Hollywood Black Labrador Retriever Male 10 Years Old

April 13, 2023

Our daughter came home from college for Easter this past weekend and Hollywood loved having an extra set of hands to pat him and throw tennis balls with him. She immediately took him outside to play and when they came back inside, she said “I was ready to stop playing fetch before he was! There is no way this dog is 10 years old!” It’s true – this guy still has a lot of energy to walk and fetch. Once he gets inside, he is settled and happy to relax and take a nap – especially if it is snuggled up beside you. He is excitable when we get home, but settles quickly. A perfect gentleman in the house and doing great on walks.

Black labrador retriever

Hollywood was neutered on Tuesday. He is recovering well but is sad he cannot play fetch or walk for the next week or so. Luckily he is getting more snuggles with FM so that makes him happy.Black labrador retriever

While at the vet for his surgery, he had a short seizure just after anesthesia was administered. This is a possible side effect of one of the drugs he was given and, since Hollywood has no history of seizures, the vet is sure it was the medication. Hollywood’s future family will just need to make his new vet aware of this and different meds can be used to sedate him if he needs to be put under again.

The vet was also able to get a good look at his happy tail while he was in for his surgery. It is almost fully healed. The vet wrapped it for hopefully the last time. We will take a look in a few days. Hollywood has done a great job of leaving the bandage on his tail alone and not licking at his stitches from surgery.

He has come so far in 2 weeks. He is fine home with free roam with the other 3 dogs in our house. He is a very good house guest and has enjoyed meeting everyone he comes in contact with. He is ready to find his forever home and someone to give him all the love and attention he deserves. Oh, and someone who doesn’t mind throwing a lot of tennis balls!

A few of Hollywood’s favorite things:Black labrador retriever

Tennis balls!Black labrador retriever

Making new friends!Black labrador retriever

Hanging with his buddies!

April 2, 2023

Hollywood is quickly settling into our routine and is a good house guest. He is completely house trained and we have had no issues with him getting into anything he shouldn’t. He continues to walk nicely on a leash. He is occasionally underfoot when walking, but rarely pulls and is easily redirected if he does. He is becoming more comfortable being left home alone and lays beside Carmie’s crate much of the time we are gone. He will sometimes bark briefly when we walk out the door, but settles quickly.

Hollywood is passionate about his tennis ball and playing fetch. It is hard to believe this boy is 10 years old – it seems he would fetch all day if he could! He brings the ball right back to you every time and is ready to go again.

He went to the vet last week and was a very good patient. The vet commented that he looked younger than 10 years. She bandaged up his happy tail and gave us medicine for his ear infection. Black Labrador RetrieverShe also started him on Apoquel and a topical mousse that we apply to the patches of skin irritation around his feet and under his chin.

Yesterday was a big day for Hollywood. He took a long car ride to see our daughter compete in a track and field meet for her college. He slept in the backseat the entire drive. He is always a very good passenger. At the meet, he enjoyed greeting all of the college students who came up to ask to pet him because they missed their dogs at home. He was quite the celebrity and very good with the new situation and busy atmosphere. He also had a little tour of campus and more attention after the meet. It was a very busy day!Black Labrador Retriever

Hollywood does well with the 3 other dogs in our home but would also be fine as an only dog. He is much more interested in attention and snuggling with people than playing with the pups. This sweet guy is looking for someone who is home more than not and has an unlimited supply of tennis balls.

March 27, 2023

We had the pleasure of welcoming handsome Hollywood into our home on Saturday. His first foster had some unexpected work commitments/travel come up so we are lucky enough to host him now.😊Black Labrador Retriever

He is doing great!

He was the perfect passenger in the car on Saturday. He slept quietly in the backseat for the one hour ride home. Introductions with our 3 dogs went smoothly and he seems to be settling in. He stuck close to me on Saturday and settled in beside me on the sofa Saturday night to watch basketball. He is super sweet and cuddly.Black Labrador Retriever

He hesitated a little when I went upstairs to bed (with the other dogs), but followed quickly when my son sat halfway up the stairs and encouraged him. Hollywood slept upstairs in our bedroom on a mat quietly through the night on Saturday. What a good boy!

On Sunday morning, he didn’t want to come downstairs, even for treats. My son eventually carried him down and Hollywood was fine with that. We practiced the stairs throughout the day and he did fine this morning – a little cautious but came down on his own.

Sunday we spent most of the day outside. He had a bath and was very cooperative. We went on several short walks. He walks well on leash alone or with another dog along. He enjoyed checking out our backyard and spending time relaxing on the outside furniture.  He doesn’t really bark at anything, even when our other dogs bark.  We discovered the thing he likes the most is chasing tennis ball! He is a pro – brings it right back and drops it in your hand. He even played a little in the backyard with our 3 year old pup.  We had a little photo shoot outside and here are some pictures (I couldn’t pick just one):

I was able to get a vet appointment for later today. He will be having follow up on some dry, itchy patches of skin and getting his Bordetella. He is scheduled for a neuter on April 11.Black Labrador Retriever

More to come as we get to know this sweet guy!

March 3, 2023

Black Labrador RetrieverThis star is aptly named – Hollywood!  Hollywood will greet you with wagging tail and lots of kisses when you walk in the door.  He loves, loves, loves people and would happily crawl in your lap if you let him.

Hollywood needs to find a new home due to some life changes for his owner.  It is obvious this guy has been well loved and well cared for.  He has the typical Lab personality – happy, friendly, loving and thinks he’s a lap dog!  He has lived with dogs and cats all his life, so does well with both.  He has also been with kids of all ages.Black Labrador RetrieverHollywood is a pretty mellow guy, who likes to hang out with his people.  He is great in the car, walks well on leash (though he used to love running around his fenced yard!), will happily sit for treats, and has a tail that never stops wagging.  In fact, that wagging tail has to learn to stay away from walls and doors, as he has what is called “happy tail” from hitting solid objects.  He also has some skin allergies, which will need continued care.Black Labrador RetrieverHollywood is an easygoing, happy guy and would love to show you how good he is at cuddling.  Is there room in your home for Mr. Hollywood?

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