Hoss Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Male 1.5 Years Old ID#2932

yellow labrador retriever mixHoss is a yellow labrador mix who arrived to Brookline from a Mississippi kennel after he was left there by his family during one of the hurricanes that blew through the Gulf coast last year.  He has been living in the kennel for the past nine months, and has been receiving training.  He has been transported North to his new foster home.  Please read his blog from the bottom up. https://www.petfinder.com/dog/hoss-52048870/pa/warrington/brookline-labrador-rescue-pa06/

June 8, 2021

Hoss’s third day was pretty much like his second day.  We had a long walk and play time in the morning and took a brief trip to the Vet to get his 4DX test done in the afternoon.  He is a healthy pup.   He is actually 114 lbs, not 104 lbs.  yellow labrador retriever mixHe doesn’t really fit into a crate comfortably so he is not crate trained.  He did very well in the car and meeting new dogs and people.  He wanted attention from everyone.  It’s about 3:00 and he is finally getting some nap time.

June 7, 2021

Hoss’s second day has been a busy one.  He loves to play and my dogs aren’t interested in this heat, so I got the pleasure of playing in the yard several times today.  He isn’t necessarily gentle when he plays.  He doesn’t really know how strong he is which I know seems like a cliche, but in this case, it’s true.  He has a puppy mind with a big body.  Hoss still needs to learn about personal space with other dogs and people. Collisions with this big boy are not wanted.  We spent the morning taking a 45 minute walk and playing and he just now settled down this afternoon.  His energy levels may be due to just learning the routine and getting comfortable.  yellow labrador retriever mixWhile inside he is a lot more gentle and lovable.  Hoss likes to hug.  I thought dogs only hugged on TV.  This is so cute.  He woke my daughter up this morning to let her know he was ready to get up with a big hug.yellow labrador retriever mixHoss needs a little training since he was in a kennel for about nine months.  He hasn’t been interested in that just yet.  I’ll give it a few days to settle in more.  I tried a simple sit and he looks and walks away.  He sat one time so I know he knows the command but not interested.

June 6, 2021

This is Hoss.  He came in late last night.  yellow labrador retriever mixHe seems very friendly and is getting along with resident dogs already. He is a big boy coming in at 104 lbs.  I believe he will be even bigger once he fills out a little since he isn’t even two yet.  yellow labrador retriever mixIt’s only been a few hours but we noticed that he likes to hug people.  Puts his two legs around your shoulders and puts his head on you.  yellow labrador retriever mixHoss loves human attention.  He is a big puppy.

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