Hazel #4 Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix Female 9 Months Old ID#3090

Meet Hazel!  Hazel is a 9 month old mix who came to Brookline from Bucks County SPCA.  Hazel was surrendered to the shelter when her breeder couldn’t sell her or her puppies.  The shelter was able to adopt out Hazel’s puppies but Hazel didn’t find her forever home while she was there.  Lucky Hazel has landed in a Brookline foster home instead of having to wait for an adopter to come along while living in the noisy shelter.  Please read Hazel’s blog from the bottom up to learn more about her journey in foster care.

July 20, 2023Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix

Hazel is happy and having lots of fun with her foster pack. She needs a fair amount of exercise because she is just a big puppy, but luckily for FM she gets a lot of playtime in the yard. Morning and afternoon romp sessions and a short one before bedtime work well. Once she is fully comfortable with leash walking and a lot more adjusted to random people she might be a good jogging or hiking companion for an active person. She is light bodied for a lab, and looks to be full grown, so she is on the smaller side for the breed. Not sure what the mix is, but she has a beautiful reddish brown coat with a white splash on her chest and happy amber colored eyes.

She has a BIG appetite, but not putting on the pounds due to her energy level. On walks she does not pull, but that might develop as she gets more confidence.

She is a big time counter surfer and nothing she can reach is safe! But we are working on that and since she is a smart and good girl, it should improve. Really a gem.

July 16, 2023

Hazel is doing very well, with a couple of issues we are working on. As her confidence improves, so does her naughty behavior so I am careful when trying to correct her so that she learns without regressing. It is so good to see her relaxing and having fun with the rest of the pack.

She did meet a person strange to her in the yard when I had a workman over. She didn’t flee or cower, but she did not approach, just stood back and watched Samson get pets.

When she is ready to move on, it would be best if there was a youngish, playful but confident dog in the household to help her model behavior. Probably best with no young children but haven’t really tried yet.

She doesn’t seem to startle as much. She made it through some thunderstorms and fireworks and hardly reacts to the noisy lawnmower.

Her counter surfing is a little better and so is her jumping. Here is a trick I have used on another nervous sensitive dog.  It’s just a mint tin with dry beans in it. Rattling it when she is out of line corrects her quickly without scaring her. Sometimes I only need to show it to her.

She has also discovered the wading pool and is crazy about it. I’m keeping it filled for her and everyday it is empty from her splashing all the water out!chocolate labrador mix

July 13, 2023

Well, time for another blog entry from your friend Hazel. I’m fine and happy. I really have gotten better about counter surfing and when I slip up, FM just reminds me and I stop right away. It might be something that I will always have a tendency to do, but I really am trying to get better.

I spend my days wrestling and playing with Samson and little Piglet mostly. They are my very best pals. When we get too tired we can nap in the kitchen. FM has started walking me and Samson at the same time. It makes me feel better when he is near.Chocolate Labrador Retriever MixAnd I’ve been so good that I can now sit in the living room while FM watches the news and plays with those balls of string. I never will understand what she likes about them, but I do like sitting in there with my pals.

July 8, 2023

Hi, everyone! Hazel here. Boy it has been hot these last few days. I’ve started splashing in the wading pool a little, but not really ready for swims. FM says I am doing well on the leash but still don’t seem to like being around people.

We are very slowly trying to have more public contact, but it may take a while. I am very shy with people.
I LOVE other dogs though! I am so happy to be in a pack. Here are some little films – me with my best friend Piglet and all of us sleeping it off after a long day.

FM has some repairmen coming to the house today, so will report back on how I do with strangers in the yard.
Right now my biggest bad habit is counter surfing. FM has noticed that I look shame faced when she catches me at it, so it’s a start.

July 4, 2023

Hazel here. So two big tests sort of passed for me! I have been afraid of loud sudden noises and was difficult on walks and a flight risk.

Well, according to FM I have been doing okay with common noises like doors closing and my pack buddies barking.

But last night was the community 4th of July party and there were lots of bangs, whistles and fizzing pop noises. I really don’t like them, and neither does my pal Sultan. But we did okay, just huggled into FM and sat it out. Earlier in the day I made it through a thunderstorm!Chocolate Labrador MixSecond test was behavior on walkies. FM put me on a martingale collar and a harness and we walked to the schoolyard where people were cleaning up after the party.

We didn’t go near the people but I walked okay, no pulling, but a lot of tangling FM up in the leash from me trying to hide behind her. We will be working on that.

Having a great time here. FM promises to show me the ocean after I get a little more steady. Sultan tells me it’s a great place to pick up dropped French fries. I’m not sure what a French fry is, but I want to try one.

July 1, 2023

Hazel is a good puppy who will need patience, space to play. She knows the word NO and respects it but is not above getting into mischief sometimes. Hey, she’s a PUPPY!Chocolate labrador mixAn absolutely beautiful dog, brown or chocolate doesn’t do her coat color justice. Definite red hues in sunlight. She’s a love!

June 30, 2023

Hiya, Hazel back with more exciting news. The word for today is PUPPY. Though NINJA is probably also a good choice.

Anyway FM says I am getting better and better at settling down at night. But so far I have had to stay in my own room and she goes to bed in another room with some of the little dogs. But last night, after everyone was sleeping is where the ninja part comes in.

I carefully crept up to the dividing gate and hopped ovér it. It’s 3 feet tall, but no difficulty for a ninja. I then inspected the rest of the house. When FM opened her door this morning wasn’t she surprised! Though she said I was very good and didn’t wreck anything. I did inspect some balls of yarn but they were boring. No bounce. I don’t know why she plays with them in the evening.Chocolate labrador mixI slept on the sofa (it’s allowed) because even a ninja needs a nap.

Whoever might eventually adopt me will have to remember…PUPPY!

June 29, 2023

Three things we know about Hazel

Counter surfer (not random, food oriented) Already grabbed a half empty carton of sour cream and tried for a pack of milk chocolate but was thwarted. She didn’t get to eat the sour cream either, but no sour cream for the tacos!

Chocolate labrador mixHears the word NO a lot, but does actually listen when told.

Absolutely needs to be in a home with at least one other dog.

And then, of course – the obvious. Stunningly beautiful and a real sweetheart. Stay tuned for this girl!

Chocolate labrador mix

June 28, 2023

Hi, this is Hazel! Wow, have I got some news!

Yesterday started with me at the SPCA and they were very good to me there. But then a lady who had been visiting me came and said we were going for a “freedom ride.” So we got in the car and I had some cookies and we drove and drove. Eventually we stopped and I got out to meet my new FM. I was a little scared at first, but there were even more cookies! She ate one herself to show me they were good. They were. So I got in her car and we drove and drove some more. She told me I was beautiful ❤️.

And then finally we got out and went to a yard with a big shade tree. We sat on the deck and then another dog showed up. His name is Samson and he says he loves me. So we played and chased each other.Later we were tired so I got to lay down on my very own great big stuffed bed! Samson laid on the couch because it is allowed, but I’m not ready for that yet.

I cried a little after FM turned the lights out but then I fell asleep.

Today looks like a good day too! I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow!

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