Hudson #2 Black Labrador Retriever Male 6-7 Years Old ID #2796

black Labrador RetrieverMeet Hudson.  This poor fella came up from the south where he was living on the streets and ended up in a shelter where they were not able to manage his skin condition.  Brookline jumped at the chance to rescue him, and we can’t wait to get this boy feeling, and looking better.  As miserable as he must be with inflamed skin and virtually his entire body covered with sores, Hudson’s tail has never stopped wagging.  Stay tuned for updates from his foster home, and welcome to Brookline! Please discover Hudson’s foster story by reading from the bottom up.

September 17, 2020

Handsome Hudson is now ready to find his forever home.  After his journey from the south, and a stint at the Humane Society, this guy has been working on getting healthy for several months.  As you can see by the “before” pictures, he has come a long way.   He has conquered skin issues and endured heartworm treatment, and is now happy and healthy.

Hudson is roughly 6 years old, and looking for a home where people are home more than not, and where he can spend time playing for a bit, then chill.  Hudson is crate trained, and would do well with a moderately active family, as he enjoys running and sniffing for a while, then relaxing.  He will jump on people when overly excited and can be a bit mouthy if he wants your attention, but responds to a firm “no”.  He has lived with several dogs, and seems to defer to them, and is good with people of all ages.  Cats are unknown.

Could Handsome Hudson wiggle his way into your heart?

black labrador retriever

black labrador retriever

black labrador retriever

September 7, 2020

black labrador retrieverHudson is improving day by day, and is patiently waiting for the day he can play! He is doing great, and his fur is looking so much labrador retrieverHudson enjoys his time with his foster brother Conan.

August 20, 2020

black labrador retrieverHudson is quietly recovering from second heartworm treatment. He continues to act unfazed  by treatment making it hard to not play with him. We will look forward to when we can enjoy all the yard, play fetch, and play with other dogs!

August 9, 2020

Hudson will go for second heartworm treatment on Thursday morning. He came through the first treatment like a champ so we hope this second round will be as tolerable.

black labrador retrieverThe floor is clean for now. I love my labs, and I love my shark vacuum! Hudson is in the background, and Summer, sweet old Summer, who never stops shedding is in the front.

July 24, 2020

black labrador retrieverHudson continues to do well after heartworm treatment. His coat, and skin are well recovered from previous loss of hair and skin condition. Appetite is good and loves the venison treats for lunch!

Hudson expecially enjoys his lazy weekends!

black labrador retriever

July 22, 2020

black labrador retrieverHudson is handling the medications, and treatment for Heartworm well. Life is quite boring for Hudson right now because he’s only allowed out for potty breaks. Of course, it’s so hot Hudson really doesn’t want to spend much time outside. We will continue to do quieter things inside as per the treatment protocol.

July 16, 2020

black labrador retrieverHudson is definitely not himself after his first Heartworm treatment. He is currently on prednisone, and tramadol for pain. Hudson’s appetite is off a little, but despite it all he is still very sweet. We are keeping him on short potty breaks, and crate rest.

July 8, 2020

Hudson continues to do very well.  He is up to 78 pounds. We are enjoying seeing the playful side of him. Hudson is really starting to enjoy stuffed toys, and playing with Mike .

black labrador retrieverblack labrador retrieverThe Heartworm treatment is scheduled with the animal hospital on Monday, July 13. Hudson continues to take Doxycycline twice a day, Apoquel for the itching, and supplements to help with his coat and skin. He has also been getting medicated baths every week. Most of the skin issues seem to be resolved, and there is very little itching. The tip of his tail seems to have healed up nicely, and is starting to grow hair.

black labrador retriever
Hudson and Summer

Hudson is still guarding the shed to keep whatever critter might be living under it out of the backyard.

