Cece (Hershey #12) Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 3-5 Years Old ID #3179


September 3, 2023

Cece made excellent progress this week in a couple of areas. She will now walk a full 4 blocks down the street. She is non-reactive to other dogs, even those that are behind a fence and bark and lunge at her.   She simply looks at me and walks on. We have seen a few rabbits and again only a passing interest from Cece, no indication that she would chase. Even better is her progress with my resident dog Shamrock. They are now buddies and enjoy their morning play sessions.  Labrador RetrieverGiven that this process took so long, I will be recommending Cece go into a home where she is an only dog. She will be much happier getting ALL the attention from the humans.

August 27, 2023

Today I went for a walk with Foster Mom, and we walked a little further than normal.  And I could hear lots of traffic noise, which made me a little nervous.  We met a couple of neighbors who know about dogs, and they approached me slowly to pet me.   What a dilemma….I wanted so much to be petted, but I was so afraid of the noises.  But getting petted won out.  So now I have 2 new friends in the neighborhood, both of whom said they would like to pet me anytime.

When we got back to the house Foster Mom’s brother came over – he said he’s my Foster Uncle.  Anyway, I greeted him like a long-lost friend.  Ran right over to him to say hello when he came in.  I think people are awesome, nothing to be afraid of if they are inside the house with me.Labrador Retrievers

I’m also spending more and more time around resident dog Shamrock.  He wants so much to be my friend, and I like him OK, but he’s my competition for Foster Mom and Foster Dad’s attention.   If I’m near them, I tell Shamrock it’s MY turn to get pets.  As far as I’m concerned, he gets plenty of turns when I’m in my crate at night sleeping.

And let me tell you about that crate.  When I first arrived, I’d cry and bark for about 10 minutes when everyone left me in the crate and went upstairs at night.  And sometimes in the middle of the night I’d wake up and bark some more.  But now Foster Mom gives me a couple of special treats (calming treats) and then covers the crate with a sheet.  I feel safe, and the past 2 nights I didn’t put up any protest at all.  And I slept all night without a making a sound.  It’s actually a pretty cool place, and every single time I go in there I get a piece of cheese!!

August 24, 2023

There are a few very important things to know about me. I LOVE to cuddle with my people. I give LOTS of kisses, and get all dreamy eyed when people pet me.chocolate labrador retriever

I rarely bark. I love to play with squeaky toys. I’m very good in the car and well behaved at the vets. Since I’m still learning about the world away from the farm, new things sometimes scare me. For that reason, I’d be happiest in a calm, quiet home. And since I like to have ALL the attention I’d prefer a home where I’m the only dog. One last thing….I LOVE CHEESE.  Any kind of cheese.

August 22, 2023

My adventures continue here in my foster home. I love following foster mom around.  I’m an excellent office companion, I sleep next to the desk all day. When I get up and do a little dance foster mom knows it’s time to head outside for a potty break. I lay quietly by the table during meals and do not beg for food. But if something were to fall onto the floor I would happily assist with clean up. I’m very food motivated, which is helping with my crate training.  A small piece of cheese and I’m right in the crate.

Yesterday was a beautiful day so I spent allot of time on the back deck. Mom was having guests so she used the electric blower to get rid of the leaves. Didn’t bother me at all….I even made a game of chasing the leaves.  After we were done the chores I played with my squeaky toy.

Later she ran the vacuum inside, didn’t bother me either.

When the guests arrived, I greeted everyone with my tail going mile a minute. I was very well behaved; except I did try to climb into everyone’s lap. Sometimes I forget mom said that’s not polite.  So many new things to remember here.

I like the sound of the TV, especially when it’s just people talking. So, when I’m alone foster mom puts on QVC so I can listen to the voices. I’m hoping she is going to leave me a credit card so I can order some of those steaks they talk about. They sound delicious.

August 19, 2023

This is Cece reporting in on my new adventures. chocolate labrador retriever Since my last update I went to the vet and he took away all my puppy making parts.  So, no more puppies for me!  This is the new, carefree me so I thought a new more carefree name was in order.  I’m now called Cece ( short for Cecelia). I like it because it’s a happy sound.

Along with the new name I got a new foster home as well. This home comes with a foster mom, foster dad, a 12 year old golden retriever and a 4 year old lab. There isn’t any fence,  but I’m doing good on leash in the backyard and walking a little way down the sidewalk.  When we get too far from the house I get a little nervous and want to come back to the safety zone.  But every day we go a little bit further, and I’m ok with that.

Sometimes I need to go into the crate to relax. I have my meals in there, and I sleep there at night.  I like it fine when I can see foster mom, but when she gets out of sight I fuss a little.  I want to know where she went.  After all she’s my source for food and treats.  What if she gets lost?

My favorite thing is sitting on the front porch in the sun. chocolate labrador retriever It’s quiet and I get lots of pets, which I LOVE.  If you know anyone who wants a dog they can pet for hours on end please tell them about me.  I’m trying to make up for the first 4 years of my life when no one ever pet me.

July 28, 2023

It’s been a busy 2 1/2 days. After the one accident when I first arrived, I’ve been doing great. FM is very good about taking me out and she seems to understand when I get antsy by the front door. She tells me I’m very sweet and a cuddle bug.

We have also been having so much fun with one of the balls in the goody box that came for me. I love to chase it down the hall and FM gets very excited and happy because I bring it back and drop it so she will throw it again. She thinks I’m very clever.

Walking outside is a work in progress. There are so many new smells and different noises. I get scared. Nice Dee came over and made sure a new harness fit properly, but FM says I am very strong and maybe a little stubborn. I am strong! But mostly I get scared and don’t want to go in the direction FM wants to go. She sits with me and we discuss it, but then we go a different way and I’m OK with that.

I jumped in the car today and FM was very happy about that. We went to the dog exercise area here and I did chase the ball a little, but so many new smells!! It was hot so FM took us for ice cream. She seemed to really enjoy hers, but I took one lick and I didnt like how it got on my whiskers. FM put it in the freezer. Maybe I’ll try again in the quiet of the house. I do get distracted outside. Time for bed. Sleeping through the night is one of my best “tricks”

July 26, 2023 Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Hershey is an affectionate sweetheart who wants to be a lap dog at 81 lbs.! Anxious and easily spooked by every day sounds, but not lawn equipment or thunder storms. Right now, my bed is home base if I’m in it and giving her lots of loving affirmations. 81 lbs. of resistance to go into a crate, so that’s not happening.

She ate her dinner and peed outside when I took her. Baby steps. Just want her to decompress and feel safe. She is a love bug

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