl a little while I play too. Gotta show that pig who is boss right?

Early this evening we went out to play. It’s so hot outside! Mamma filled the baby pool and I had a little dip after I chased the other black dogs around the yard and checked the perimeter for bunnies.

It was all clear.

I ‘m ready for a nap on the couch next to the big dog.

Hope you had a good day too!

August 31, 2020

Hattie was at the vets today and she was 20.8 lbs . One of
Her baby Teeth didn’t come
Out yet . When she gets spayed she can get it pulled . Otherwise she has all Of Her big girl teeth.
The vet was very very happy with her coat and how much it
Has grown back !

Hattie is currently snuggled up on couch next to me ! She is just happy as can be when she is next to me .

Hattie is doing so well. Almost fully potty trained ! She loves to chase balls and play tug of war. She shakes her little head with toys in her mouth like she is mimicking big dogs lol
I asked the woman who saved her how she got her Name . Hattie was found on the Indian Reservation called “Conehatta ” so she became “Hattie”. It’s pronounced “ Cone-a-hat-ta” so her name became “Hattie”.

Hattie is a special little girl with so much love to give and some much life to live .. it’s like she knows she almost died and is so thankful for Every second !

August 29, 2020

Hattie is growing she is now 20.3 pounds.

August 27, 2020

If you need a smile

Hattie’s energy is amazing. she crashes just as hard though and she dreams a lot. She makes these cute Little noises in her dreams that make me melt.

black Labrador Retriever Mix

Saying that she is a Velcro dog might be an understatement. she is happiest when she is in the room with me, next to me on couch or on my lap while I work. If she hears me moving around, she wants to be with me.

However, I set up a camera when I have to go out for a few hours and she was perfectly content snoozing while I was gone.

She is teething like mad and I have a few bruises from her but I think all puppies turn into sharks temporarily. Over all, Hattie is a little love bug full of affection and a great snuggle buddy.black Labrador Retriever Mix

She will likely be on the petite side and she will be ready to go after her 2-week foster date of September 5th she is healthy and very smart. she is learning indoor manners quickly. Yesterday we had zero accidents! Hooray Hattie!

She is great with dogs and kitties too. Although, occasionally she does give chase to try to play. Her intentions are good.

August 25, 2020

Hattie decided to get up very early this morning. She heard me get up at 5:15 AM and she was not being ignored. My plan was to let her sleep until 630 after I had a shower. She had other plans.

Hattie loves to be with me and will follow me everywhere. She likes to be in the office when I’m working. If I’m not home or sleeping she is ok with being in her crate but the moment she knows I’m there she wants to be with me and she will not take no for an answer. She is a love bug.

She has been playing chase with my 2-year-old resident dog Ranger aka Scruffy all evening. A new toy sent by Carol is a big hit with both of them.

I don’t know where she gets her energy. She is so fast!!  She will crash hard later though.

Although we are still working on indoor manners, she hasn’t chewed anything that wasn’t given to her. She has actually been really good about that stuff.

We have had a couple of potty accidents mostly my fault. but she is doing really really well for first few days especially since she was only outside on a farm before.  Hattie is still teething and mouthing my hands. I redirect her with a toy and she does good.

She got into the baby pool this evening and was digging at the water like she was digging a hole. oh, how I wish I had my cellphone at that moment. Maybe she will do it again.black Labrador Retriever Mix

She is a sweetheart who really is going to be a great cuddle bug but she will need lots of exercise!!

August 24, 2020

Hattie is a Velcro puppy for sure. She wants to be near me or next to me as much as possible. At one point she was sleeping behind me on my office chair! She is full of energy but does calm down and snuggles. She is a love bug.

She has been doing well on stairs. She has had some slips on my hard wood floors when she is running full force but it doesn’t seem to phase her and she gets right back into playing.

She has this pink stuffed pig that she loves to grab by the leg and shake while she runs & it is the most adorable thing.

Hattie has started to copy my dogs and will bark when they bark.

She has chased my one full grown cat to try to play but my other one doesn’t run and this stops Hattie in her tracks. She doesn’t mess with her. As she has been known to sleep next to a kitten, I think she will be ok with cats.

I’m still amazed that after all this little miracle has gone through that she is so loving and is not fearful or shy.

August 23, 2020

Hattie is doing great a couple accidents but she is doing well ! Full of energy I wish I could bottle it. At about 10 pm last night she climbed up on the couch between us and went to sleep with her head on my lap. She was out cold. She is definitely affectionate.

She slept all night when we woke her up at 7:30 AM she was yawning and acting like why are you disturbing me so early?! No accidents in her crate. I was expecting to be woken up several times for potty breaks. but nope! She slept through the night.

Several times she barked at her own reflection in the window I had to close the drapes lol she really got mad at that reflection lol

When it thundered my two resident dogs reacted one ran into the bathroom and the other jumped up on couch next to me. Hattie, who had been asleep, picked up her head growled and went back to napping … I nearly cried laughing.

She continues to be full of energy but calmer today. She took several naps. She likes to be in the same room as me. Will follow me everywhere.

She is a cute puppy with a sweet disposition. Submissive to my dogs but starting to play with them as well.

August 22, 2020

Hattie came to me today and she is just precious. I wanted to share that Hattie is doing very very well ! A ball of energy. She is already zooming around the house with my two resident dogs.

She hasn’t been in a house before so we are teaching manners.  I wanted to get the blog started for her and introduce you to her story . She is miracle after all.

Hattie was found by the side of the road near death. She had mange, worms, and was severely underweight. The good Samaritan got her the needed vet care and shots and nursed her back to health.

She was brought on a transport from Mississippi to be placed in foster care with Brookline.

She knows her name … she is fast can really jump!!! Teething like crazy lol

Stay tune for more updates on this energetic puppy.

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