July 2, 2020

black labrador retrieverHudson continues to do well. We continue to treat him with doxycycline, and give him supplements for his hair, and skin daily. We will be scheduling his first Heartworm treatment in 3 weeks. Until then, we will enjoy walks in the big labrador retriever

June 26, 2020

black labrador retrieverHudson went back to the veterinarian yesterday, and all is good. His coat, and his hair continue to improve, and we are starting to see a more playful labrador retrieverIf all goes well he will start his heartworm treatment in three weeks.

June 20, 2020

black labrador retrieverHudson found something to occupy his time outside.  It seems there is an unwelcome boarder under the shed.  Hudson has been guarding, and digging to kick this critter out!  I think whatever it is will leave soon.

black labrador retrieverOther than that he is doing well.  He put on five lbs, and his coat and skin continue to improve. Heartworm preventative was given on Wednesday with no adverse reactions.

June 17, 2020

black labrador retrieverHudson’s skin, and coat are looking better.  We started the doxycycline on Monday, and he seems to be tolerating it so far.  Today, I will give him the next heartworm preventative. This is a little earlier than planned, but the heartworm preventative also helps with digestive tract parasites, like hook, and roundworms.  Hudson goes back next week for a check up, and some repeat blood work, and to discuss scheduling the first heartworm treatment.

black labrador retrieverHudson has a good appetite, and enjoys walking around the back yard. We do this three to four times a day with Hudson, and our other dogs.

black labrador retrieverHudson is spending time in a crate which is now padded on the sides to reduce breaking open his very delicate tail.  Some refer to this as Happy tail – wagging so hard with excitement that it creates a sore, and bleeds.  We have been applying coconut oil to the tip of the tail to help with healing, and it seems to be working.

black labrador retriever

June 12, 2020

Hudson was at the veterinarian yesterday for a check up, and to discuss the heartworm treatment. We have been continuing with his previous medications, and medicated labrador retrieverMonday, we will add in additional medication to prepare for his heartworm treatment. Hudson is very good with our older lab, Summer, and my daughter’s small terrier labrador retrieverHe will sit for treats, and is trying to learn about leash walking. Practice, and more practice, makes perfect!

June 8, 2020

Last night, Hudson settled into a comfy spot by the fireplace.  He was up early today, but so are we!  He was eating well, and enjoying the labrador retriever

Hudson is quickly becoming part of the the family, and joining the resident dogs to get some labrador retriever

June 7, 2020

Hudson was transported to his new foster home today. This long trip was made possible with the support of four different Brookline volunteers, each taking a different leg of the journey. Each volunteer said that he was the perfect passenger throughout the whole trip.

June 5, 2020

We’ve had Hudson here almost two weeks, and he is settling in nicely.  I’ve sent some updates about his skin, and I continue to be really pleased how well he is doing.  He is responding to the medicine, and his coat is improving.  Hudson may not even need allergy testing. He also came to Brookline laden with hookworm, and who knows how long he has had them.  It certainly explains the extreme weight loss, 13 pounds, while at the shelter. Unfortunately, when we went to the vet last week,  Hudson tested heartworm positive.  As if this boy hasn’t had enough bad luck! This news was somewhat surprising, as the shelter had said that he was heartworm negative. The vet performed a 4DX test to determine if he had any tick borne diseases, and it showed that he was actually heartworm positive. Thank goodness we did that test, or we’d still be in the dark with regards to his heartworm status since Hudson is asymptomatic. We know that for some length of time, he was not on preventatives because he was homeless. Unfortunately, well over 50% of dogs that are rescued from the South, test positive for heartworm.

With three active, resident dogs, following a heartworm treatment plan will be difficult to undertake in our home. Heartworm is totally curable. The key to getting rid of the worms safely is low activity, without any exertion, particularly once he starts receiving shots to kill off the adult worms.  Fortunately, another foster who is an experienced vet technician will be able to take Hudson, and care for him while the heartworm treatment takes place in her quieter setting.  Hudson will be transferred shortly to this foster home that will  give him the opportunity to live a long, and healthy, heartworm-free rest of his life. It’s hard to see him go, but I know his new foster home is the best place for Hudson to be!

