Hudson Black Labrador Retriever Male 5 Months Old

November 1, 2019

20 week old black lab Hudson with his fur buddy

We’ve had Hudson for 2 weeks almost to the hour and I feel confident he is ready to move on to his furever home.  Hudson is a great pup with a awesome demeanor but he is still a pup who needs good supervision, training (and patience as he’s starting to exhibit “teenager” moments at times).  Hudson house trained easier than any young dog I’ve fostered, and already he’s getting better about not trying to chew things that aren’t his (but there are no kids or teens here with all their stuff).  If I could picture an ideal placement for Hudson, it would be one with a family who will continue to give him good exercise and who perhaps has another dog who would enjoy a playmate (my 10 year old lab wants nothing to do with him).  He takes lot of comfort in other dogs and they help take care of his exercise needs.

We’re going to miss this cutie but this is what I signed up for (fostering) and he’s growing so quickly, so I want someone else to be able to enjoy the puppy in him before he’s all grown up!


October 26, 2019

black Labrador Retriever standingHudson is doing very well.  He is completely house trained and isn’t being nearly as mischievous inside.  He loves playing with the other dogs, he loves going for walks, and he loves cuddling with his people and his fur siblings.  He’s a catch for sure and will be a great asset to a family looking for an active dog that can be included in their daily routine.  He’s a total sweetheart.


October 23, 2019

Foster mom is super happy that I figured out the stairs!  Piece of cake!  I don’t know what I was so afraid of.



October 21, 2019

4.5 month old black lab Hudson

Hudson here! Foster mom is too busy cleaning up after me to write, so I thought I’d sneak and type (or should I say paw) an update.  I’m having a great time in my foster home;  Have you ever heard the expression “the world is my oyster”?  Well that sums up my life right now. I’m loving my foster home where I have a big yard to play in, can take long walks and where the menu is much better than at my old digs.  And I love all the pets and lovin’ I’m getting.  I am missing my buddies from where I came from (I was in a pen with two other young labs from different litters) but my foster fur brother and sisters are helping me to not miss them such much.  Plus I hear they are in homes with fur friends too!  My fur siblings tolerate a lot of puppy play, and now and again they’ll humor me with a game of chase or tug.  They also take turns and let me get the ball sometime when my foster mom throws it.  They also make great pillows and snugglers when I’m finally ready for a nap.

4.5 month old black lab Hudson

I have heard my foster mom say she needs to get some bitter apple.  Not sure what that means exactly, but I hear her say that when I start gnawing on a chair leg or the corner of the coffee table.  Hmmmm, I get the sense that maybe I should focus on chewing the multitude of toys she keeps offering me instead.

I have only had one accident and it wasn’t really my fault, but really is anything my fault?  Remember I’m cute and I’m not modest!  Anyway we were playing inside and mom lost track of how long it had been since we had been out.  I whimpered to let her know, but apparently I didn’t give her enough time after my whimper to get me out the door.  Well, that’ll teach her to let her guard down.

I really am not afraid of anything except I’m not keen on the stairs at all.  I will cry at the bottom when everyone else goes upstairs until foster mom finally takes pity on me and carries me up.  She says I’d better get braver before I grow too much more or I’m going to be out of luck.  Once I’m upstairs for the night in my crate next to my mom’s bed, I can sleep about 8 hours.  Big deal, but she seems happy about that.

Well we had another long walk this morning- I am having no problem keeping up with my fur siblings and I handled several miles like a pro.   But suddenly I am feeling very sleepy and my paws and eyelids are getting heavy.

I hear my foster mom calling Sweet dreams.

4.5 month old black lab Hudson

October 19, 2019

Hudson loves to play!


October 18, 2019

18 week old black lab HudsonThis sweet 45 pound boy landed on all four feet.  He already took a two mile walk (further than I intended, but I couldn’t get him interested in turning around until about a mile in), played with my three labs, and has already shown me that he is a natural retriever with a tennis ball.  He loves to give kisses, expose his belly for rubs, and I have yet to have him use his sharp puppy teeth on me (there is always tomorrow) and he’s got a great nose on him (looking for kibble I dropped in the lawn in various spots).  He had a nap in his crate but is now sleeping paw to paw with my chocolate boy Maddie who is always the most accommodating towards new fosters.  The cat is on the couch and Hudson hasn’t even noticed her yet.  She is giving him the stink eye (or is it me she is doing that to for bringing yet another dog into the home?).  He was slightly hesitant coming in the door but is taking his lead from the resident dogs.  No stairs though so I’ll be carrying him up to sleep in a crate in the master bedroom.   Likes his kibble but not keen on any of the treats offered thus far.   Stay turned for updates.


18 week old black lab Hudson



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