Heath Black Labrador Retriever Mix Male 3 Months Old ID #3072

January 15, 2023

Hi everyone! I have officially been living at my foster parents for a whole week. Time flies when you’re having fun. There have been lots of walks, cuddles, and play time!Black Labrador Mix

I went to get microchipped this week. The people at the vet were super nice to me and I loved getting attention from them.

My foster parents had to work a lot, but I’m glad they got to stay home with me.Black Labrador Mix  I love to play with all the toys they have for me!! However, my favorite part of the day is after work when we watch tv and cuddle on the couch. I’m a big snuggler.

We continued with training this week. I definitely have “sit” down. I sit all the time to see if mom gives me treats. I’m also good at being in my crate. I will take my naps in there during the day while my foster parents are working. This week, both my foster parents had to be away for 2 hours. I thought I was going to be scared, but I laid down in my crate and didn’t whine at all! I went right to sleep. When my foster parents came home, I was still laying quietly in my crate. I am also good at not begging when my foster parents are cooking in the kitchen. I will lay down and patiently wait for my turn to eat.

My foster mom is very consistent with taking me out to the bathroom and rewarding so I start to get the hang of potty training. In a condo, it’s a bit harder to learn since I can’t just go running out the back door onto grass. But I think I’m starting to learn because I have not had an accident in the house in a few days!!

I also met two HUGE Newfoundland this week. I was not intimated by their size at all. I started running around and wanting to play with them.

Overall, it’s been a great week. I can’t wait to see what other adventures are to come.

January 9. 2023

Happy Monday everyone. I slept through the night last night from about 10:30PM to 7:00AM am. I do have to be taken out right away in the morning to go to the bathroom since I held it all night

My foster mom was working all day. For the first couple of hours, I did my best to distract her. I just wanted to play. Once I realized she was busy, I started to entertain myself with my toys and chewing on bones.

We did some more training today. I took another nap in my crate. I’m really starting to like it in there. I haven’t made it a full night in there, but we’re getting closer. Black Labrador RetrieverI practiced sitting, laying down and come today. I got the first two down and the third is still a work in progress. I also took some walks. I’m still getting used to being on a leash, but I do pretty well. Sometimes when I don’t wanna go a certain direction, I will sit down and wait for my foster mom to take me the way I wanna go.Black Labrador Retriever But I rarely pull. I met some strangers on my walk today and they gave me a lot of pets. I’m not shy and wanted them to give me love right away.

January 8, 2023

Today was my first full day at my foster family’s home. It was a relaxing day. I would describe it as play, eat, sleep, repeat. Black Labrador Retriever

I LOVE to play with my toys and chew on bones. My foster parents were using treats to teach me some tricks today. I know how to sit and almost know how to lay down.

My foster mom said I am a quick learner.

I took a nap in my crate today. They have been feeding me in there so I’m getting more comfortable going in on my own. I am hoping to sleep in there tonight.Black Labrador Retriever

I had a few accidents in the house, but most of the time I cry and pace around when I need to go out. But I haven’t yet learned to go to the door to ask to go out though. We’ll continue to work on that one

January 7, 2023

My name is Heath! I am a 16 lb., male black lab. I am about 13 weeks old!  I had a long and exciting day. I got introduced to my foster family! Let me tell you, I am not a shy pup. In the car ride home, I didn’t hesitate to start playing with all the toys they brought me. Every toy I pulled out of the box was my new favorite. I entertained myself the entire way home.Black Labrador Retriever

Once we got back to the house, we went inside. I was very curious where we were so I sniffed all around. Again, I’m not shy and I made myself at home. When we went outback, I got the zoomies and ran around the yard in circles. I love the large open space.Black Labrador Retriever

After all the excitement, I needed a nap. I slept next to my foster dad. Black Labrador RetrieverThen, it was back to playing! I like to entertain myself most of the time. I find my toys and bones to chew on.

After a couple more hours of playing, I started to settle down. Stay tuned for my adventures tomorrow!

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