May 31, 2020

I am just amazed at how well Hudson is responding to the antibiotics and the low (and getting lower by the day)  dose of prednisone.  I no longer cringe when I pet him as he is not longer a collection of sores and scabs.  And I swear he already has more fur.  He still is super skinny in spite of three nutritious meals a day but I’m hoping we start to see fewer ribs soon.

7-8 yr old black lab

Hudson is very sweet and chill.  We have yet to hear him bark although he once made a little moan as he waited for his meal to be prepared.  This boy is hungry.  This morning a deer wandered into the back yard and our male flunky Maddie barked loud enough to scare the dead, but while everyone came running to see what was going on, including Hudson, Hudson didn’t make a peep.  I imagine he’ll find his voice soon, but so far he’s really quiet.

7-8 yr old black lab

I think we are starting to turn the corner with his pulling when he sees critters out on our walks and in our back yard and that perhaps he is starting to get used to seeing them- which is pretty much all the time lol.  I think it’s safe to say that there weren’t any chipmunks in Houston, but they are EVERYWHERE here and my dogs love to chase them, so it’s hard on Houston that he can’t.  Check out his photo of his trying to reach one- you can probably also see that his coat looks better!   There’s no way I’d trust Hudson off leash at this point though so we have to be careful without a fenced in yard.  Actually yesterday someone (maybe me- oops) left the side door from the garage to the outside ajar so when we went out of the kitchen into the garage, he went right out the door, but luckily he had such a long pee that we caught up to him without his getting far at all.  Prednisone makes him very thirsty and, as such, we have learned that this boy has an impressive bladder.  I swear he pees for what seems like close to a minute-  maybe I will time him.

Hudson still has his chosen dog bed to nap on- and we move it upstairs in the evening, but he is also choosing to hang more with the rest of the pack.  There have been zero issues between them, and he has been absolutely fine with every dog we meet on our walks, and they been of various varieties/flavors!   I’m really pleased about that because you just never know how that’s going to go.  I suspect as a street dog Hudson probably had to get used to getting along with other homeless dogs.

May 27, 2020

We’ve now had Hudson for 2.5 days.  The first night was pretty rough; he scratched and chewed all night long, and I spent most the night trying to get him to stop in vain.  But just two days later he is starting to feel a little better with meds, baths,  and good food.  Already his skin is not nearly as inflamed, hot and angry looking as it was on Sunday. His eyes are less goopy. This afternoon we had our second medicated bath and we gave the round Costco dog bed a good washing that he has pretty much claimed, and he is SOUND asleep right now.  And he actually looks peaceful.  Not going to be winning any beauty pageants yet, but we’ll get there and I know Prince Charming is in there waiting to emerge.   I can’t even imagine how miserable he was sitting in the kennel day after day getting worse and getting no relief!  It really makes me sad (and mad).

7-8 year old black lab

Hudson is doing fine with all our dogs but is a bit aloof with them and is more interested in us.  That may be because we supply the food and treats.  Smart boy Hudson.  He is probably at least 10 pounds underweight.  We go to the vet Thursday to get a check up and a game plan for the next month or so.  Hudson is enjoying his woods’ walks and he fits right in;  he pulls some on leash, but he’s overall is pretty good; he’s got a nose on him for sure and when he smells something, his nose goes up in the air like a dog in a cartoon, and he’s determined to check out the source of the smell.

7-8 year old black lab

7-8 year old black lab

He’s had zero accidents in the house (that in spite of the fact that he is drinking a lot) and he’s good getting in and out of the car, going up stairs, and he’s not phased by normal household noises that can send farm dogs running for cover.  There is no doubt that he lived in a home and was someone’s pet before.   Wouldn’t it be nice to know how it is he ended up on the streets of Houston.  My guess is that his family didn’t have the means, know how or interest in dealing with his allergies, but we’ll never know.  Of course it doesn’t really matter, does it?  The only important thing is getting him better and finding him an awesome forever home.

7-8 year old black lab

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